Ultimate Wolfie Herr Selfies!   46 comments

Hazardous Days Of

Wolfie Herr Selfie Creations! Smile

“Freaked-out, Shock-Horror Wolfie Herr Selfie,” Life can be very Herr-y (Hairy) at times…The taking of a top-quality, prize winning  Wolfie Herr Selfie can be a truly herr-raising and frankly quite terrifying experience…. It frequently leads to the likes of the “Freaked-out, Shock-Horror Wolfie Herr Selfie,” is entirely the fault of the camera, and is totally impossible to correct with even the most sophisticated photo-editing software available Smile

“Underexposed, Green-eyed monster Wolfie Herr Selfie”On many inexplicable occasions there is no accounting for the behaviour of the camera’s wide variety of Exposure modes. The “Underexposed, Green-eyed monster Wolfie Herr Selfie” has become an increasingly common problem, particularly for DSLR camera owners. That said, if you’re smart enough to get to grips with one of these mind-blowingiy complex contraptions then you really ought to be smart enough to know better than to attempt a Wolfie Herr Selfie in the first place Winking smile

 “Herr Dryer-Distortion Extrordinaire Wolfie Herr Selfie,”It’s also very well advised to switch off the hair dryer during the Wolfie Herr Selfie taking session…Drying your hair with one hand whilst taking a Wolfie Herr Selfie just doesn’t work… All too often it leads to the “Herr Dryer-Distortion Extraordinaire Wolfie Herr Selfie,” and nobody really wants to be sporting the “Dragged through a hedge backwards” (UK saying for the benefit of the US and European viewers) look Smile

“Herr Wolfie Through the Looking Glass Wolfie Herr Selfie.” When attempting to take a semi-respectable Wolfie Herr Selfie it is generally best not to try taking it through a Europan Ice berg….it really isn’t a good look…and neither is the resulting “Tufty-eared, Sphereised Wolfie Herr Selfie…” just because you have a fancy camera sporting a massive, over-sized zoom lens doesn’t mean you have to let the camera create a “Herr Wolfie Through the Looking Glass Wolfie Herr Selfie.” Open-mouthed smile (Remember it’s always the fault of the camera when things go wrong; which of course they do – frequently… !)

“3-D Squashed-In Nose Wolfie Herr Selfie”How wrong a Wolfie Herr Selfie can go is, to a point, a matter of dubious personal opinion. For example some Selfie-takers may, questionably, be seriously impressed by their camera’s previously unknown ability to take Wolfie Herr Selfies in 3-D… The “3-D Squashed-In Nose Wolfie Herr Selfie” certainly has some unique qualities all of its own. Naturally this is on the equally questionable assumption that you haven’t in fact created a 3-D printed Icewolf on the quiet, on your very own, very secret 3-D Wolfie Printing machine….

“Solarised, Black Wolf of Mars Wolfie Herr Selfie”Even then things can still go a little “pear-shaped” (“horribly wrong” for those of European and US leanings 😉 ) Of course if you like the “Solarised, Black Wolf of Mars Wolfie Herr Selfie” look then you may well be thrilled and highly impressed by the above Wolfie Herr Selfie… otherwise you may find yourself glaring furiously into the camera lens wondering disconcertedly how, exactly, the Selfie Camera or possibly your 3-D Wolfie Printer, yet again took matters into its own settings, hands, paws… whatever!!!

“Snowy Sumi Super Wolfie Herr Selfie”Ultimately it’s probably best advised to give up on technology altogether when it comes to creating an effective Wolfie Herr Selfie…For those gifted characters blessed with the ability to exercise artistic creativity with paints and brushes a very pretty “Snowy Sumi Super Wolfie Herr Selfie” is an excellent look to aim for… and will show-case your enviable talents perfectly Smile

 “Ripply Icy Wolfie Herr Selfie” But for those who aspire only to the highly technical Wolfie Herr Selfie Camera or the 3-D Wolfie Printer, both of which, as everybody knows, have infuriating minds of their own and do whatsoever they please to a Wolfie Herr Selfie, exactly when they please, there is only one option left open when all else fails…Pot luck!!

Very, very occasionally, usually at the time of Full Moon when the skies are clear and a certain Full Moon madness is reigning, a lovely, “Ripply Icy Wolfie Herr Selfie” can occur, embracing the soft blending of moonlight over snow on the Ice-world of Europa, where the voice of the alien Icewolves howls the haunting song of the stars, echoing timelessly across the planetscape of their frozen world of Ice. Smile

46 responses to “Ultimate Wolfie Herr Selfies!

