Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble   44 comments

Beijing Bubbling Towards A Smog-Free


china_beijing_air_pollution_Photo_EPABeijing smog alert! Recently raised to Level Orange – the alert system’s second highest smog threat category (levels consisting of blue, yellow, orange and red) which can lead to outdoor sports class cancellations and transport usage restrictions, highlights the shocking air quality crisis in China’s capital city. Citizens have been advised to stay indoors and to wear face masks if they do have to go out. This is the first time the pollution level has reached the smog alert system’s second worst threat level, and is a direct consequence of the notorious combination of coal burning power plants and the excessive number of cars on Beijing’s roads.

Levels of PM2.5 – tiny pollutant particles in Beijing’s atmosphere have been recorded as standing at 400 micrograms per cubic metre. The acceptable limit is 25 micrograms per cubic metre.

Park in a Bubble

Orproject – a London-based, British architecture and design company have a dedicated team working on the innovative idea of a dome-covered botanical garden which would be large enough to also enclose offices, shops and residential buildings.


bubble-Photo_OrprojectThe Bubble as it is known, would be helpful to those living with environmental pollution, and although it is not an alternative to finding ways to control pollution destroying the environment, it would offer a safe haven; a clean-air environment in a dangerously polluted city.

Costing in the region of £400/square metre the bubbles would be constructed with the same material as has been used in the Eden project (Cornwall, UK) inside the biomes panels. As it would not be designed using glass the structure would be much lighter and consequently far more cost effective. Highly heat resistant this stretchy plastic – a polymer known as ETFE (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene) also has the potential to reduce energy costs and has already been tried and tested at the Beijing 2008 Olympics, both at the Aquatics Center and the Birds’ Nest National Stadium.

An interesting idea is the dome’s roof which the designers would craft by combining technology with nature, using a computer algorithm with the ability to initiate and grow roof-top patterns such as those on butterfly wings and on leaves…

Structural surface solar panels would provide electric for the clean-air bubble and humidity and temperature would be controlled internally. By necessity the bubble would be airtight therefore the air pumped into the proposed park and the buildings contained within it would have to be filtered beforehand.

Source: metro.co.uk

44 responses to “Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble

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  1. Interesting. I have very conflicted feelings about it though.

    • Agreed. It’s a good idea in principle, but if it gets to the stage where we actually need such things then we would need to have a very serious think about why we hadn’t done something to prevent the situation getting to that point. It would be a shameful reflection on our attitude to dealing with yet another of our man-made messes. It’s an option if the worst came to the worst but we still have time to sort it out so maybe that’s where our energies should be being channelled. Cures are always better than sticky plasters.

  2. Scary about Beijing, but the bubble is fascinating! Informative & interesting post as usual ma deah’!

  3. I also have mixed feeling about it. I can see the benefit of getting away from the pollution, but I hope that it doesn’t make it less urgent to reduce the pollution.

  4. Time to wake up and smell the coffee!

  5. Isn’t it a crazy world Wolfie.. where we are thinking of living under bubbles and yet we are not really addressing the problems of smog and polluted air .. The future is in the hands of Now… and its time we all woke up to what we are doing..
    And yet this morning overhead Wolfie, there was a clear blue sky. cloudless.. until the chemtrails systematically did their parallel work, not its hazy and white… I would just love to know exactly why they are spraying and what? and why we are being kept from the Suns energetic rays?…. :-(..
    Great information as always dear Wolfie,.. Its time more woke up to facts.. 🙂 Love to you xxx Sue

    • The problem I believe Sue is the lack of viable alternatives at least that we are yet aware of. Air pollution is the single biggest environmental health risk. and causes one in eight deaths according to a world health organization’s report. 4.3+ million of them are caused by indoor cooking with wood or coal. So the price is paid very much by people in poorer countries. Solving these issues is no small feat and living in bubbles for a while might give us time to dream up some answers whilst also giving the planet a break. 🙂

  6. I hope this is a flipping wake up call, Wolfie, for goodness sake, what do they have to be reduced to doing for them to suddenly think “The TIME IS NOW” we must reduce the usage of coal etc… Shaking my head here, for of course, it’s always a mañana way of thinking, always tomorrow…. I’ll walk away now, muttering to myself…”Bubbles ?” .. 😉 xPenx

    • Since air pollution kills about 7 million people worldwide each year and around 4.3 million of these deaths are caused by people cooking indoors with wood or coal…yes definitely time to wake up to the NOW Pen!

  7. They no immediate alternative to cool at present. It seems likely their problems will continue
    until they devise some extremely unique ways to handle their difficult situation.
    The “bubble” sounds like one of them.
    Very good post Wolfie! love,Eddie

    • Exactly! And this is the problem…We can’t magic viable alternatives out u thin air. The Bubble would at least give us some breathing space..and the planet too until we can figure out way to deal effectively with the problem. Thank you for your interest and the visit and I wish you a lovely week 🙂 x

  8. I loved being in the Eden Project when I visited, Icewolf, and would have loved to have stayed longer than the whistle-stop tour I was dragged around on, but I don’t think I could have lived or worked there… best get rid of the pollution, I’d say…

    • I’m yet to experience the pleasures of the Eden Project but I look forward to the day I do! Living in a bubble wouldn’t be great but if relatively short term whilst we figured out pollution zapping techniques without adding more – as we would on the outside, it might improve our brain cells and therefore thinking outside of the box for new and innovative pollution busting ideas 🙂 And think of all the health benefits from breathing fresh, clean air!

