Valhalla Basin Winter Galactic Olympics–Do YOU Have What It Takes?!!   23 comments

Valhalla Basin Winter Galactic Olympics Latest! (Events and Locations)

Galactic Olympic Wannabe?? Do You Have What It Takes?!!!


                                 Moons of the Solar System_Image Credit

As any self-respecting Galactic Olympic enthusiast will be very happily well aware, the 2014 Valhalla Basin Galactic Olympics is now in full swing. Meteoritic medals are being won, and a variety of arms and legs are in danger of being broken, along with a smattering of other appendages as brave and heroic Galactic athletes take breath-taking risks hurtling down icy bob sleigh runs and mind-blowing ski slopes, snowboarding at break-neck speeds on tiny little “tea trays.” 😉 and spinning gracefully around zero-gravity ice rinks to name but a few.

Naturally the hard-core Galactic Olympic enthusiast will have been overcome by an all-consuming desire to participate in these exciting, heart-stopping winter sports events…so where can you show off your finely honed skills?!! And what’s on offer for you excitable Galactic Olympian wannabes?!!! Look no further for all you need to know about the Galactic Winter Olympic Events and Locations!

Callisto_Credit_nssdc.gsfc.nasa.govCallsito [Jupiter’s Moon] – Valhalla Basin

Ice Events (Figure Skating, Ice Dancing and Short Track Speed Skating)

  • Ice skating on the frosty bright-floored 360 km wide central basin.
  • Snowboarding and hi-speed skating around the 8+ concentric frozen mountainous ridges

Asgard Crater

Nordic Events (X-country skiing and Ski Jumping) Snowboarding events

  • X-country skiing around the multi ring structure
  • Snowboarding jumps and ski jumping from the centrally-situated domed Doh impact crater dominating Asgard.
  • The uneven terrain and tenuous CO2 atmosphere allows athletes to pull off some very impressive stunts during these events!

Europa [Jupiter’s Moon]:

europa_solarsystem.nasa.gov_Credit_NASA_JPL-Caltech europa1_Credit apod.nasa.govSkiing Events (Alpine and Freestyle) Nordic Event (Ski Jumping)

It should also be noted that skiing on Europa will involve:

  • Slower acceleration when skiing downhill (Gravity compared to Earth’s, Mars <1/3, Europa <1/7, Moon 1/6)
  • Bigger skis maybe necessary to help with turning
  • Ski jumping will require longer ramps as there is less acceleration – no air resistance. No air at all in fact!
  • Crashes and falls will not lead to lost marks as you will be dead!!!


  • Naturally occurring ½ pipes stretching for 100s miles (caused by gravitational tides changing the shape of the surface)
  • Tenuous atmosphere means no aerodynamic drag so snowboarders can stand tall going downhill, not the usual crouch. Steering is also easier.

Ice Event: Curling:

  • Europa is ideal for this activity having the smoothest surface in the solar system.


Radiation is very harsh on Europa; the result of dangerous belts of radiation from Jupiter’s planetary magnetosphere – the largest and most powerful in the Solar System. So don’t forget your radiation suit and iodine tablets! And remember! Snowboarding/skiing in lead lined radiation suits will provide an excellent muscle workout!

Martian Ice Caps:

Skiing Events and Ice Events: Bob sledding, Ice Hockey

                             Mars ice cap_rutgersprep.orgMars_Chasma Boreale_N Polar Ice


Don’t forget your scarf! And remember Mar’s atmosphere is very thin so you don’t get any protection from the Sun’s energy bursts. You also don’t get to enjoy snowball fights on the Ice Caps – the atmosphere’s too weak and cold meaning snowballs can’t /hold together like they’re supposed to. And no! You can’t throw the ice; it’s very, very bad form!

A Martian Ice Cap sounds like the ideal skating rink but it is actually not that great for skating being cold and dark and snowing carbon dioxide. In fact it is probably better suited to Roller Skating!

