You Won’t See This In Sochi! Final Tails Of 2014 Galactic Olympics   51 comments

You Won’t See This in Sochi!!

The Final Tails of Valhalla Basin Winter Galactic Olympics

Running alongside the renowned cosmic Galactic Winter Olympics are the equally well renowned Space Galactic Dog Trials. The enthusiastic and well-informed interstellar tourist will undoubtedly have ensured their place at the Opening Ceremony on Io –the fiery, sulphuric neighbour of Europa’s Icewolves glittering world of ice; home to the magnificent and mysterious Firewolves of Io, creatures as wild and fiery as the stunning sulphur volcanoes erupting in explosive abandon throughout their moon-world, their presence at the trials opening ceremony guaranteed a truly alien dimension to this un-missable cosmic K9 event.


Entertainment abounds at this time of the Galactic Winter Olympics both for the 2-legged thrill seeker and also for the 4-legged K9 variety:

MercuryMercury Tandoori Chicken Tracking Trials

Great for Galactic Olympic tourists who enjoy basking in a slightly warmer environment than is offered by the outer planets of the galaxy where the Winter Olympics are taking place.

  1. K9 Cross-country Tandoori Chicken Tracking – across the Van Eyck Formation (Mountain ranges on Mercury).
  2. Morning jogging –lose 50-60lbs, watch the awesome double sunrises and relax in the evenings and lay down to get great views of the other planets.
  3. Mercury’s Polar Ice Caps which offer wonderfully strange and bizarre views to thrill and tantalise the senses of even the most hardened galactic tourist.
  4. Roast marsh mallows whenever you like without worrying about nasty gases polluting the environment.


Don’t forget the sunglasses and shorts!! And definitely don’t forget the sunscreen! Factor 1000000!

Martian chicken_Universe Today_Credit-SDOVenus Piri Piri Chicken Pursuit Events

Arrive here at light speed – about 2 minutes. Arrive by snail transport – 5 months – from Earth/Sochi. But no need to worry about sunburn – sun blocked out by clouds.

  1. 1. Lose weight in the natural outdoor saunas (460 degrees – hottest in Solar System – 40,000,00m closer to the sun).
  2. 2. Shower in the rain afterwards or for the more adventurous enjoy a Venutian mud bath.
  3. 3. Visit the mind bogglingly huge Maxwell Montes volcanoes – a Venutian star attraction for any galactic tourist, and pop down to Maat Mons’s frozen lava rivers.
  4. 4. Hi speed cooking – dinner will be cooked in less than one minute so no need to pack the microwave.


Don’t forget the 100000 bottles of sunscreen factor and the 100+ towels! You and your equipment will erode very quickly in Venus’s yellow skied, highly toxic, corrosive atmosphere 🙂 So cover everything up well and check it’s safety certified and insured!

Mars ice cap_rutgersprep.orgMars_Chasma Boreale_N Polar Ice

Mars Dog Agility-Black Wolves of Mars

                                                           Weaving Collie_Photo credit_animalwatchers.comBoxer_agility_tunnel_Photo by Donn Dobkin-Just a Moment Photography_Wiki  GNU Free Documentation License

1. Labyrinthis Noctis- The Labyrinth of the Night-(Maze-like channels on Mars) 

  • Martian Dog Agility Trials 

2. Visiting Mars for the Martian gemstone medal ceremonies if you’re not too dazzled by the glinting opals you may be lucky enough to spot the Black Wolves of Mars!

Callisto_Credit_nssdc.gsfc.nasa.govIditarod Sled Dog Race_Photo Credit(AP Photo-Al Grillo)_newsminer.comCallisto – Valhalla Basin K9-Curling with Liver Cake

  1. Or if you prefer the views there, hop across to the Martian Polar Caps for the K9 Curling Finals.
  2. K9Flyball – High energy, high speed K9 sport – fun for all the family!
  3. Sled Dog Racing across Valhalla Basin and Asgard Crater
  4. Flying Disk dog Sports – Eye-catching, spectacular displays of teamwork and athletics.


Titan_Credit NASA JPL Space Science InstituteSaturn-titanSaturn’s Moon Titan – The Big Splash!

