Russian German Shepherd Dogs 3

Russian German Shepherd Dogs

One-Man Guard Dogs Who Will Defend You To The Bitter End!

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Combining the temperament of the German Shepherd Dog and Laika dog breed types, the Russian GSDs form an intensely close, loyal and devoted bond with their owners, rendering them nearly impossible to re-home. They are TOTALLY SINGLE-PERSON DOGS, even if they have been brought up in a family home, attaching to one person only TO THE EXCLUSION OF ALL OTHERS, and making ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS whatsoever for ANY other family member. It is not at all unusual for it to COMPLETELY IGNORE any commands given by anyone who is not its alpha owner, creating difficulties in a family situation.

If they do show any sign of friendliness towards new people in the lives of their alpha owner eg marriage partner, it can take an exceptionally long time and it is NOT IN ANY WAY GUARANTEED, no matter how many years they have shared living with that person that this will happen.


This Russian GSD DOES NOT EASILY BECOME ATTACHED TO CHILDREN – unless the child is its alpha owner, and is OFTEN VERY INTOLERANT of them. Unlike most dogs if it does play with children it will be just as rough as it would be with adults. It will also WASTE NO TIME ABOUT SNAPPING AT THEM IF IT FEELS THEY ARE PUSHING ITS LIMITS TOO FAR such as if they play too roughly for the Russian GSD’s liking – a point of particular and serious concern to parents.



As with the German Shepherd Dog the East-European Shepherd is bred to have pretty much ENDLESS SUPPLIES OF ENERGY and it can happily work for many hours without any need for a break. WITHOUT WORK eg herding, competitive obedience, or agility it will quickly become deeply unhappy and develop behaviour problems. Ideally it will be given SEVERAL HOURS DAILY of mentally stimulating pursuits and dynamic physical exercise. These dogs areTOTALLY UNSUITABLE for apartment life and need to be in a home which can offerVERY substantial, expansive gardens.


Black (Traditional colouring)East European Shepherd DogThe East-European Shepherd has a broader gene pool than the majority of other purebred dogs, and with its status as almost exclusively a working dog when compared to other modern pure-bred dogs, is typically considered to be very healthy.

Whilst it DOES experience genetically inherited health issues, just like any other dog they tend to be FEWER AND FARTHER BETWEEN its equals of other breeds.


Bred to withstand the extreme climates of Russia and surrounding areas the Russian German Shepherd Dog can live just as happily outside as inside. Indeed OUTSIDE may prove preferable for more house-proud owners! IT SHEDS HAIR ALL THE YEAR ROUND, very effectively smothering carpets, furnishings and clothing ON A FULL-TIME, ON-GOING BASIS. However when the seasonal shedding takes place and the undercoat is replaced, SHEDDING IS TAKEN TO AN UNPRECEDENTED LEVEL of intensity! A very powerful vacuum cleaner is a must with these dogs!!


Military Working DogsBite first, ask questions later dogs, Russian GSD s are well known for their practically silent operating status; it is very rare that they bark; and for their EXTREMELY ALERT AND HIGHLY PROTECTIVEinstincts.  However, these dogs make excellent guard dogs that will unhesitatingly DEFEND THEIR TERRITORY TO THE DEATH.

Weighing in at around 100 lbs (70-130 lbs for both sexes) the Russian GSD is a formidable and extraordinarily powerful dog; (males stand at 26-30 inches, females- 24-28 inches) and is a dog intensely and ferociously determined to protect its owner from harm AT ALL COSTS. The prospects of survival for a would-be attacker are NOT good!!

The Russian German Shepherd is also known as: East-European Shepherd, Byelorussian Shepherd, Belarusian Shepherd, Eastern European Shepherd, Byelorussian Owtcharka, Belarusian Owtcharka, East-European Owtcharka, Eastern European Owtcharka, Owczarek Wschodnioeuropejski, Vostochnoevropejskaya Ovcharka, and the VEO.


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    1. Beautiful and a little dangerous! 😉 Lovely to see you LadyBlueRose…I’m not getting any notifications for your blog anywhere…good to see you’re still here! Wolfie hug 🙂

      1. They are gorgeous no matter how their nature,
        I haven’t really been around, I wander through these days, though my muse has returned from his holiday I think LOLs.. …
        Thank you for your kind words …I needed them today 🙂
        Take Care Wolfie…You Matter…

      2. You matter too…you’re a very lovely and special lady 🙂 And I think these dogs likely have a very fine nature, so long as they are understood and respected and have a good, strong and fair Alpha. Good to see you around even if you are wandering through less frequently just now on your blog page. We are all here waiting for when you wander through your blog!

      3. and Thank you for the hug, it felt so wolf-warm 🙂 I went home for a while today to hug my wolf …I miss her…

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    1. I think you’re breed has been around a lot longer Clowie! More time to sort out your temperament perhaps! They are very big then! With the right handling and with a satisfying job to do I would imagine these dogs would be perfectly controllable and very well behaved 🙂

  2. Dear Wolfie.. I am here.. Hoooooowwwwls… And there were only a few lines I highlighted to read LOL.. so no worries.. Now who would have thought that Russian GSD would be worse than his bark.. LOL.. I have a confession to make a GSD scared the pants off of me Lol when I was around 5.. But I have overcome my fear of them having met some very well behaved and friendly GSD’s… Thank you for more info. Right now to the next post prior as I work backwards.. as per… 🙂 xx

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    Tack för att du hade allt på släden hittade alla mina julklappar under granen så fina och så mycket..Jag hoppas du fick detsamma wolfie och jag haoppas din jul eller helg var bra..Nu önskar jag dig en fin 2015 massor av nyårskramar från Nicki

  5. You’ve been a master class in true friendship. In the new year, I hope I get to keep your friendship and warmth .. Wish you a very Happy New Year Hug Nicki

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