Japan Tsunami and Nuclear Disaster–4th Anniversary   14 comments


Japan Tsunami and Nuclear Disaster – 4th Anniversary

World’s Worst Nuclear Disaster Since Chernobyl : 11 March 2011-2015



In Japan thousands of people are still homeless and all of the nation’s nuclear reactors are still offline, four years after a magnitude 9.0 earthquake and tsunami caused the world’s worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl.

In March 2011, as radiation began to leak from Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, 120,000+ residents living within 20 kilometres of were evacuated. High radiation levels still prevent these nuclear refugees returning to their homes, and they still live in fear of long-term health damage from exposure to the radiation, such as cancer.


$15 billion+ has been earmarked for a radiation-reducing project in Japans towns near the reactor. Currently there are 88,000 temporary storage facilities housing the radioactive waste here. Despite opposition from residents there are plans in Tokyo to build close by the reactor a permanent nuclear storage facility.

japonia-fukushima_2050publications comAfter the Fukushima disaster, all 48 Japanese nuclear reactors were shut down and safety concerns have ensured they remain so. 60%+ of the public, according to opinion polls, now oppose nuclear energy.

The United Nations has ignored a 128,000 signatures petition since November, 2013, requesting that charge of Fukushima is taken on by the world community.

Meanwhile, every day 300 tons (maybe more) of radioactive water is still discharging into the Pacific Ocean with the potential for more to follow despite that the tests on currents along the California Coast show that it is already radioactive.

Nuclear evacuees are being forced to return to heavily contaminated areas and evidence of damage to thyroids amongst children who were caught downwind to the disaster are rising frighteningly fast.


  • Since 2012 solar energy production has increased to the point where it now produces the equivalent of eleven nuclear reactors, and industrial wind farms operate very successfully off the coast of Fukushima.
  • Five U.S. reactors have shut since the 2011 Fukushima disaster reducing operating facilities to less than one hundred.
  • The number of US staff who work in solar are now double the number working in coal mines. And the Tea Party’s green section is actively encouraging the use of renewable energies.
  • Germany is increasing its renewable energy output aiming for 80% + by 2050. And France is also switching its interests to renewable energy, and with this in mind has not begun any new construction of nuclear reactors.
  • On a global level the “Solartopian revolution” is coming in both below budget and ahead of schedule.

14 responses to “Japan Tsunami and Nuclear Disaster–4th Anniversary

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  1. The however section is most encouraging and they have shut down the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant near us, although it is still filled with radiative material and sits right on an earthquake fault.

  2. It is at very least good news to find the great renewed interest in solar power. Unfortunately, it was out of tragedy that came promise.
    Thank you for this close look at Japan’s energy crisis and how they have handled it. hugs Wolfie

    • Good news for many of us but not particularly conciliatory for those unfortunate Japanese nuclear refugees still in temporary accommodation 4 years later and still no more certain of their future. Wolfie hugs 🙂

  3. It’s still frightening, Icewolf, and it’s going to take years for ‘normality’ to be restored, I predict.
    However, I’m pleased solar and wind power is taking off – when that’s fully in use things will be a lot cleaner. I can hear the Earth sighing in relief already!

    • Yes you’re right, it is. And as to normality, for many of the nuclear refugees still in temprorary accomodation 4 years later normality may never be restored. Some of them had lived on the now contaminated land for generations spanning the course of 300 years! For many they have lost that forever and will have no choice but to start over somewhere new…eventually. It’s a strange concept to us over here but for them a devastating loss. But for the Earth, yes things are looking much healthier in certain respects 🙂

  4. Schöner Beitrag lieber Wölfie ich wünsche dir einen schönen Sonntag und eine gute neue Woche lieber Gruß und Umarmung Gislinde

    • Danke liebe Freundin Gislinde 🙂
      Dies ist nicht ein beliebtes Thema,
      Also Ihr Kommentar wird besonders geschätzt
      wenn so wenige noch quittiert dieses Ereignis
      im Lichte der neueren Weltgeschehen.
      Vielleicht ist das verständlich,
      aber wir sollten nicht vergessen, japan … beim nächsten Mal könnte es uns sein!
      Vielen Dank für die Erinnerung mit mir 🙂
      Ich wünsche Ihnen eine schöne Woche, Wolfie umarmen in Freundschaft 🙂

  5. Yes Wolfie, the world is blind to this disaster, because those in power want us to be.. I was looking at Prince William’s visit, and how it was so spotlessly organised.. No doubt many can not speak out for fear of repercussions.. Just like those who had radiation sickness were when they showed the first symptoms from nose bleeds etc..

    Sigh… I cannot comprehend a system which is so uncontrollable and disastrous can still be implemented by intelligent people.. When there is safer options of renewable energy in wind and solar power..

    I watched a documentary the other week about Wind farms, and how because now there are so many, the Energy companies are paying the owners of them more money to keep them shut down than to buy their electricity.. WHY? because our grid system in the UK can not cope with the excess of Power now being generated How crazy is that?

    So when is the Power companies going to get their acts together?

    my heart goes out to Japan and I can not believe four years already.. its shameful that so many are not re-homed.. But I know I read many are being kept separate on purpose because of the contamination..

    Great informative post Wolfie.. and I didn’t see this one come through ..
    Love and Hugs xx Sue x

    • Japanese authorities would certainly prefer a move back to nuclear, and I think I may have heard somewhere about energy companies paying owners to keep wind farms shut…its a crazy crazy world we live in and a mind blowingly contradictory one too! Thank you for your thoughts and input on this unpopular and mostly forgotten subject Sue…and that is the real tragedy in many ways – how quickly and easily people choose to forget that which is uncomfortable to think on. Wolfie hugs 🙂

      • Yes, So many close their eyes Wolfie, to MANY things my friend.. And this will NOT go away for thousands of years to come.. And if you think deeply enough about Chernobyl and how the fall out swept across the UK… Who is to say we are still not suffering from health issues because of it.. Because its still out there it just doesn’t disappear ..
        Sending big hugs your wayxxx Love Sue

  6. It’s good to hear that interest is growing in safe and renewable energy.
    The cost to humans and to the planet of some forms of energy is too high. Some of the human race have such arrogance in thinking they should play with such dangerous things.

    • The Japanese powers that be would still prefer a move back to nuclear though! And it’s amazing how many excuses we find as to why safe renewable energy is not a good option!!

  7. Hej Wolfie..
    Tsunami ja jag önskar att det inte blir några fler men det hjälper säker inte hoppas i alla fall att dom inte dödar så många människor..
    Tack för alla dina besök hos mig massoer av kramar och hälsningar Nicki

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