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The Wolf Moon rising at 17:15 – 5th January 2015, for the one and only time this New year, is the first full moon following the winter solstice. In a little touch of moon wolf magic the 2015 Wolf Moon also coincides with the arrival of Earth at the closest point to the sun that it is possible for it to reach in its orbit (perihelion).

Earth stands just 91.4 million miles from the sun, at this point and consequently the full moon burns brighter than even the Europan Ice Wolves on their frozen world of ice…

The Wolf Moon has also come to mark the start of a long year of stargazing.

January is the only month of the year when Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn can be viewed without a telescope. And if you look very carefully in the magic of the moonlight and maybe wish upon a star you may see the flash of the moon wolves of icy Europa…moon of Jupiter….if you’re really quiet you may here the call of the wolf-song across the star-ways of time and space…the moon-song of the star-born of Europa….

Happy New Year 2015 from the Ice-wolves of Europa!

21 responses to “Full Wolf Moon–January 5th 2015

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  1. Such an interesting and beautiful post!~. Best wishes for 2015. Aquileana 😀

  2. You are so intelligent and I learn so much from every one of your wonderful posts!

  3. Danke lieber Wolfie schöne Grüße von mir ein guter Beitrag,ich wünsche dir eine glückliche gute Woche lieber Gruß Und Freundschaft.Gislinde

  4. Dear Wolfie.. thank you for your Moon Magic.. and information about the orbit .. I hope as we each walk through this year we can wish upon a Star and make all our dreams come true..

    I hope you have had an enjoyable Christmas and managed to steer clear of the flu bugs which have been flying around.. Happy New Year to you my dear four legged.. Wishing you Blessings in abundance in Health and Happiness..
    Hugs to you.. Love Sue xx

  5. Happy New Year, Icewolf! So that beautiful singing that kept me awake last night would have been those Europan Icewolves, then? At last… mystery solved!

    I shall be exploring the stars this year… I may fly by Europa!

    • Yes of course Tom! Europan Icewolves are very vocal at this time of the Wolf Moon! lol

      I will make sure the kettle is on and there is a large leg of Bison awaiting you if you fly by Europa! If it’s still too cold for you then pop Europa’s neighbouring moon Io where the Firewolves of Io hunt amongst the fiery lava flows and their howls can be heard echoing amongst the live volcanoes! Happy New Year 2015,,,I look forward to joining you in your exploration of the stars!

  6. Hej Wolfie..
    Ja min jul blev bra,,Hoppas du kan ta det lite lugnt nu efter din jobbiga jul och nyår..Ingen fara när du inte har tid att svara det är samma för mig vi har ju ett liv att sköta utanför datorn också.. Hoppas du får en fin januari.. Kram Nicki

    • Hej Nicki 🙂
      Tja …. det fortfarande inte tillräckligt med timmar på en dag
      att få allt gjort!
      De flesta av mina nyårslöften fungerar inte alls!
      Men det finns ett stort benet av Bison på bordet och jakt är bra
      så det finns mycket att vara tacksam för 🙂
      Väl utfodras Wolfie kram, och Wolfie kyssa på näsan!

  7. Those images are beautiful.

  8. Hey Europa 🙂
    It was indeed a Big moon wolf night
    Happy New Year

    • It was even better after you kindly reminded me of the importance of this Full Moon Mundhir! Very exciting for a Europan Ice Wolf to remember the special significance of a January Full Moon on Earth! 🙂

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