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              Je Suis Charlie….


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Je suis Charlie…

I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

Today the world stands together united against those who seek to wreak death and destruction in our lives. United despite the dark shadow of fear that is whispering across many hearts at this time. There will always be death and destruction in our world and deluded fanatics who seek to cow us into submission to their evil, twisted ideals in the name of religion or whatever else their crazed minds can dredge up. But when we stand together as one people regardless of race, religion, or indeed no beliefs, in heartfelt solidarity, in the name of democracy and freedom of speech, we shine as a bright and hugely powerful force, a blazing light in the darkness we find ourselves facing. The nightmare that has unfolded in France over recent days is uniting the world at this time and that in itself should tell us our unity and determination to stand up against our attackers will ensure no terrorists or any other dark forces will succeed in bringing us to our knees. Together we stand united.

“I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees.”

Je suis Charlie

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33 responses to “Je Suis Charlie

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  1. Wolfie…. Well said, or as they’re no doubt saying auf Deutschland, Auch, Ich bin Charlie! You are right, too…. In this case, we are all Charlie Hebdo….

    gigoid, the dubious

  2. Thank you for adding such an important
    posting Icywolfy and you are right in everything
    that you say. We as a people are united across
    the world and those for that seek to destroy our
    freedom you will fail every time.
    For all those poor souls that died at the hands
    of this dark and blatant terrorism we will stand
    tall for freedom and never forget you… R I P
    Have a very nice start to your Monday Icywolfy 🙂
    Andro xxx

  3. Not sure why my words were
    changed / mixed up on the published
    comment but never mind you know
    what I was saying my great friend 🙂
    Andro xxx

    • I had this problem recently too, but I thought it was just my mobile phone playing up! Let’s blame it on WordPress lol they’ve got broad shoulders! 😀 xxx

      • Yes good idea, let’s blame them for the freezing cold weather too, it was minus nine last night and my car door was frozen shut this morning booooooooooo but it’s okay now, after I blasted it with hot air 🙂 Hey not from there cheeky… lol

        Have a wicked Monday Icywolfy 😉 🙂

        Andro xxx

  4. You know Wolfie, I’m glad I’m in the ‘twilight’ of my years, as this world is so far removed from the world I knew as a child or young woman it defies belief, OK isn’t wasn’t all ‘Over the Rainbow’ land but we didn’t have the problems there are now to deal with, WHY,WHY,WHY, has it managed to come to this, ? but in my view as long as their is ”religion” and the fanatics that use it for their own purposes it will not change, I [maybe wrongly] think that the continuing cartoons e.g the Muslim speared on the pencil on the Eiffel tower, is only adding to these people’s hatred, and is a bit unwise. but what do I know, Any wonder that more and more Christians are turning against God, if he was as caring why is he letting this happen in his name,

    • Fanatics will use anything and everything to their own purposes. If it wasn’t religion it would be something else. Such is the twisted, sadistic way of such murderous cowards. They aren’t actually using any religion. They just like us to think they are. Islam like Christianity is essentially a peaceful belief and the Koran teaches Muslims to hurt no-one. It is people who twist and distort this. Terrorists insult any religion they claim – wrongly, to be affiliated to. The Bible teaches us that God gave us free-will. If he steps in when we choose to misuse and abuse that privilege he takes away our free will and goes back on his word, and God cannot lie. The consequences of our bad choices are our own responsibility. We cannot have it both ways. If God’s intervention didn’t suit us for whatever reason we would then be cursing him for interfering! Free speech carries its own responsibilities including the results of causing offence, but nobody deserves to die because they exercised their right to free speech.
      That is the free thinking opinion of the Alpha Female of the Europa Pack 🙂

  5. Je suis Charlie.
    No more words needed Wolfy

  6. Indeed, Icewolf. United. And walking forward into a brighter, better, safer future.

  7. Inte roligt det som hänt i Paris eller alla liknade händelser i världen vart är vi på väg egentligen ?
    Var rädd om dig Wolfie.. Kram Nicki

  8. We are indeed united Wolfie.. and within every horrific trauma we must remind ourselves that we can not let Fear separate us and divide us… I hope those who took their transition in this and all other horrific assaults against humanity around the world, know that in giving of their lives they are bringing those who live in love who stand up for the freedom of speech and the freedom of expression are being brought together in unity to stand up to the might of Evil.. No religion preaches to take a life.. Man’s own evil interpretation conspires to commit such acts… I often wonder if these perpetrators of such crimes have a heart, or if in fact they are indeed Human.. For it seems beyond comprehension that such murders exist..

