Russian German Shepherd Dogs 2

Brains, beauty and Totally Hard-Core!

Russian German Shepherd Dog – One of the Most Intelligent Dogs in the World!

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The Russian German Shepherd is one of the most intelligent dogs in the world and probably the most intelligent of the Russian guard dogs (Caucasian dog, Central Asian dog, Russian Sheepdog, Russian Terrier, and Moscow dog), there is pretty much nothing that can be learned by any other breed that cannot be learned by an East-European Shepherd Dog.

Tougher than even the hardest-core German Shepherd Dog or the Belgian Malinois, the East European Shepherd Dog, bred almost exclusively as a working dog for the Soviet military and the KGB has very successfully performed, when asked to, tasks of extreme complexity.  They are also great hunting dogs and are more than capable of working as draught dogs. THEY ARE NOT HOWEVER, GREAT FAMILY PETS.


The East-European Shepherd is regarded as being a highly trainable breed, though it will DEFINITELY NOT BE, FOR NOVICE OWNERSIt is a very dominant breed, and it will ABSOLUTELY NOT OBEY ANY COMMANDS by someone it considers lower than itself in the packing order. Therefore owners MUST play the Alpha role at ALL times giving NO leeway and showingNO signs of weakness. (This doesNOT mean being a bully!!!!)


The East-European Shepherd tends to be intensely suspicious of strangers and it will always remain very stand-offish and distrustful in their presence.  Whilst it will USUALLY not be openly aggressive with them, PROVIDED THE PROPER TRAINING AND APPROPRIATE SOCIALISATION IS IN PLACE, it should be understood that without it the Russian GSD can develop very acute and CRITICALLY DANGEROUS AGGRESSION ISSUES towards humans.


Possessiveness-based aggressionOn the other hand most East European Shepherds will get along perfectly well with other dogs but again, THEY MUST HAVE UNDERGONE APPROPRIATE TRAINING AND SOCIALISATION first – although bred to work alongside other dogs it is NOT beyond the realms of possibility that they will develop potentially very serious, aggression issues, towards other dogs. ALL FORMS OF K9 AGGRESSION ARE PREVALENT IN THIS BREED but most commonly seen are; Same-sex, dominance, territorial, and possessiveness-based aggression.

east-european-shepherd-2NON-K9 ANIMAL AGGRESSION:

The strength of their prey drive varies considerably between different EES’s and although some will attempt to attack virtually anything that moves, others will be perfectly amicable with other animals, for example, the family cat. But ultimately PROPER TRAINING AND SOCIALISATION IS VITAL to success.


23 thoughts on “Russian German Shepherd Dogs 2

    1. So glad you agree my lovely friend! I had to split this post into two parts this time as it’s been the post from hell lol in terms of laying out against this impossible background! lol 😉

  1. Lovely dogs wolfie, BUT, having chatted with a few obedience friends, we are rather of the opinion that by introducing new dogs into the mix, especially stating they don’t make good family pets owing to their nature, makes them a target for the low life self acclaimed tough guys who welcome a challenge, this is what happened with the Japanese Tozer and |American Pit bull, Some breeds are just best left ‘on the shelf’ as unobtainable, we have more than enough dog problems giving the dog haters enough ammunition with the animals we have, Sorry to sound so negative Wolfie, but we tend to feel this way even about our own home bred dogs, every time we hear of another litter of puppies, be they Labs, collies, poodles or whatever, the thoughts are ‘Jezz as if we haven’t got more than enough’ I s’pose you’ll fall out with me now. 😦

