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2014 Galactic Winter Olympics, officially the XXII Galactic Olympic Winter Games (22nd Galactic Winter Olympic Games)

Held at Valhalla Basin, Callisto (Jovian System).

2014 Valhalla Basin (Galactic Winter Olympics)

The main venue of the Galactic Winter Olympics, Valhalla Basin, (Hall of Odin or Hall of the Slain in Norse Mythology), is also a crater produced by an impacting meteor. It sports the largest multi-ring impact crater on both Callisto (Galilean moon of Jupiter, sister world of Europa) and within the Solar System.

hqdefault_Callisto_solarsystem.nasa.govSochi symbolValhalla Basin_Callisto_harding.edu7043-sochi-olympics-opening-ceremony

Part of an extensive system in the Valhalla region Valhalla’s bright-floored central basin stretches across a diameter spanning 360 km. It is surrounded by at least eight concentric mountainous ridges, which resemble frozen rings of ghostlike ripples extending as far as 1,500 km from the basin’s central point.

  • Valhalla Basin Highlights:
    • speed skating_ventspils.lvIce skating on the frosty, bright-floored central basin.
    • Sochi Snowboarding_dw.deSnowboarding and Hi-speed skating around the 8+ concentric frozen mountainous ridges.

West of Valhalla is Asgard, the second largest multi-ring impact crater on Jupiter’s moon Callisto. (Realm of the gods in Norse mythology)


  • Asgard Crater Highlights:
    • X-country skiing around the multi ring structure.
    • Snowboarding jumps and ski jumping from the centrally-situated domed Doh impact crater dominating Asgard.

         Winter Olympic

The Galactic Olympic Village And Opening Ceremony

Gale_Crater_dlr.deGale Crater_MarsThe Galactic Winter Olympic Torch is lit at Gale Crater on Mars, the host world of the Summer Galactic Olympics. The torch will be embedded with one of the infamous Martian gemstones, these glittering galactic opals marking the beginning of the renowned Solar System-wide Torch Relay.


On completion of its tour throughout our stunning and remarkable galaxy – The Milky Way, it will arrive on Callisto in time for the Opening Ceremony taking place at Valhalla Basin. Callisto_Valhall Sochi Opening Ceremony 

Asgard crater_fas.orgPlease take note of the Crater you are heading for – the nearby Asgard Crater houses the 3-D Printed Galactic Olympic Village. It does NOT host the Galactic Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony where all those lovely super-hot and fit athletes will be hanging out! So you will not be able to sneak in any secret romantic liaisons during this time and you might just as well Bob sleigh yourself and your naughty and wicked ways right back to where you should have been in the first place – Valhalla Basin!! Now off you go…shoo!!

  Sochivillage  Meteoritic Medals and Martian Gemstones

Medal events taking place on Mars on Valentine’s Day (14th for the benefit of you forgetful male viewers – do not forget to buy something awesomely,

romantically special for the love of your life or they might never speak to you again!) will bring, for the lucky medal winners of that day, lovingly prepared Galactic Olympic medals embedded, in the spirit of this romantic day, with beautiful, heart-shaped Martian gemstones – cosmic Opals full of love and romance!

Martian Opal_Gemstone of the Year_Image Credit_ NASA  JPL-Caltech  University of Arizona 

The anniversary of the Russian Chelyabinsk meteor event will be in Sochi, Russia on 15 February 2014. A total of seven gold medals are available to be won during the anniversary day’s medal events and each will contain fragments of the Chelyabinsk meteorite.

Russian Chelyabinsk Sochi 2014 Medals OLYMPICS-SOCHI-MEDALS

On this day fragments of Valhalla Basin the main venue of the Galactic Winter Olympics, (and also a crater produced by an impacting meteor, too many moons ago to remember, just in case you’ve forgotten already, or worse still, have only started reading from here… how rude!!!), will be embedded in medals for medal events taking place on Callisto, the most cratered moon in the galaxy, in recognition of and in respect to the Russian Chelyabinsk meteor event. ‘Team GB’s bronze medal win was a pretty awesome meteoritic achievement too!! >>>>>

Jenny Jones Olympic Bronze

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  1. The central basin must be an amazing sight! The Galactic Olympics are going to be the event of the century. I’m hoping to win a Martian gem in the chicken chasing!

