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Japan’s Renewable Energy Village

Fukushima Farmers Solar Rays of Hope in a Dark Land



Deserted Minamisoma_City_Office_wikimedia creative commons licenseDeserted_Lawson_Haramachikitahara_Shop_wikimedia creative commons licenseContaminated and deserted_Fukushima Prefecture_March 2011

Radio-active farmland in the Japanese prefecture of Minamisoma, a coastal city contaminated by nuclear fallout from the Fukushima Daiichi N-Plant in March 2011, is now leading the way in building a blueprint for modern Renewable Energy Villages.

Construction has already begun on this community run project to build the foundations of its Renewable Energy Village.


Roughly two-thirds of the Minamisoma farmland is located inside of Fukushima’s radio-active exclusion zone.

Hi level contamination Minam.outskirts_greenpeace.org

  • To date the Renewable Energy Village (REV) prides itself on 120 photovoltaic panels, generating 30 kilowatts of power which is sold to a local utility.
  • Locating wind turbines on some of the land is another innovative idea currently in the planning stages.
  • Recreational and educational facilities as well as an astronomical observatory are also being aspired to depending on the availability of further funding.

Solar-SharingFukushima Farmers Solar Rays of Hope

renewable-energy-world_nuclear-news.netThe basis of this project is known in Japan as "solar sharing"growing crops beneath raised solar panels. Most other large-scale solar parks in Japan whether already operational or still in the planning stages have/will have solar panels resting on the ground itself, which makes growing crops impossible.

Solar sharing_bellona.ru

The largest solar park to be built in Japan of this nature will also be located in Minamisoma causing Project Leader Ryozo Hakozaki for the Renewable Energy Village (REV) some concerns; "If farmers decide to sell up their land, entire communities will be wiped off the map." However Sohei Takahashi, Project Chairman believes the Renewable Energy Village project offers a workable solution to this problem. "Through the project we can protect farmland and communities, and with two parallel revenues create increased prosperity compared with before the disasters."


Rapseed_anagarden.seTakahashi also plans to conduct research into crops that can tolerate radioactive contamination. One crop, rapeseed, has already been planted, as its oil is contaminants-free, although the actual plants do absorb a percentage of radioisotopes such as those of caesium. The project is supported by generous ‘feed-in tariffs’ the government set and which were introduced in mid-2012.

solar-energy-panels-and-wind-turbine_rapeseed field

All proceeds from the crops and energy will go back into the REV project, the hope and aspiration is that the model will inspire and be copied by farmers whose livelihoods were decimated by the nuclear disaster. "People evacuated from areas closer to the plant have given up ever farming their fields again. There might be an amusement park feel to the project, but we’re trying to show them what the future could hold." Project leader Ryozo Hakozaksolar-energy-panels-and-wind-turbine

Source: New Scientist

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  1. If there were an academay award of BAFTA of Blogs, yours should win. Bravo!

  2. But your like wouldn’t load……

    • Oh no worries 🙂 I have that problem a lot especially from the mobile. It’s the thought that counts and you are such a lovely friend, always ready with inspiring words of encouragement and kindness 🙂 Wolfie hugs to you!

  3. My friend Jan Krause Greene would love this post! Excellent info. Thank you.

    • HoooOOOOoooooWWWWwwwwWWWWLLLLLooooooooooooo Sheri!! It’s always good to discover positives amongst sometimes very dark negatives, and this one struck me as a ray of light and hope 🙂 That said, your posts offer rays of light and hope and lots of other encouraging positives every day, which I love and they always brighten the heart and the day, thanks! Do feel free to share this post with your friend if you feel it would be of interest 🙂 No charge! lol 😉 I’m always happy to think even just one other person might be interested in this subject – anything that keeps Fukushima on the radar, the world is very quick to close its eyes and heart to the situation and the people, so a good “kick up the jacksee” lol is always handy! Wolfie hugs my lovely friend 🙂

  4. That’s very interesting. I think it’s a fantastic idea to grow crops under the solar panels. The ground under them is usually just left bare and that’s a waste.