Tethys [Saturn’s Moon] : Ithaca Chasm and Odysseus Crater:

Tethys_JPL_map_Credit celestialmotherlode.nettethys-ithaca-chasmaAll Nordic Events: X-country skiing and Biathlon

  • Great valley named after Greek Island Ithaca and the country ruled by Odysseus in mythology.
  • 100 km wide, 3-5 km deep and 2000km long running ¾ of the way round the circumference making it one of the longest valleys in the Solar System.
  • Runs approximately concentric with the massive Odysseus Crater, located on the opposite side of Tethys
  • Giant Impact Crater – Odysseus 400 km diameter is almost 2/5 of the whole of Tethys.


Cold, airless and heavily cratered world! Surface temperature -187 degrees, very icy, and very reflective. Don’t forget the woolly scarf, thermal undies and snow/sun-glasses!!

Triton [Neptune’s Moon]:

triton-cryovolcanos_Credit wanderingspace.netNordic Combi: Ski Jumping, X-Country Skiing, and Snowboarding

  • Relatively flat, sparsely cratered surface with extensive ridges, troughs, furrows, plateaus and valleys, and icy, smooth volcanic plains
    • Perfect for X-Country Skiing.
  • Highly reflective polar caps consisting of nitrogen and methane.
    • A great spot to catch Galactic Olympic Ski Jumping!
  • Mounds and round pits formed by icy lava flows; long double ridges of ice with troughs in the middle.
    • Particularly well suited to Cosmic Snowboarding events.


To aid launch jumping Nitrogen-gas heated shoes for generating explosive puffs of gas when feet touch the ground, are strongly recommended for all competitors.

Crashing is not recommended!!




23 responses to “Valhalla Basin Winter Galactic Olympics–Do YOU Have What It Takes?!!

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  1. You are so right……can’t forget my scarf for Mars! Why do I keep forgetting??? You crack me up~

  2. Sign me up for galactic curling Wolfie!!!! Woot Wooooooot!

  3. I’m warming up with some chicken chasing on Mars and then I’m off to Tethys to check out that long valley – there could be all sorts of interesting things there!

    • Oh there is plenty of chicken chasing lined up Clowie! Read all about it in the next post 😉 There’s plenty of room to stretch your legs in the valley on Tethys! Just make sure your bipeds are not loose at the same time as you…they might try to talk you out of the fun or chase you through the valley!! It’s much too long for bipeds and they might fall over and hurt themselves….lol…though I suppose we all run much, much faster when we have troublesome bipeds shrieking along behind us frantically waving leashes and brandishing tasty treats!!

  4. Got my scarf, Wolfie, and my High radiation Cream, close to hand, … But, erm, Ooo I sprained my ankle a while back and it’s never fully recovered, (Here’s a note from my Doctor, ) but I wil sit back and enjoy the rest of the high spirited competitions. ( OOoo, that musta hurt!! ) Your Valhalla Basin Winter Galactic Olympics certainly doesn’t take any prisoners. *cough*… Want a hot chocolate and a muffin? No? Ah well , snuggling down and watching, behind a lovely safety barrier. 😉 xPenx

    • Oh Bother, I forgot my thermal undies.!! Gosh, innit windy eh? 🙂 xx

      • Oh dear! Pen!! You forgot your thermal undies?? 😉 Terrible!! I can feel the frostbite coming on already lol You’re definitely going to notice an icy front moving in if you’re out there without the thermal undies!! 😉 xx

    • How careless of you to sprain your ankle Pen! How disappointing for you!!! 😉 But at least you remembered your scarf and radiation cream 😉 Unlike some! lol 😀 Don’t sit too close to that lovely safety barrier ok? You don’t want too close an encounter with the bob sleighers and snow boarders do you?!! Not unless you fancy taking part in the Skeleton events!! Now as to do I want a hot choccie and a muffin…of course I do!! Who wouldn’t! Come along now 🙂 Play nicely and share with Wolfie! 😉 xx

