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Far away in the celestial wastelands at the outer edge of our Solar System further out even than Pluto, lies a lone dwarf planet going by the name of Sedna.


Conspicuously red and shiny and boasting the sharing of its name with an Inuit goddess who according to mythology was the creator of the Arctic’s sea life, Sedna was likely enjoying its privileged position of unique lonesomeness. Having enjoyed this status since it was first discovered in 2003 it may not however have been quite so impressed to learn that it had company!


Ever so slightly freezing cold at approximately -430 degrees F and very pretty in pink, dwarf planet 2012 VP113 lies 7 ½ billion miles from Earth’s sun (Earth lies at 93 million miles from its sun); although when it suits, it has the capacity to swing out to as far as 42 billion miles from our Sun; this is due to it’s having what is technically known as an “eccentric and elongated orbit.” Not to be outdone by its fainter pink neighbour Sedna can swagger out up to double this distance at 84 billion miles from the sun.


Frozen pink world, VP113 is also a very small dwarf planet at only 280 miles in diameter meaning that Sedna can at least enjoy the satisfaction of being twice the size; although Earth dwarfs them both with a 7,900 miles diameter .VP113 is not at all shiny and therefore despite being very, very pretty in pink was extremely difficult for astronomers to spot. Hence its existence remained unknown until 2012 when it was discovered by the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory telescope based in Chile.

So what exactly is so fascinating about a faint, frozen pink dwarf planet somewhere out in the farthest reaches of the solar system?

Basically it is likely there are many more such worlds to be found in this remote region of the solar system just waiting to be found. Scientists hope that they will, as a collective, shed light on the formation of both the new worlds such as VP113 and also our Solar System.


Associated Press

Agence France-Presse

38 responses to “Pretty in Pink At The Edge Of The Galaxy

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  1. Fascinating and informative as usual ma deah!

  2. Danke lieber Freund wünsche dir einen schönen Montag und eine gute neue Woche lieber Gruß und Freundschaft.Gislinde

    • Danke meiner lieben Freundin Gislinde 🙂
      Ich hoffe, dass Cologne ist trockener und wärmer als
      Großbritannien im Moment!
      Es ist sehr kalt und nass und ich habe eine Woche Urlaub von der Arbeit
      aber es ist zu schrecklich, um irgendwohin zu gehen!
      Haben einen schönen Mittwoch …
      Wolfie Umarmungen 🙂

  3. Have always been fascinated by outer space. Can be even more fascinated by the outer reaches of our solar system and the many objects that reside there. Greatly appreciate your informative notes and wonderful photos on the matter dear heart. always, Eddie

    • It is totally fascinating what strange and wonderful worlds lie out there that we are only just beginning to discover 🙂 They stretch the mind and imagination in the most interesting of ways!

  4. Excellent, we are pleased you like looking at the pretty rocks just within your gravitational field. All will be well as long as you don’t notice a few wobbly bits next door. We are not parking nearby, you have no cause for concern or procern or any other cern. We’re sure you’ll later find the local fuel stations and start to coast around a bit further afield . Just as long as you stick to ballistic methods then we can remain …err …that is…. Keeping looking that away . Your Alternative friend . Lord Zarlog (well more sinusoidal, my parents didn’t think I’d ever scale below zero- but that’s the name I’m stuck with now ) . PS – She has a skirt too, you’ll see later

    • I am so pleased Lord Zarlog lol that you are happy with our dubious efforts to discover the non-wobbly bits of the pretty rocks just within our gravitational field! We are trying our best to avoid ntoicing the obnoxious wobbly bits next door 😉 We are equally pleased to hear you’re not parking too close to us as we wouldn’t like you to find yourselves in receipt of an interstellar parking ticket!! We hope the local fuel stations won’t be as expensive and generally outrageously stupid as our local ones ;)But it has to be said the ballistic methods do work exceptionally well lol 🙂 So kind of you to notice us by the way…amongst the vast and infinite chaos of the universe!