Saturn’s mysterious frozen, cloud covered world where methane acts like water on Earth and methane oceans lap its shores.

 Dock 1. K9Dock Jumping/Diving– The big splash! Dogs race down dock, fly off the end and into the methane oceans. Distance is the goal.

saturn-compositeSaturn’s rings – Heelwork to Music

  1. Freestyle and Heelwork to music.
  2. Ring rock hopping in this beautiful and exotic zero-gravity playground.
  3. Ring walking in zero gravity.

enceladus_NASA JPL Space Science InstituteEncaladus – Dog Scootering for Kids

Saturn’s bright, white, low gravity, snowy moon with erupting ice plumes shooting into the sky – floats back to the surface as snow.

1. Dog Scootering behind dogs for kids amongst the erupting ice geysers.Laufhundesport_Credit

2. Great hop scotch attraction so long as no one lands too hard and disappears down an ice crevasse!

Uranus’s Moon Miranda – Bison Staring Stand-Offs

20120905_uranus_voyager_C2709128_rgb_150pct_lakdawalla_f537Miranda_Close up_Credit moon.nasa.govThe star attraction of the Uranian system with its very own Grand Prix racetrack features in the form of a variety of concentric “coronae” ranging from smooth curving corners, to sudden sharp turns – great work-out for Canicross fans.

  1. 1. Canicross-dog powered running where the dog takes you for a run attached by harness and shock absorbing line.
  2.                   1303320624_canicross_2011_033
  3. 2. Skijoring -Skiing behind dogs on the huge cliffs towering far into the Mirandian sky.

                                                 Bison_Credit bloximages3. Bison Staring Stand-offs; low gravity float-downs when you lose your staring stand-off and they butt you off the edge of a cliff, have their own unique thrills – and the views are cosmic! And the kids will love it!


51 responses to “You Won’t See This In Sochi! Final Tails Of 2014 Galactic Olympics

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  1. sign me up…i wanna go!!! awesomeness~

  2. I had terrible trouble concentrating after you mentioned liver cake!
    I could win the Bison staring! One wouldn’t dare butt me!
    I’m off to chase some Martian chickens.

    • Lol…thought the liver cake might have that effect on you! Thing is…you’ll be too mesmerized by it to see straight in a bison staring stand off 😉 You probably won’t need putting off the cliff lol with liver cake swaying in front of your mind’s eye you’ll be jumping off on your own to catch it! 🙂

  3. I betcha won’t See This in Sochi…Icewolfie. erm, there’s this massive Bison keeps staring at me? 😦 an’ I can’t look away ‘cos he’s bigger’n me an’ got a mean look in his eye. Yikes!! Mind you, could be ‘cos I’ve visited t’Venutian mud bath. and he fancies the pants off me? (I know, I shoulda used the Natural shower, but I wuz in too much of hurry to experience all the wonders …) mind you, got me thermals on, so I should be OK? Honest? Now where next? (Yeah! Nice Bison!! Pat Pat!! Coochie Coo? ) 🙂 xPenx

    • Fancied by a big mean Olympic Bison?!!! In your thermals?!!! HooOOOwwwWWWLLL! Over my Olympic Wolfie paw Pen 😀 No…lol something tells me I definitely wouldn’t see that at Sochi!!

      • Bertie the Bison says to says Hi, he was sorry for staring but he loved the way I carried the ‘Mud Look’ or something like that anywho… or maybe he was saying ‘good luck’? Now why in this Solar System would I need good luck?… .Aaaaargh!! You never said Bison head butted you orf the cliff without fair warning? Oooo, what a cosmic view indeed. 😉 xxPenxx

      • BERTIE??!!! Howl! Splutter! Choke!! Bertie the bison??!!! lol 😉 Oh dear oh dear! Lovely to meet you Bertie 😀 Head butting Pen off the cliff was a bit gnawti you know? 😉 but I guess you just couldn’t help yourself lol and that Mud look must have been soooo exciting for you! No Bertie…no! Calm down! No not send Wolfe down the cliff after Pen lol…mind you…she’s right…the views are cosmic!! 🙂

      • Join hands and float, paraglide style Wolfie? using the thermals? NO!! I mean the air thermals of course!! 🙂 Whoop Whoop!!!! xx

      • Paragliding with the thermals…that would be a sight for sore eyes! It gets very cold out there in the nether regions….of the galaxy that is 😉 I really think we should keep the thermals intact and on our persons! 😉

    • Yes…well…when I said you’d be fine in your thermals lol I wasn’t quite thinking of the horny Olympic bison syndrome Pen!! 😉

  4. Icewolf, I can’t decide where to go, but only because of all that food… I shan’t be competing here, however, which is good in respect of more eating time. I may have a go at tandoori chicken tracking though… sounds fun!