    • Oh it is Clowie! Awesome! lol 😉 You’re sure to win a Martian gem if you take part in the Chicken Chasing event! And I have one or two other K9 events in mind too which I think you might just excel yourself in 😉 Though it will take an Olympic effort to pull it together before the end of the official Sochi Winter Olympics lol 🙂

  2. SSSStunning!! Simply, wonderfully, invigoratingly SSStunning, Wolfie. (shivering tho!! ‘cos my fingers are ffffreezing!! 😉 ) Wow!! Those shots of the craters are mind blowing. and of course Valentines day combined. (can I have one of those Martian gemstones? Pretty please? 😉 ) makes for a high falutin’, highly enjoyable time, 2014 Galactic Winter Olympics will be a sight to behold. Now, where’re my woolly gloves? hugs aplenty. xPenx

    • You’ll have to take part if you want a Martian gemstone Pen! Can I recommend the Biathlon?!!! I think you’d be very good at those activites! lol 😉 Or maybe you’d like to try “Bandy on ice” demo? (Soccer on ice 😉 ) Failing that maybe snowboarding would appeal?!! Better go get warmed up hadn’t you!! It’ll be worth visiting the 2014 Galactic Winter Olympics just for the views anyway! Great that you appreciate such things! 🙂 xx

  3. (¯`v´¯)¤
    ¸.•´¸.•´¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.·(¸.·´ .·´¸¸.·´*´¨)Love Nicki

  4. spectacular! what a sight to behold
    have you been eating those special brownies?

  5. of coarse I meant the fudge chocolate chip!

  6. Jenny Jones’ Bronze was superb and now we have a Gold too 🙂
    Sorry for being a bit late commenting Icywolfy and I hope that your
    Wolfy sneezes are under control, I don’t need any gooey bits on my
    cloak, nooo from your sneezing I meant, cheeky 🙂 lol

    We are doing great at the
    Winter Olympics aren’t we
    Icywolfy 🙂 Yaaay

    Hey and don’t forget to save me some
    of your Valentine’s chocolate treats, I bet
    you got lots of cards and goodies 🙂

    Andro xxxx

    • A bronze AND a gold!! We are doing exceptionally well at the Winter Olympics 🙂 Ohhhh yeahhhhhh!! I am having a lot of fun at work with a particular individual who claims to hate all Olympic events lol and all footie that isn’t local teams 😉 He is however hilarious to chat with and for someone who has nothing to do with the Olympics and never watches it he is remarkably well informed lol! Snowboarding he considers to be something that is done on beer trays 😉 I do look forward to work during the Olympics!! I get nothing useful done but we have some awesome discussions 😉

      The Wolfie sneezes have moved on into a wheezing cough that kept me up most of last night – you know, the sort that once you start you can’t stop lol Must be all that dust under your cloak 😉 Could be problematic at the dentist next week though!!

      Oh yeah….lol loads of Valentine’s choccie treats and cards and loads of goodies lol oh yeah…. 😉

      Apologies for my own late reply! Life is proving very demanding on time at the moment and it’s getting to be very frustrating when I want to be here 🙂 xx

  7. Wonderful Wolfie, I have been tuned into the icy realms, most days, and wow, who wouldn’t want to get their hands on that medal with a little bit of star dust inside.. Your Galactic spectacular is stunning Wolfie… I hope you got some skates for those little paws.. Or should that be Wellies?.. I hope you are OK where you are Wolfie… We had huge storm winds here last night… with various damage in our area… but luckily we were fine…

    Glad to be back and catching up with you.
    Hugs Sue xox

    • HooOOOOooooWWWWLLLLLooooo Sue 🙂 Sorry for the late reply. I did appreciate your comment but it has been impossible time-wise of late! What on Europa has an Icewolf to do to grab a few minutes of uninterrupted free time!!

      The Winter Olympics are great 🙂 I’ve been loving what I’ve got to see of them, and I have a fantastic time winding up my work collegue who claims to hate them but knows more about what’s going on than I do most of the time!! All good fun 🙂

      We also had the huge storm winds you mention, trees down, trains not running at all, and I’m surprised my roofing tiles didn’t blow off altogether! But we’re fine down here – can’t say the same for the surrounding areas that are totally flooded out and have had the Army in helping out. But we are very lucky where I am. I got the feeling spring is in the air too…today was lovely after the rain died out and the air has a feel to it…the scent of spring not too far away 🙂 Or maybe I have “star dust” from the meteorotic medals in my Wolfie nostrils! lol Take care Sue and stay warm, dry and safe ok 🙂 Winter Wolfie Olympic hugs xx 🙂

      • Big howls back…. and yes snug as a bug and Whooo hoo I have 6 days off work hooray!!!! 🙂 ( I know sorry to make a Wolfie turn green ) LOL… And we have more medals tomorrow for definite.. 🙂 xxxx Love Sue xxx

      • Howling Wolfie chicken bones!!! Can’t wait for tomorrow now! We’re proving to be a pretty cool bunch at the Winter Olympics considering we don’t exactly get to experience such conditions and activities as the norm! I’m also very happy to know you’re safe and warm 🙂 and yes! I am very green! I am due a week’s annual leave in March and somehow I don’t think I’ve got a chance of getting it but you have a fantastic 6 days leave from work and go back nicely refreshed in mind, body and spirit! Medal-winning Wolfie hugs!! xxx

      • 🙂 🙂 🙂 xxxxx Hugs xxxx

  8. I would like to go to this what is the gravity like could I take part perhaps I could break some records for jumping then I could win a fabulous gemstone
    Susan x

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