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  1. You did it! A furry selfie! We should call it a Furelfy. 😀

    • Ooh! A.comment! Thanks Kev 😉 Surprised I got one given my disgraceful recent no-show anywhere but I’ve been caught in something of a Wolfie crisis of late 🙂 Your comment despite this is well appreciated 🙂 Given the circumstances The Fur Selfish sure took some doing! But it got there in the end 😉

      • Keep up the good work. Love your blog. 🙂

      • Wolfie hugs Kev 🙂 Your words have a way of making everything feel ok over here in the Wolfie blog even when it all seems rather lonely and isolated over here 🙂 You have a great blog…and I love listening to you on your vid’s 🙂 Take care and have a great week!

      • Maybe it’s time for a theme change or something? Different background pic… a bit of change sometimes brings back the elusive reader. That and an attention grabbing title of the post to discuss it. Just a thought. 😉

      • A theme change could be a very cool move 🙂 Now I’mgetting over my insecurites and seeing sense again I think it could be worth looking into. Trouble is finding one that will work with my posts. I’ve tried to tailor them to fit the theme and backgrounds and changing it could lead to disaster!! But a change is as good as a rest so I will see what awaits me in theme land 🙂

      • Take a chance. You can do it! 🙂

  2. Schöner Text du hast mich ja ganz vergessen liebe Grüße mal an dich Gislinde

    • Vielen Dank für Ihre Begrüßung Besuch Gislinde,
      dieses ist nicht sehr beliebt scheint es!
      Ich schätze Sie fordern in 🙂

      Ich habe nicht online für etwa zwei Wochen mein Freund gewesen …
      Probleme mit “Vampir” Blut saugende Insekten in meinem Haus
      haben eine Bewegung nach unten verursacht
      und wenig Internet-Zugang als Ergebnis.

      Das Problem ist, ich hoffe, jetzt behoben und ich bin wieder nach oben …
      Keine Bisse so weit! Keine Insekten … so weit !!
      Ich bin jetzt langsam Aufspüren jeder verpasste Blog-Beiträge …
      aber Sie sind nicht alle leicht zu finden !!

      Ich wünsche Ihnen eine schöne Woche, und ich hoffe, es ist nicht kalt, nass und regnerisch
      Wie in Großbritannien!
      Wolfie Umarmung

  3. They’re grrrrreat! I’ve been trying to choose my favourite, but I can’t – I love them all!

    • Aww…thanks Clowie 🙂 I was on my way to you, very belatedly admittedly, but you still beat me to it commenting wise! I’m still in 2-minds about whether to leave this post up or pull it…it’s not exactly been a hit has it!!! But the kind comments make all the difference and are totally appreciated thanks 🙂

      • Oh no! Don’t take it down, they’re lovely images! I think things are a bit slow at the moment because a lot of people are on holiday.

      • Thanks Clowie 🙂 You’re probably right about hols…hadn’t thought about that. I don’t usually worry unduly about my blog but I think recent events in the real world have left me feeling a touch insecure and unfortunately it’s spilled over into blogland. But I’m on the metaphorical mend now pleased to say 🙂

  4. These are interesting and disturbing effects. We never know where technology will take us. Hugs, Barbara

  5. Wolfie, my dear…. ‘Twas nice to see you over on ECR; thanks for stopping by… I only wish I could come by here more often… You’re getting pretty damn good at this digital graphic artsy stuff… Take care, milady, & Blessed Be….



    • Great to see you 🙂 It’s not easy fitting in blog visits though is it with all that life hurls at us so I’malways grateful for visits whether they be frequent or as and when. On this occasion I just lost a little bit of confidence in whether my blog was ok or boring. Temporary storm in a teacup! I had fun with the digital art…I think fun is the way is the best way to enjoy our blogs 🙂 Wolfie hugs.

      • Hi again, milady de la Lupina… I see Life has kept you busy of late; but, not so busy you forgot to come by ECR…. and I appreciate it… Starting tomorrow, Friday, the 19th, you’ll enjoy it even more, as I’m starting a new section, with music, movies, and videos of anything I can figure out how to use there as augmentation for the pearls…. ie, a new kind of pearls, and I think you’ll enjoy it a lot….I hope you’re enjoying being busy; it’s the best way to be happy, doing what you like to do…. Take care, Wolfie, & Blessed Be…

        Auf wiedersehen, liebchen,

        gigoid, the dubious…


      • HooooOOOOOoooooWWWWWWWwwwwwLLLLLLooooooo Gigoid the dubious!!! It would appear to be some disgracefully long time since I have got round to answering my wonderful comments 😉 I now have a long list so am suitably ashamed and have the wolfie tail tucked between the legs in total disgrace 🙂 Hopefully this will improve for the coming week at least since I have a week’s holiday and not a lot to do! Your blog is looking great, I love your pics and the music, movies and videos are a huge asset to your most excellent of blogs 🙂 And no…not been enjoying the being busy bit at all! It has meant being worked into the ground at the workplace and run off my Wolfie paws out of it, with no meaningful “me time” to focus on W/P or anything else I consider important and of value as it’s been too late and Wolfie has been a knock-kneed knackered old nosebag!!! lol 😉

        Wolfie hugs….Lady Lupina!!