  5. Everybody knows you can’t eat your tandoori chicken, and track it, too! Sheesh!…. Well, that’s what I heard, anyway…. Great post, m’dear….. lots of cool solar system photos, and delightfully creative events (if a bit vague on the actual scientific qualities of each…. they were true and complete as far as they went, which was deep into the fringes of space… a place I’m sure you feel most at home…. Take care, milady lupinette….

    • Well! There’s a first time for everything!! Hmm….yes lol scientific details are somewhat sparse 😉 It didn’t start out that way but wow!! You should have seen the size of the blog post with those details included! Truly cosmic in size lol 😀

      • I’ll bet it was! As is, it’s a nice tour of the system, without the bother of TOO many details…. besides, there are enough pix and vids to make up for any such dearth…. Now I’m blathering, so I’ll just say, again, good one…. and, see ya later….. 😳

      • Yes…well…lol don’t worry my good friend…next time I post something of astronomical proportions lol I will be sure to include an astronomical amount of technical details just for you! I like detail 😉 The more the better!!! Always good to know there’s someone out there who shares my enthusiasm…you might not by the time I’ve finished lol but I will enjoy the moment whilst it lasts! 😀

  6. So that is what they did to my old liver. Well they told me they were going to put it on ice !!! 🙂

    • Always good to know ones discarded body parts are being put to good use don’t you think? lol 😉 You must be very proud that your liver made it to the Olympics…a Galactic Olympian liver Kenny!! What a privilege!! 😉 😀
      Now…if you’ll excuse me for a moment lol I have a Curling with liver cake event curled up to participate in! Timid one 🙂

  7. Hej wolfie…
    Ja du har alldelles rätt jag bara älskar måndagar lol..
    Idag är det fredag och jag hatar det ;:-)
    Tack för ditt besök min underbara vän ge england en kyss från Moder Svea (Sverige) Kram och puss till dig // Nicki

    • Inte långt till fredag ​​nu Nicki!
      Jag älskar fredagar! Kan inte vänta 🙂
      De är nästan lika bra som måndagar!
      Tack för den vackra videon också 🙂
      Kram Wolfie 😉

  8. Glömde din blogg är verkligen mycket bra wolfie..
    Kram Nicki

  9. Thank you for visiting my blog. I greet and wish you a nice weekend.

  10. It looks like unstoppable excitement that will tantalize the brain and stimulate the heart! Love it!
    I’m personally looking forward to the Bison races. Wow, this is really happening in our Galaxy!
    enjoying every minute!!!

  11. Great posting my wicked Icywolfy, I do hope that you have enough chocolate for me to enjoy whil you are busy curling up 🙂 lol Sorry for being late to call in, it’s been a hectic year so far, but at least the dreaded flu has gone so that is a good thing, all I need now is a slave to give me one, noooo I mean… Oh, well maybe not, hey that’s my cloak, don’t tear it 😉 🙂 lmao Have a wicked Tuesday Icywolfy and be good, just like me 🙂

    Andro xxxx

  12. WOW! now I thought the opening and closing ceremonies were something to behold back here on Sochi Earth… But I can see these Off World Games exceed every expectation in unique fitness and galactic greatness… Put me down for the Venus Puri Puri Chicken Pursuit!.. I am looking for some fast laying chicks that can produce the goods in record time..:-) That don’t need to worry about Sun tanning their golden feathers! 🙂 .. And those Dogs trials 🙂 who needs an Opal when you have a pair of black Wolves!..