  5. I’m loving reading about all of these newly discovered worlds, Icewolf. I shall have to get my telescope out and nip up to the roof to see if I can spot one! That said, I doubt my mobile phone would get a good picture of it, but it’s worth a try! I like the sound of Sedna… I doubt the Sednans would be too bothered about a neighbouring world.

  6. It looks very pretty, but a little on the chilly side – even for someone with a luxurious coat like mine!

  7. It’s amazing, even more amazing that it took us so long to notice it with our technology as it is today. Makes one wonder if we are not on the brink, the tip of the iceberg so to speak. 🙂

    I am still looking for a new theme for this blog…out of all those hundreds of themes on offer you wouldn’t think it would be a big issue to find a suitable one lol but it is!! So far I am getting nowhere fast!!

  8. Dear Wolfie..Amazing how many planets are being discovered… I was interested in this discovery.. I know my friend who is now in the world of spirit had a star named after her.. 🙂 And I would think you would need more than your woolly fur coat to keep you warm in such icy conditions…
    I hope you are keeping your own paws dry and warm in this horrid weather that has turned on its heel this past week… Sending you a warm hug, and much love your way Wolfie.. Don’t work too had.. And stay in the ‘PINK’! 🙂 Hugs Sue xxx

    • Oooh I don’t know so much! Europa is pretty icy and freezing too so theoretically I should be very well adapted to that nice pink world…not so sure about the risk that might occur of turning a delicate shade of pink of coat whilst there though!
      I am doing my best to keep my paws dry and warm Sue, dry certainly no problem…one week’s annual leave is allowing plenty of time for snuggling up under the duvet and not going out at all lol but warm? Hmm…lol not quite so easy in this den but I’m bursting out the thermal undies so all should be well till Monday when I have to face the nightmare called work and the horrible weather conditions again 🙂 I know the weather is perfectly seasonal for October…..but it was 22 degrees last week and now it’s going down to 4 degrees at night!! More than a shock to the system! Your lovely warm hug and love helps considerably though 🙂 Sending a big warm wolfie hug and wolfie love back to you too, stay warm and cosy! … and very pink! xxx

      • I’m all the more ‘In the Pink’ for your cozy cuddle Wolfie.. xxx And yes the Temp Drop has been a shock.. but at least now I don#t have to get out of bed to go to work! 🙂 one consolation 🙂 xxx HUGS back xxx

  9. Hej Wolie..
    Jag får skicka några kanelbullar till dig hoppas du gillar dom lol..
    Tack för besöket min underbara varg massor av kramar till dig från mig Nicki
    och du jag älskar din rosa planet eller galax..

    • Hej Nicki 🙂
      Jag kommer att sitta väldigt söt i rosa om du skickar mig vackra cinnammon bullar till vargen ner!
      Den rosa världen kan bara vända färgen på cinnammon bullar!
      Rosa bulle kramar !! Wolfie 🙂

  10. Interesting Wolfy
    But so much is abracadabra for me.
    wish u a wonderful weekend with dry moments ( its raining like hell here)

    • I enjoy some good adcradabra lol! No shortage of rain here either. It’s sunshine right now but thunder a and lightning due later! Hope you’re weekend dries up before it’s over 🙂 Wolfie hugs xx

  11. Hej Wolfie..
    Ja visst är det fantastisk med sommar i staden och ja sommar överallt..ja Sverige är väldigt rent på gator och torg men det beror på att det finns renhållnings arbetare som jobbar dygnet runt..
    Blir glad att du gillar vinklarna på mina bilder tack..
    ja det är lite svårt att fota höga byggnader man får ju bara plats med en liten bit i taget eller stå mycket långt ifrån och då blir motivet för litet nästan..Hoppas du tar lite foton på london och visar lite jag skulle bli så glad.. Jag gillar London men jag har aldrig varit där..Kram Nicki XXX