    1. Lovely to see you Arlene, I was hoping you might pass by! Of course I wouldn’t fall out with you!! Even if we did have different opinions and views that’s no excuse for falling out with each other 🙂 Good to know this post/s sparked a discussion with your obedience friends 😉 I do get your point and I did wonder if it was going to be irresponsible to post about a dog of this nature, and one that was not cut out to be a family pet. And whilst I don’t exactly disagree with what you say, at the same time this particular breed as I understand it is not available outside the Russian regions, and even there is a rare breed. It’s not likely to turn up here and end up in the wrong hands! Also, the majority are working military dogs and not kept as pets anyway.They were bred specifically for the job and within that setting their nature should be an asset not a hindrance. I think of breeding new dogs differently when it’s for a specific purpose in terms of working reasons. I saw a few adverts for these dogs as pets sold by breeders. I didn’t have time to go into them at the time but I’d guess, and correct me if I’m wrong, that as with our dogs here there is a big difference between working stock and show stock. My understanding is that dogs bred for showing are unsuitable for working purposes because many/all the working traits have been bred out over time as they would be in direct conflict with the kind of temperament required for the show ring. And of course not all dogs bred from working stock prove suitable for that purpose, with both types being sold on as family pets where necessary. I’d like to think these posts on this breed simply give an insight into a beautiful breed of working dog with a unique temperament and remarkable traits 🙂 Wolfie hugs! and a Wolfie howl to your obedience friends!

      1. Hi Wolfie, having re read you reply, I’m puzzled at this comment ‘ I saw a few adverts for these dogs as pets sold by breeders. I didn’t have time to go into them at the time’ do you mean the Russian GSD’s !! if so, why are they being sold as pets.?? I do hope they stay in the hands of the handlers who work them in Russia.
        Yes there is a difference between the working and show stock, but, also a lot of the non show dogs, have never had any experience of work either, Tango Chippie and now Zak have never been worked on sheep nor even seen them though Ruby has, and my first collie Whisper was in the cow field with her dam, and I don’t think it would have taken any of them long to pick herding up [after a fashion] Only having owned two breeds, I have some knowledge of GSD’s and I feel that the guarding instinct in them is inherent and IMO would not be easily bred out, mine didn’t need teaching, Tarc was the sort of Shepherd that in his mind, he was put on earth to protect those with whom he lived, and he made a good job of it. Again another breed of dog that , again IMO, shouldn’t be in the hands of novices.

      2. Yes I did mean Russian GSD’s Arlene!! I include a couple of quotes from sites I am going to leave you links for, so you can explore it a little yourself if you wish…the quotes contradict everything I researched so far though! (I need to add the sources I used to my posts but I forgot completely in the chaos of trying to post them in the first place 😉 )

        “Great with kids(they tend to become nanny for your kid,especially girls),fantastic with house and farm animals.
        EES as GS is serious dog who have instinct to save his Family and property,but will never attack for no reason.Also will accept your Family friends and visitors,especially kids”

        “Though social and mild-mannered, the East-European Shepherd may not be the right family pet, as they recognize one master only, and prefer one companion for their games.”
        (Guess this quote is a little more in line with my sources though the first bit – “social and mild-mannered,” certainly isn’t!!

        The links are both safe – checked by Norton security and you will also find some nice pic’s of the breed too 🙂

        I understand what you’re saying about non-worked working stock but one thing that came up in my first K9 course was that often they have very strong working instincts even if they’re not utilised. This can result in behaviour problems within the family home if they are not given an outlet for their instincts. Presumably this would be less prevalent and problematic in a show-bred dog…but I guess there are exceptions to every breed.Tarc seemed to have had similar traits to the Russian GSD! In the right way I mean 🙂 I like dogs like Tarc…I would like a Russian GSD I think if I ever got the chance because I value the protectiveness and the one man dog traits 🙂 But you’re quite right, none of these type of dogs should be in the hands of a novice. 🙂

      3. Hi Wolfie, I checked out the link and must say that animal does not resemble a pedigree dog, it looks suspiciously lab/gsd I sincerely hope no one takes up the offer, also there are so many cautions in the advert, who would want to be bothered, we have perfectly good guard dogs here, My GSD’s were wonderful with my children when they were small also a couple of the grandchildren before they [the dogs] passed on I really have no time for introducing foreign breeds that we know very little about. It all seems a one day wonder. I remember when Pyrenean Mountains were all the rage in the sixties, now you don’t see them, Akitas, Siberian huskies, all or most have lost appeal, as I said before, we have more than enough native /integrated dogs in this country.

