The Perfect “Herr Selfie!”   31 comments

Herr (Hair) Selfies Smile

As everyone who has ever tried to take the Perfect “Selfie” knows, things don’t always go quite to plan… Confused smile Winking smile

Disasterous Herr selfie

Selfie disaster can strike at any moment causing anything from mild, slightly amused chuckles of disdain all the way through to screaming, horror-struck frustration and a deep sense of darkest doom and gloom…usually leading to a speedy and far more rewarding visit to the unfortunate Selfie-taker’s favourite tipple or/and their largest and most calorific box of naughtier than naughty, but hopelessly irresistible conciliatory chocolates…

It is also of course a painfully well-known fact that Selfies have a mind very much of their own and in the main exist only to cause a whole range of Selfie psychological disorders…these are, quite naturally, not at all easily ironed out and inevitably end up full of unsightly creases leading to a whole new batch of Selfie disasters Winking smile

Pinched Herr selfie

Hence the appearance of a whole new breed of Selfie…The Herr (Hair) Selfie! If you thought the taking of a good Selfie was leading you into a whole new world of psychological disasters consider the Herr Selfie minefield for a moment …

The Twirly-Tripping Herr Selfie is the cause of many a seasoned Selfie taker sobbing uncontrollably into their camera’s latest top-of-the-range len’s whilst clinging hopelessly to a very large tub of dynamite-strength hair gel…

Twirly tripping Herr selfie

Windblown Herr Selfies are always a little worrying….

Windblown Herr selfie

And of course the camera settings can change at will, the Wrong colour Herr Selfie being a favourite of any self-respecting Herr selfie camera…. and nothing at all to do with the Herr Selfie taker themselves…. Smile

Wrong colour Herr selfie

The Out of focus, fragmented Herr Selfie is another time tested favourite in Herr Selfie disasters….

Out of focus fragmented Herr selfie

and the Herr Rastafarian Dreadlock Selfie is not unheard of in the right circumstances either….

Rastafarian Herr selfie

However! Before you lose the will to live it IS possible to produce the Perfect Herr Selfie!!! Winking smile

Perfect Herr selfie



31 responses to “The Perfect “Herr Selfie!”

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  1. Icewolf, you’ve excelled yourself! What fabulous Selfies… sorry, Herr Selfies!
    It’s always the camera that gets the wrong image, though, and not the Selfie taker… you make a valid point there. I like all of your Selfies, but the Rastafarian Dreadlock and Perfect Herr are definitely ones that will catch on. I may even try to get one of myself with such style. Now, where did I put my hair gel???

    • Thank you Tom!! I can’t wait to see with one of these Herr Selfie styles!! It would be awesome! There is nothing quite like a Perfect Herr Selfie lol but I think you would look totally out of this world in a Herr Rastafarian Dreadlock Selfie!!! Between you and your hair gel…and a little assistance from The Bathroom concoctions 😉 With your wild and exotic hair styles I think it would make the most perfect of all Herr Selfies 🙂 Just think of the wildness of a Herr Rastafarian Dreadlock Selfie of you!!! 🙂

  2. These are the only selfies I have ever seen that I truly love!

  3. Love it! Practice makes perfect, and I think you have it Wolfie! Never knew your hair was so …perfect! love, Eddie

  4. Ha ha ha! I think I’ll try this!

  5. What happened to the, fur selfie. 😀

  6. now I love those selfies 🙂
    I do not take photos of me…they always look like me LOLs…
    I really do lie your selfies IceWolf….
    Take Care…You Matter…

    LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words
  7. This is really cute, and funny. Thanks much for some needed humor(“-“)

  8. Dear Wolfie… Hooooowwwwls your way.. And I have to say my favourite is the twirly one… not a straightener in sight! 🙂 Loved the giggles as I explained to hubby what a Selfie is 🙂 🙂 xxxx

  9. its Always wierd to see urself Did u know that no one is happy with their selfies haha
    seems a wrong image so close and from a wierd angle..Huggy and go on with selfies

  10. Wolfie seems to have captured the essence of a truly wonderful selfie!

    • Oh yes! And when a selfie goes so remarkably right it is of course entirely the doing of the Selfie taker and nothing at all to do with the camera! lol…when they go horribly wrong, as they usually do then is the time to remember the camera is entirely to blame and it is absolutely nothing to do with the poor selfie taker 😉 😀

  11. You Have consistently given us soe very remarkable pictures. Hugs, Barbara

  12. You’ve done some amazing photos! 🙂

    • Thanks Amy! Actually I only lay claim to the last one 😉 You should never, ever claim responsibility for a BAD Herr Selfie! It is very bad for the ego and they should be blamed entirely on the camera in question 🙂 Very important to remember that! 🙂

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