  6. Will the real wolfie please ‘stand up’! NOW ok, ok, I see you there. You can’t hide. Have a hug for you. love, Eddie

  7. Hej Wolfie..
    Tack så hemskt mycket för din grattishälsning den uppskattade jag mycket.. Jaså wolfie fyller du år snart då får du tala om när det är och visst ska dy fira med stil 🙂 Stor kram från mig och ha ett fint slut på veckan och ha en fin helg.. Nicki

    ha snygg selfie wolfie den gillar jag 😀

  8. thats not a selfie thats a wolfie haha Cute
    enjoy the wekend Wolfy Huggy from Sunny Belgium ( at the moment)

  9. As selfies go go Wolfie I would say you didn’t do too bad… You at least got your whole self in the profile and as for that hair-dryer, you should have seen the reflection I got in the mirror when I got up this morning.. No hair dryer in sight.. No just that Neanderthal early morning look.. Which I am pleased to say the hair-dryer managed to sort out.. Now as for that 3D nose job.. can you tell me where to get one please.. I fancy a new look to go with my new life style of getting up when I please and doing what I want all day..:-) ..

    Loved this post Wolfie, and enjoyed browsing your Selfie photos… I remember those spiked hair days back in my teens, when back-combing was the rage and bouffant hair was in style .. and a girl would just be waiting for a Wolf Whistle! … 😀 ..

    Enjoy your weekend coming up Wolfie.. I am emerging from my chrysalis for a few hours to catch up in blog land.. 🙂 Take care my lovely friend xxx
    Sue xxx

  10. I wish I would get remarkable looking wolves pop up on my photo mistakes, that would certainly make them better I think. 🙂 They all look amazing!

  11. Hej Wolfie..
    Ja jag såg att jag hade en tidsgräns på 7 dagar i mina inlägg för kommentarer men nu har jag ändrat till 14 dagar,,
    ja jag har alla mina bilder på en extern hårddisk plus att jag sätter dom på cd så det är åtminstonde 2 olika ställen men kanske ska försöka att hitta ett tredje alternativ någonstans på internet men som sagt jag får se hur jag gör..Trevligt att se dig i min blogg wolfie.. Kram Nicki
    jag gillar duna selfies wolfie tummen upp 🙂

    • Hälsningar från soliga England, Nicki 🙂
      Jag har varit två veckor – Pet Care för min hyresvärd
      så inte mycket tid att besöka WordPress nyligen …
      De är tillbaka från Italien nu så djuren har nu gått hem 🙂
      Jag önskar er en trevlig vecka, Wolfie kramar 🙂

  12. Thanke Grüße und eine gute Woche für dich Gruß und Freundschaft.Gislinde

    • Grüße aus dem sonnigen England guter Freund Gislinde 🙂
      Ich habe seit zwei Wochen – Tierbetreuung für mein Vermieter
      so dass nicht viel Zeit, um WordPress vor kurzem besuchen …
      Sie sind zurück aus Italien jetzt so Tiere haben jetzt nach Hause gegangen 🙂
      Ich wünsche Ihnen eine schöne Woche, Wolfie Umarmungen 🙂

  13. Roligt att du gillar min Myra Wolfie och ja visst är han en liten sötnos..Ja bilderna är från mitt hem och ja jag gillar det..
    Ja jag hoppas oxå att jag mår bra snart det börjar bli tråkigt det här..
    Grattis att du fick behålla Skottland Wolfie så du har lite mer yta att sprinha på..massor av kramar och xxx Nicki

    • Hej Nicki
      Äntligen får jag runt till besvara mina stora kommentarer!
      Ja … Jag är mycket skäms över mig själv även om jag inte har haft chansen att göra något annat för mig själv att jag tycker om att göra just nu!
      Ditt hem är mycket vacker Nicki … Jag önskar att jag hade ett hem som vacker och speciell som din!