    Loved your post dear Wolfie.. and appreciate the time and effort put into the organisation of such a great spectacular event… Pure GOLD!. Pure GOLD!.. and this post is most definitely a winner 🙂
    Hugs to you..Sue xox

    • The keep fit aspect of these Off-world Games is certainly unique! lol 😉 I have you lined up for the Piri Piri Chicken Pursuit and I’m sure you will excelling yourself in galactic greatness during this fine event! 🙂 A Martian Opal does indeed not even begin to compare to a pair of Black Martian Wolves lol but the only thing is, you can’t take the Martian wolves home with you afterwards! But it’s always good to go for the gold lol and this post was fun 🙂 And it’s great that you enjoyed it too 😉 Galactic Wolfie hugs! xxx

      • Arrrgh you mean I can not take those magnificent Black wolves home?.. awwww shame…. Maybe I will have to be content with some Wolfie kisses and paw hugs… I so enjoyed my time competing xxx

      • No you can’t! They wouldn’t like it and they wouldn’t be able to breathe the air! And it’s strictly against galactic conservation law’s
        to remove them from their home world 🙂 xx

      • 😦 ok I would hate to break those rules.. Is there any black kitties with snow-boards?? you know how agile those Kittens are using their tails as a balancing act when they jump those magnificent heights 🙂 But I guess they are under Galactic Conservation Law too… Oh well, it was worth a try to get a fury Alien friend! 🙂 ..
        Enjoy your day, the Sun has just started to shine here now the clouds have broken up a bit… 🙂 Enjoy your day xox

  13. Merhaba benim sevgili ve çok özel arkadaşım Buz 🙂
    evet kadının içinde ki duygularını dışa vurmasını anlatıyor…
    senin güzel yorumların ve dostluk için teşekkür ederim
    senin için huzur dolu mutlu bir hafta diliyorum..
    çokkk kucak dolusu sevgiler size gelsin 🙂

  14. Wolfie…. Saw this article, thought you’d enjoy looking it over……


    • Hey what a coincidence!! I just got back from visiting yours! Thanks…I love a good article and this one sounds very promising 🙂 I would love to view it right now but it 00:40 here and my eyes are struggling to stay open lol you wouldn’t believe how many spelling mistakes I’ve made so far tonight! Well…maybe you would 🙂 So! I will snuggle up for the morning prolonged as long as I can stretch it, morning coffee break and view it with a nice reviving coffee from the vending machine! Thank you for your much appreciated thoughtfulness 🙂

    • Hey! Awesome article! Shared it on F/bk and twitter and it’s had a least one share straight away on F/bk already 🙂 I read something about this some time ago but it was all a distant fantasy type of thing at the time and I thought little about it, passing it off as a pipe dream. And now it’s coming back as a reality! How exciting! Thanks for sharing this link, it’s great! 🙂

  15. I am just calling by to wish you a wicked rest of weekend,
    and hey don’t forget Kenny’s birthday on the morrow, he
    will be after a few chocolates and other goodies and maybe
    the odd zombies finger I shouldn’t wonder
    Sorry Kenny…
    I have a zombie lady groaning around in my realm who is
    likened to a Frankenstein’s nightmare, how do you mean
    what’s the relevance of that? Well she is drooling after him
    all the time so tell him to be careful where he bends over
    after midnight Icywolfy or he might lose his marbles lol
    Andro xxxx

    • Thank you for the reminder Andro although I think this is one birthday I am not likely to forget about 🙂

    • Hey Vampy Andro!! I have arranged to meet Sir Kenny Two Dogs behind ye olde oak tree later for a night of birthday wildness!! lol 😉 However! He wants to bring a friend!! I have of course agreed seeing as it his birthday and after all if it is to be a night of great wildness then anything should go, should it not? 😀 But! Icewolfie is of the mind that it is only fair that she should also be able to bring a friend!! I can think of no-one better suited to such a night than a wild and wickedly dark Vampy Andro!!!! I have told him of my plans and am taking it as said that he also thinks this is a wickedly awesome idea lol 😉 So! Are you up for it?!! I think you would be the perfect candidate – don’t bring the zombies! … oh ok then 😀 Bring them if you like! I’m sure they’ll bring their own dimension of wild thrills to add to this momentous occasion lol 🙂 And excuses are not accepted Vampy Andro! I will be mortally wounded and deeply offended if you turn me down!!!! See you behind ye olde oak tree when the moon rises and the Vampies fly!!!!!! HooOOOOooooooooWWWWWwwwwwwLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! xxx