      4. It struck me that way too…the resemblence to a standard crossbreed. Reminds me of a warning I once saw re wolfdogs in US. As it said the vast majority contain no wolf content whatsoever despite being advertised as such and huge prices being charged for what were cross bred dogs, albeit with a pleasingly wolfish appearance. One link I viewed re Russian GSD’s admitted they had tried to sell theirs but hadn’t been able to. Wonder why!! Many seemed to be advertised from US which is suspicious right away since there aren’t any over there! I think they’d struggle in our climate too. They were bred for the freezing cold Russian winters not our much milder one. Haven’t seen any “Pyreees” lol apart from at dog shows though we have some lovely Sib. Huskies round here – always enjoy hugging a Husky! The only Akita I knew was an American one – huge animal! He seemed very mild mannered but I imagine he wasn’t to be crossed in truth. Don’t know what happened to him…his owner said he had unexplained stomach problems and they were awaiting test results from the vet but neither dog nor owner have been seen now for some months. The last American Akita I heard about had launched a serious attack on someone and the owner was the first to be prosecuted under new laws re dog attacks on owner’s property. She was also banned from keeping dogs for life I think, seeing as it wasn’t the first time it had attacked someone. Russian GSD’s need an experienced handler and a satisfying job to do and they should be ok – in Russia!!

  2. My Hubby would have had a GSD long ago were it not for me.. Maybe now I am retired I may relent.. LOL.. As I do not believe in having a dog and leaving it Home ALone… 🙂 We had a number of Cats.. but have been petless now for around 9 years.. But then you know when I wake in the morning and I look at the weather and the rain and wind.. And I snuggle back under the duvet LOL.. I think I am pleased I do not have to take a Dog for a walk.. But its all about companionship.. And the Love which a Wonderful Intelligent GSD can bring… Loved your post Wolfie.. Sending you howls your way for a beautiful weekend.. And a Happy Christmas.. xxx
    Love Sue ❤

    1. Yes… I think you should relent Sue! An excellent idea lol and all that walking that will be necessary to keep your GSD happy and healthy will also keep you healthy and happy too!! You can always get your hubby to walk your new charge if you get one, when the weather is less enticing and the duvet is incredibly cuddly and appealing! Like it is as soon as I have to leap out from under it on a cold, dark winters morning to go to work! lol Sorry for the long delay in responding… I did try to howl to you many times but the workplace was blocking both phone signal and howls alike! I hope you had a lovely Christmas…IceWolfie love and hugs…Icewolfie 🙂 xx

      1. I did have a nice Christmas despite my sneezes and spending most of Christmas eve in bed.. LOL.. yes I came down with the lurgy lol.. Everyone else had it weeks prior.. and I prided myself for not getting it.. then when the Big Day arrives.. it grabbed me.. 🙂
        All well now though. xxx
        No worries about the Howwls.. Just howl when you can.. x

    1. It was a busy Christmas mostly spent at work! Hence I am so late in responding to yourself and everybody else – sorry about that 🙂 Hope you had a great Christmas and I wish you a very Happy New Year 2015….the Moon wolves are howling! 🙂

  3. “uran” is a beautiful yearling by the looks and them black dogs (never owned a black dog) are just special.
    be well Timid One.
    hewhorunsfasterthanthewind 🙂

    1. Black dogs are the best He who runs faster than the wind! Although it can be decidedly problematic trying to keep track of them in the dark lol 🙂 These ones however are in a class of their own! Thought of you actually, when I saw “Uran”…I think it was his rich colouring that struck me as something that would probably appeal to you 🙂
      Timid one 🙂

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