      Tack Nicki 🙂
      Det var coolt att vi fick behålla Skottland … vi har en lång historia tillsammans och det skulle ha varit mycket tråkigt att förlora denna viktiga land som bidrar så mycket till att göra Britain “Stor”
      Kram Wolfie 🙂 x

  14. Gorgeousness!!!! Even with a bad hair day! 😉

  15. Come flying to u to wish u nice weekend
    Hope u have better weather then we. Its foggy Dangerous weather

    • We were enjoying some beautiful unseasonably hot Wolfie weather…until today! We are now enjoying some very cold, thoroughly seasonable weather which we could really live without! The kitchen is like an ice-berg!! Hope your weekend is going well and the new week starts on a good note for you.
      Wolfie hugs 🙂

  16. Keep calm and pretend it’s not MONDAY..
    Take Care,, // Nicki

  17. Danke liebe Freund ich verstehe das doch,ich bin auch wieder aus dem Urlaub zurück und ich wünsche dir eine gute neue Woche lieber Gruß und Freundschaft Gislinde

    • Oktober Grüße Gislinde! Ich hoffe, Sie hatten einen schönen Urlaub
      und fühlen sich erfrischt und glücklich 🙂
      Ich habe eine Woche Urlaub von der Arbeit ab Montag
      und ich hoffe, etwas von ihm zu verwenden, um etwas mehr Zeit auf WordPress-Blogs zu verbringen!
      Es ist sehr kalt hier heute … leider! Nach all dem heißen Wetter!
      Wenn es so ist die ganze Woche werde ich brav an meinem Computer sitzen und nicht gehen bei all !!
      Ich hoffe, Ihr Wochenende ist sehr gut und es dir gut geht,
      Wolfie Umarmungen 🙂

  18. I am so glad that I didn’t miss out on your selfies my sweet and dear friend Icywolfy.
    Wow so many different looks and all very wicked and interestingly added, I wonder if
    I will ever see the lady underneath the Wolfy? Maybe one day but these are incredibly
    sweet, and cool, and, and where’s my chocolates? lol I could just eat something tasty,
    something chocolatey (not a word but it should be) and something fangtastic 🙂 lol

    Okay maybe next time 😉
    Enjoy a fun packed Monday
    my sweet Icywolfy 🙂 😉

    Andro xxxx

    • HoooOOOOOOooooooWWWWWWWWLLLLLLLLLLO Vampy Andro! Great to see you again 🙂 I have missed your presence gracing my Wolfie webpage 🙂
      It is high time I posted something new looking at the date of my last post… but worked into the ground at work (new workplace Alpha…Alpha FEMALE no less!!! GRRRRR!!!!) And run off my Icewolfie paws outside of the workplace recently, doesn’t give much chance to go online…and keep eyes open! Mobile phone connections are being disgracefully unco-operative on two different networks currently so little choice but wait till I get to a computer….GRRRRR!!!

      Thank you Andro…these Wolfie Herr Selfies are an incredible achievement lol given the logistics of trying to take one at all!! I am saving the chocolates I had stored away for you for the day you actually answer one of my comments on your own blog!!! Just ONE Andro! ONE!!!! lol 🙂 I am one week’s annual leave from Monday so I shall be around somewhat more…at least I will if the sudden icy cold unpleasently seasonable weather decides to continue it’s onslaught lol…so I may be tempted to eat those chocolates myself… I did stock up on mini chocolate chip Muffins to nibble on but chocolates are something else! So moreeeeeee-ish!

      Icewolfie hugs my great friend Andro 🙂 xxxxx 😀

  19. Hej Wolfie..
    Slott är absolut mycket spännande fantasin har inga gränser när det gäller sådant eller hur.. jag ska visa mera slott sedan och lite mera ruiner bara att vänta och se,,Tack för dina besök wolfie och kom snart och besök mig igen Kram Nicki xxx

    • Hej Nicki;)
      Jag hoppas din helg går bra … och du inte äter för många kanelbullar;)
      Också att inte dricka för mycket öl på beer festival!
      Slott är rätt ställe att få mycket berusade!
      Jag ser fram emot att se både slott och ruinerna.
      Jag tycker både och besöka slottsruin i närheten där jag bor ibland.
      Jag har en vecka semester från i morgon så hoppas att besöka alla lite oftare än en tid.
      Det är kallt och hemskt helt plötsligt, så kanske jag inte vill gå ut på dagsturer i stället för att sitta vid datorn! Kanske!!
      Kram Wolfie 🙂 x

  20. I wish you and yours a beautiful weekend !
    Nicki xxx

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