      • Typical I have been waiting over half an hour already and where are you? Even Kenny2Dogs has vanished, though I did hear some heightened screams earlier so perhaps he is already tied down, by whom I have no idea but I am sure that he will enjoy his birthday bash, and bashing could be the operative wording if the girl of his dreams is a Dominatrix of Wickedness lol
        I guess all Icywolfy’s are late when midnight wolves call but Vampy’s like to start straight away, getting their teeth sharpened for snacking is second nature and bloody is the night as the Dracula book of Neck Biters always adhere to, I kind of like that too So unless you plan on turning up later than expected I will be dangling from a well frequented washing line, I just hope that it is side saddle and not… Well you know *gulp*
        Have a fantastic rest of night and remember, hooooooowl like crazy, it’s a wolf thing lol
        Andro xxxx

      • Pesky time zones! I sent my fastest wolf to hunt you down but there was obviously too big a time differemce lol I suspect he got waylaid by one of your highly seductive vamps too 😉 That said so did I!! Icewolfie fleas Andro!!! You never told me they were THAT … well…you know 😀 lol In all the exciting wildness of that event lol I too didnt find Kenny though I’m certain his night was just as wild 🙂 It didn’t end there either!! The wildness of the night just got better when I finally found you lol 😉 Hanging precariously off the washing line! Hopelessly entangled! It was a wild night indeed under the cloak 😉 … Trying to get you untangled!! I did find time to eat the chocolates I found under there though sluuurrrp! I think we should give the night of biting wildness another go on the night of the summertime Full Moon…you should be able to see the washing lines you need to avoid then!! 🙂

      • Yes I do try to miss those but my flapping skills are far and few between, so if you fancy a bit later, nooo I mean fancy a bit of coaching I will gladly eat your chocolates while you point me in the right direction 🙂

        Kenny is still in the woods looking for his evils, the Vampy lady in question ripped them off with her fangs and he scarpered into the bushes commando style 🙂

        Never mind, at least he got to hide his embarrassment, I mean it was a very cold evening to say the very least and party sausages aren’t that popular with wild and hungry Vampy ladies, mind you after saying that the humankind don’t like those either 🙂 lol

        Next time you hide under my cloak can you help find the stakes, I mean the steaks, they will do nicely for our midnight under the Moon snacking session 😉 lmao

        Have a fun weekend Icywolfy 🙂

        Andro xxxx

    • I always fancy a bit Andro 😀 I’m certain you could learn a lot from my coaching techniques…(I wouldn’t recommend side saddle on the washing line…it doesn’t quite hit the spot 🙂 lol) and I’m sure I could point you in the right direction 😉 though it would probably help if you refrain from eating my choccies while I am coaching you in this art otherwise you won’t be concentrating and who knows where you might end up if you’re not focussed on the direction I’m trying to point you in?? 😀

      lmao…I wonder if Kenny has found his evils yet!!! Not good for him to be running around commando style lol we don’t want him getting any elevated ideas do we? 😉 …and loose party sausages lmao are definitely a liability lol 🙂

      I would be utterly delighted lol to help find the steaks!! I have a wolfishly big,hot appetite for such wild and exotic treats under the cloak of iniquity..I mean the cloak of plenty… lol 😉 I hope they are not too hot to handle as I do get very hungry and don’t like to be kept waiting on the nights of our wild and intoxicating under the midnight Moon snacking sessions 😀 It’s always good to get stuck straight in don’t you think? lol 😉

      See you under the Vampy Cloak when the Full Moon rises and the Vampies flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy….. 🙂 xxx

  16. Please excuse my invisibility at yea ole Oak. Unfortunately I was powerfully restrained by an Alien force. The next morning I found a Dragons head on my bed.!!!

    No need to apologise oh yea of the bloodstained handkerchief , I lost my marbles years ago 🙂 be well old chap !!!

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