  5. Merhaba benim çok güzel arkadaşım Buz 🙂
    seni tekrar görmek beni kesinlikle mutlu etti
    güzel dostluk ve yorumun için çok teşekkür ederim
    size sevgi dolu güzel bir gün diliyorum
    çok kucak dolusu sevgiler gönderiyorum size 🙂

    • Merhaba benim güzel arkadaşım Seçil
      Güzel gül için teşekkür ederiz!
      Senin için bir tane vardı ama ben bunu eklemeyi unuttum
      Korkunç buz!
      Ben bu zaman hatırlamak için çalışacağız!
      Sana güzel bir gün ve huzurlu bir hafta diliyorum
      Aşk ve sarılmalar, buz 🙂

  6. from out of the darkness a light shines Ice Wolfie, terror abounds in the mind when Radioactivity is mentioned, hearts sink and nothing seems safe beneath our feet anymore. Ever. Lets hope this REV project’ll live up to it’s name and ambitions. ’tis a huge undertaking. xPenx

    • HooOOOOOOooooWWWWWLLLLLLoooooooooooooooo Pen! Great phrase – “from out of the darkness a light shines…” Very expressive 🙂 Radioactivity does strike fear into many people’s minds and hearts…some of that is simply that many do not understand it and that automatically breeds fear. Of course we associate it with apocalyptic-like nightmares and not without reason, but understanding a little of how it all works and what it is does help to keep it in proportion and according keep the fears and anxieties at bay. That we cannot see it, taste it, smell it, does not help! The invisible enemy. However this is a great initiative and with some nurturing and patience it could do a huge amount to help the situation in Japan improve 🙂 Paws crossed! Hope all’s well with you, Icewolfie hugs xx

  7. I hope they get things sorted a lot quicker than expected, Icewolf, and show that Solar Power is far better than nuclear energy anyway! And they also don’t need to frack for it either!

  8. Schöner Beitrag ich wünsche dir liebe Wölfie einen wunderschönen Tag und ein gutes Wochenende und Danke dir lieb für deinen Besuch liebe Grüße und Freundschaft.Gislinde

    • Vielen Dank meiner lieben Freundin Gislinde 🙂 Immer schön dich zu sehen!
      Entschuldigung für die späte Antwort.
      Ich habe eine Erkältung und ich weiß überhaupt nicht gesund fühlen!
      Ich schlief auf meinem Computer der letzten Nacht
      bei dem Versuch, Menschen besuchen
      und wachte früh am Morgen eingefroren!
      Heute Abend ist eine Verbesserung, so bin ich jetzt aufholen 🙂
      Niesen Wolfie umarmen 🙂

  9. En mycket bra blogg Wolfie tummen upp.. Önskardig en härlig helg nu kram Nicki

    • Tack Nicki 🙂 Alltid kul att se dig!
      Ledsen för det sena svaret.
      Jag har varit förkyld och jag inte känner alls hälsosamt!
      Jag somnade på min dator igår kväll
      samtidigt försöker besöka folk
      och vaknade tidigt på morgonen frusen!
      Ikväll är en förbättring så jag är nu ikapp 🙂
      Nysningar Wolfie kramar 🙂

  10. Very interesting reading. Thanks.

    Cindy Knoke might be having the same problem as me. For me, LIKEs don’t load on any blog whose URL ends in wordpress.com, as yours does. It’s frustrating.

    • Hi Russel, yes…interesting thought 🙂 It’s possible there’s some kind of link there though personally I find it’s down to a poor mobile connection. Also if I click the like button even if it is still loading even though it doesn’t always bother actually showing loaded at all, when I view it later the like is showing. But not every time! So it’s confusing and deceptive if you don’t check later!

  11. I always have believed in renewable energy and this post is so enlightening, bringing Hope! Wolfie… if they can now see how destructive nuclear energy can be when it goes wrong… Then we stand a chance of change.. I wish them well.. and thank you Wolfie for bringing this information to us..
    Much Love my four legged friend 😉 😀 xxxx
    Sue xox

    • Yes…but the Japanese government still want to restart the reactors…such is life 🙂 Good to see you back anyway, think I missed your last post so hopefully I can find you again now you’re here to click on lol 😉 xx

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