  9. What a heart wrenching sight to see. The saddest part is that most of the factories causing all that pollution are probably producing things we don’t even need to live happy and fulfilled lives. It is a strange strange world Wolfie.

  10. Hej Wolfie..
    Vad roligt att du gillade mina foton och speciellt katterna..
    ja visst är det underbart roligt att fånga saker med sin kamera och mobil det finns så mycket att fotografera att jag aldrig kommer bli färdig men roligt är det..Tack för titten och ha en fin vecka min vän kram Nicki

    • Hej Nicki
      Ja, det är roligt att ta bilder. Jag har ett minneskort fullt av bilder väntar på uppladdning!
      Nästa vecka har jag en veckas semester från jobbet.
      Förhoppningsvis kommer jag att kunna gå turnera med min skinande nya kamera!
      Bra foto skytte kramar, Wolfie:)

  11. That smog is crazy!!! wow! The bubble idea is pretty cool if you ask me

  12. Hej Wolfie..
    Du har alldelles rätt en varg som rakar benen usch inte fint..
    ja WP bråkar fortfarande med mig men jag ger mig inte jag har trixat och mixat och provat fram och tillbaka till slut lyckas jag att åtminstonde få in inläggen.. På sidan ser det okay ut men om jag kollar i mobilen ser det för jävligt ut men jag får avvakta och se vad som händer..Tack för ditt besök wolfie önskar dig nu en fin helg kram Nicki

    • Hej Nicki
      Har du provat att avinstallera sedan installera appen?
      Kanske försöka rensa appen cache?
      Ibland kan detta kan hjälpa till när det är mycket dumt som!
      Kram Wolfie 🙂 (fortfarande inga rakade ben!)

  13. the world has no idea how far gone wer are.
    I saw lately an extreme situation in Delhi abt the bad air. How can ppl stay alive. More and more problems with health
    how long will we close our eyes. Time is running…
    Smile for u wolfy

    • It’s supposed to have been really bad over here this week too. Sand from the Sahara Desert. I haven’t noticed any difference where I am despite the weather guessers insisting it is fog and haze outside my window and I can’t see anything…but I could! And no fog…no haze! It has apparantly had a very bad effect on asthma sufferers and those with respiratory problems in general. Many schools have been keeping children indoors so they aren’t exposed to it. Maybe we will get the message once we all have to walk round in respirators and probably have to pay for the air we breathe!

  14. Merhaba benim özel ve sevgili arkadaşım Buz 🙂
    senin yorumların için çok teşekkür ederim.
    evet seni burda görmek güzel 🙂
    senin için mutlu bir hafta sonu diliyorum.
    çok kucak dolusu sevgilerle 🙂

  15. Well, Wolf, it is so sad. We find ourselves in extreme danger because we have misused Mother Earth. Now we are slowing killing all that live on this planet. Excellent blog. Hugs, Barbara

  16. This is the future, today and what a great idea,
    though having said that if man cleaned up their
    act we would not need these structures.

    The amounts of impurities in our atmosphere is
    crazy but does this encourage a cleaner response
    from governments worldwide? NO it doesn’t, soon
    we will be needing these bubbles all over the earth
    just to breathe 😦 A brilliant idea but what is really
    needed is a think tank to produce cleaner air, and
    without the need of bubbled atmospheres.

    Have a fun Monday Icywolfy
    and be careful under that cloak 😉 lol

    Andro xxxx

  17. Easter bring Fun, Easter bring Happiness,
    Easter bring God Endless Blessings,
    Easter bring fresh love…
    Happy Easter to You
    with all best wishes

  18. Happy Easter Icywolfy 🙂 😉

    Andro xxxx

  19. Hej Wolfie…
    Härligt att du gillade smedjan det gjorde jag också för det var varmt och skönt där inne ute var det kallt trots att solen sken..ja det finns mycket vatten runt mig för stockholm ligger på flera öar med broar emellan så ja Stockholm kallas ju för Nordens Venedig på grund av allt vatten..Tack för besöket min fina vän och hoppas allt är bra med dig.. Kram Nicki

  20. Hi Wolfie.. just dropping by to see how you are howling!?.. Hope all is well in your world.. Lots of love Sue xox

  21. Please visit my new blog, hope you like it 🙂


    thank you so much dear 🙂

  22. Thank you liebe Wölfie ich wünsche dir ein glückliches Wochenende habe dich nicht mehr gefunden Grüße und Freundschaft.Gislinde

  23. I warmly greet you and invite you to see my new photos.
    I wish you a successful week.

  24. interesting, and yes it would give them more time to come up with a better way, but I always think man gets lazy and thinks well this is working, lets just keep it around to see what happens…
    a very interesting post Wolfie….
    Hope all is well in your part of the world….
    Take Care…You Matter…

    LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words
  25. Thanks for your lovely paw prints upon my posts Wolfie.. Much love sent your way this wet evening 🙂 xxx

  26. omg 400!! shit thats pretty terrible. i like the initiative they are planning to make for this. i love reading your blog wolfie. i always learn sumtin new and informative 🙂

    • So do I! Learn something new that is lol very good for the Wolfie education 🙂 There are some very interesting and innovative notions regarding how to tackle this problem. And it’s great to see you again! Thanks for stopping by:)

  27. Living in a bubble is too cut of from the great outdoors – so good in the PNW, of course we’ve many regulations, and coal is shipped out to boot. Cheers to good to post bringing more awareness, and less pollutants in the atmosphere. We love our vehicles but best to car pool as much as possible!

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