  5. Those Nitrogen Gas heated shoes sound just the thing.. I don’t know about for added puffs of gas to help launch you off the ground.. But could it be adapted to wellies? I could then hover over the flooded puddled streets 😉

    I have loved reading your excellent rendition of the Galactic spectacular events.. And fancy the Bob sleigh, I Have been amazed at the wonderful bravery of some of those taking part in all sports across all sections… The Jumps on the half pipe have been just jaw-dropping.. as have some of those bangs and crashes too…
    Loved your post… And Wolfie.. You did get there in the end… 🙂 Hope you didnt lose too much sleep… 🙂 Hugs and take care and enjoy your weekend.. xxx Sue

    • I’m sure the Nitrogen Gas heated shoes could be adapted to the Earthly need for flood hovering! Could get smelly though with all that gas around the place! Yes…I have been pretty awe inspired by the bravery and risks involved in these sports too 😉 You want to see how high the jumps on the half pipe go in the Galactic Winter Olympics! Without the constraints of Earth’s heavy duty (comparatively speaking) gravity those jumps are out of this world!!! We won’t go into the bangs and crashes…”in space no-one can hear you scream!” lol 😉

      Yes, I did get there in the end…2am this morning!! I did lose a lot of sleep actually lol besides it seeming desperately important to get this post up before another day passed, no matter how well or otherwise lol it was received, I then spent the rest of the time coughing and spluttering my Wolfie way through the night…wretched Wolfie kennel cough!! Just sank exhaustedly into the land of nod and the alarm went off!! Can’t wait for the weekend! And have a great one yourself Sue 🙂 xx

      • I never thought of all that extra Gas… poooh… hum-dinger! .. And yes those jumps off world would make the half pipe look pretty tame… LOL… and so laughed when you said no one would hear you scream! in those horrid crashes… 🙂

        Hope you get a better nights sleep and I hope that Kennel cough gets put to bed too 🙂 xxx Hugs back

  6. I think I’d be quite good at snowboarding on Europa, Icewolf, considering I don’t need to crouch. I very often slide off the top stair (accidentally!) so I suppose that could be my practice run!

    • Of course it’s accidental that you often slide of the top stair! lol I’m sure you wouldn’t dream of doing it for the fun of it! lol 😉 I do however, wonder exactly where you end up…after all we are talking about your Mansion here aren’t we? 😉 I think you should definitely go for the Snowboarding on Europa…Skeleton or Luge? Hmm… given your practice runs on the stairs feet first would probably be more familiar…or do you usually fly down them head first?!! Either way I’m assuming you end up flat on your back sooner or later so yes…great practice run!!

  7. miranda is also fun .. low gravity, great heights 🙂

    • HooOOOOoooooWWWWwwwLLLLLooooooo Bert! What a cosmic coincidence you should mention Miranda! It gets a mention in what should be my final post on the Galactic Olympics – might not be if further inspiration strikes and I haven’t driven all my readers away lol I totally agree, Miranda is fun 🙂 It wasn’t so much fun when I realised this morning (sciving! lol) that Miranda was the one pic I hadn’t dug out of the cosmic dust and yet another long drawn out trip round the internet to track down a non-copyrighted pic would have to be launched 😉 I trust I will see you on Miranda when I get there? Ski jumping from the great heights maybe?!! You might as well give it a go! And go for the gold while you’re at it!! 😀

  8. Wünsche die einen schönen Tag,ich werde auch daran denken einen Schall mitzunehmen Lach…Ich hoffe liebe Wölfie es geht dir gut.Ich wünsche ein gutes und schönes Wochenende.Liebe Grüße und Freundschaft.Gislinde

  9. I think all the Games went very well don’t you Wolfie?

  10. Seems the winter games have came and went, and me just now checking my blog messages! Glad I got to give a read of your humorous post here, this was sure a good one, and I love the “nitrogen heated shoes” to aid with the launch, now that is clever in these intergalactic planets with their extreme climate, and terrain.

  11. Would you perhaps know where I may acquire some of those shoes? I would definitely not want to compete without them! Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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