    Yet again I see such atrocities being carried out in extremism’s name now in Africa…

    We are United in this stance against such atrocities Wolfie… May we continue to hold hands in Peace against those who want to tear the fabric of the world apart..

    Blessings your way dear friend… xxx ❤

  9. We are all Charlie, somehow…A thought provoking post dear IceWolf! thanks for your engagement !.
    Best wishes to you. Aquileana 😀

  10. Contemplative post. Wolfie, we need to work together to quite the divisions in Islam. We need to keep working for peace. And while working for peace, stand against barbarianism. Thank you for the very deep post. Hugs, Barbara

  11. Liebe Grüße von mir schöner Beitrag wünsche dir ein gutes und schönes wee-kend alles liebe Gislinde

  12. I was shocked to read what the pope had to say about it. He made it sound as though violence is justified if you feel insulted – a worrying thing for a religious leader to say.

  13. Good morning my sweet and dear Icywolfy,
    I see that your posting skills are about as good
    as mine in the frequency of posts I mean 😉
    Well we can’t be practicing flying in between
    the washing lines, grabbing the odd Mars bar,
    collecting our groceries and visiting, posting,
    and being wicked all at the same time, oh no
    that would be too difficult for us I am sure 😉
    Right I will help myself to some of your buns,
    pancakes and sweet cherries before I leave, oh
    and are those chocolates for me too? Well I
    have left you some, don’t panic 😉
    Catch you again soon
    Icywolfy and remember,
    be good 😉 That will be
    a hard task for you, but
    try anyway… 😉 lol
    Andro xxx

    • Dearest Andro lol….my flying skills leave a lot to be desired it would seem – after flying head first across the station subway entrance the other day narrowly missing going tail over paws down the stairs in the process I ended up clinging upside down, legs flailing in a deeply embarrassing fashion lol from the handrail, in full view of a bunch of shocked commuters! I then practice my flying skills again on the station foyer floor when I tried to grab the free newspaper and just for good measure tried another flying stunt on the stairs at work! So no not a lot of posting opportunities amongst all that practising! I actually do have a post more or less ready and have had for some time now, but getting it posted is another issue entirely just now! lol 🙂 xxx

      • Well I will be calling into
        your Icy realm after the weekend
        so I hope you have added it by
        then or I might have to send the
        zombies round 🙂 lol

        While they are visiting you they can
        teach you the art of flailing without
        flashing anything, it is common for
        all zombies not to flash their bits as
        they can be scoffed or worse pinched
        for later… Not that this will be your
        issues but elegant flailing has to be
        something of an advantage, especially
        when commuting by train 🙂 lol

        Have a wonderful Friday with lashings
        of naughty wickedness thrown in and
        flailed for good measure 😉

        Andro xxx

      • Well here we are half way through the weekend and I haven’t had a chance of posting anything yet! I did do some work on it last night though lol 😉 However I do think it would be best if you did NOT send the zombies round thanks! lol 😉 xx

      • Luckily I have recently read it
        and commented so there is noooo
        need to send them round 🙂 lol

        Have a wicked and
        wonderful Thursday
        Icywolfy 🙂 😉

        Andro xxx

      • .
        Well that s a relief! Though I think there were zombies every step of the way whilst preparing that post lol no end if trouble and delays 😉 Just like British Rail in fact 🙂 xx

  14. Önskar dig en lång och underbar helg Wolfie Kram Nicki

  15. Hey Europa 🙂 Great post and well said.
    I’m very sorry to see the world today end up like this, what happened recently in France is extremely terrible
    Anyway, together we stand united on this Beautiful planet Earth regardless to our race, culture, colour, religion, etc
    We are one humanity and one big family living in a tiny blue dust as seen from Voyager1 space probe

    • HoooOOOOWWWWWLLLLLoooooo Mundhir! When we view our beautiful planet from the Voyager 1 space probe it is indeed a wonderful and beautiful place 🙂 It serves to remind us all, too, that amongst the ugliness there is also great heart and beauty existing amongst us and that will always outweigh the darkness that lurks in the shadows of humanity. We need to look more for the beauty around us but also for the beauty within us. We can rise above the ugliness of life and embrace the wonders of this blue dust! And the view of what can be is fantastic from the Voyager 1 space probe 🙂

  16. My dear friend. I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award. Please accept it here:, with my thanks for all you do! Hugs, Barbara, The IdealistRebel

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