    • Hej Nicki 🙂
      Ledsen för det sena svaret, men jag har inte haft någon internet-anslutning efter modemet bröt 😦
      Jag hade mobiltelefoner, men de har inte haft någon signal för internet för det mesta på grund av det dåliga vädret.
      Men alla borde förhoppningsvis vara bra nu har jag en ny internetuppkoppling. Jag har massor av foton av London – det är en mycket bra plats för bilder! Jag gillar arkitekturen speciellt modern arkitektur.
      Jag kommer att titta igenom mina bilder och se om jag kan hitta någon som kan vara av intresse här på WordPress 🙂
      Tack för visat intresse! Det är inte alls så ren och fräsch som Sverige dock! Folk respekterar inte gatorna alls …
      Jag hoppas att du inte njuter av vilda vädret Storbritannien upplever just nu! Det är att inte rekommenderas alls !! Var försiktig och ha en härlig vecka.
      Kram Wolfie 🙂

  12. Have a good Sunday and a successful new week

  13. Hej Wolfie..
    Ryska u-båtar ja inte hör dom hemma i Stockholm i alla fall.. läste idag att ryska tidningar driver med Sverige nu vad trevligt att dom får lite att skratta åt det har dom aldrig annars och putin ja dom borde se till att göra sig av med honom..

    Svenska försvaret jagar inte något som inte finns det kan vi vara helt övertygade om vi får inte veta allt men dom skulle inte hålla på så här utan anledning..

    Och det är mycket obehagligt att ett land beter sig på detta sätt helt oaceptabelt som svenska försvaret säger..

    Och ja visst är det skönt att bli arg ibland och säga vad man tycker..
    och ja mina åsikter delas av dom flesta i Sverige så dags att vi börjar säga ifrån..Long live the queeen or should I say The king 🙂
    kram Nicki

    • Hej Nicki
      Jag är säker på att vi i England skulle inte vara lyckligare om sådana händelser inträffar här. Ryssland verkar vara aktiv i att störa folk just nu! Men;) Jag tror inte att Vladimir Putin skulle bli någon alltför glada att höra att du tycker att de borde bli av med honom !!! : D Men utan tvekan du är inte ensam i sådana tankar, det verkar vara en världsomfattande fråga nu: D
      Den värld vi lever i är mycket märkligt ibland!
      Kram Wolfie 🙂

  14. Hej Wolfie..
    Ja jag tror dom flesta av oss älskar hösten i alla fall på våra breddgrader..Och ständig sommar blir långtråkig.. Jag läste en kommentar från en tjej som var född i kina eller om det var ett annat land i närheten.. hon älskade våra 4 åtrstiden för där hon kom ifrån var det mer eller mindre alltid sommar..
    ja vintern är ju vacker på sitt sätt i alla fall när den är full med snö och solen skiner eller när det dalar vita snöflingor så vackert..
    stackars wolfie hoppas du snaret är frisk igen..ja jag tycker verkligen synd om dig och jag vet absolut hur det är 😦 massor av tröstkramar från Nicki

  15. i wonder and ask myself there has to be an end somewhere
    its beyond everything
    Love this info Wolfy

  16. Great feature and I truly enjoyed the reading … very interesting and informative. Thanks for sharing~
    All my best wishes to you. Aquileana 😀

    • It’s taken a while to get there lol but I love your blog, it’s fascinating and a fantastic source of mythological knowledge 🙂 Sorry it’s taken so long – I know it’s been a very long time but it was well worth the wait 🙂

      Thank you for your visits here to the Icy World of Icewolves, too, lovely to see you and your visits are very much appreciated 🙂 Have a great week!

      • I love yours as well… And I am finding stunning post on Mythology… I can’t but congratulate you!. Peace and all the best to you, always, Aquileana 😀

      • And to you also Aquileana 🙂
        There’s something about mythology…lol…my next planned post is a cat post…all quite unassuming and not terribly exciting lol but! It has mysteriously morphed into a cat mythology post without any real effort on my part! It’s been an interesting exercise but I’m not quite sure how it happened! 😀

      • I’ll make sure to check it out then… Sounds truly interesting… Feel free to tell me on my blog if I forget to drop by! ~ Best wishes Ice Wolf. Aquileana 😀

      • It’s interesting in so far as I’ve no idea how it ended up morphing like that!! I will drop by your blog…it might be some time before I leave it again though! Best wishes to you too Aquileana 🙂

      • ~Thanks Ice Wolf!~
        All the best to you ⭐ Aquileana 😀

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