Eclipse Watch – Partial Solar Eclipse 20th March 2015   33 comments


Mysterious Winds of the Solar Eclipse – Strange and Eerie!


Unusual weather and wind conditions may occur during Friday’s (20th March) partial solar eclipse which will obscure between 84 and 97% of sunlight as the moon crosses the sun face and a shadow is cast over the Earth.

During the partial solar eclipse of 1999 the wind speed and direction both changed, an average drop of 3 degrees C occurred in the air temperature in what has been described as an “eclipse wind”. In Cornwall observers reported experiencing mysterious, eerie eclipse winds. Scientists believe this was a result of the drop in air temperature.




clip_image004This Friday’s eclipse when the moon’s orbit will see it travel in front of the sun, casting a shadow over Earth is expected to start around 8.24am in London and will peak at around 9.31am. It is due to end at 10.41 am.

The Shetland Isles will enjoy 97% eclipse coverage, and the skies are expected to become dark enough to require car headlights being turned on in regions experiencing 95%+ coverage. This will be the first rush-hour eclipse so drivers eyeballing the partial solar eclipse should take extra care to avoid crashes! Scotland will enjoy 94% coverage of the sun, London 84% and Manchester 89%.










Solar eclipse- created electricity blackouts across Europe







Whilst Britain obtains only 1.5% of its energy from solar power and therefore should not experience undue problems, approximately 3% of Europe’s total energy supply is obtained from solar power. The temporary dip in light due to the solar eclipse could lead to electricity black-outs across Europe as solar power grids battle to handle this. Although solar panels do turn off at night, the light dip is much more gradual than it will be during the solar eclipse. When they will probably not only power-down but also shut down altogether in full and well-timed synchronisation. It is planned that in order to counteract this situation extra electric from alternative power stations will be utilised.

Night time shut-downs do not usually pose problems because demand for electric is much less at this time, but the morning solar eclipse will hit right in the middle of peak time usage. – European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E)

“35,000 MW of solar energy will fade from Europe’s electricity systems, before being gradually re-injected. This will be ‘all in the space of two hours.” European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E)

During the solar eclipse of 1999 solar energy was not a widespread energy source so there is no previous experience to draw on regarding Friday’s eclipse and its impact on the power grids. Studying the effects on the solar panels and the power grids coping mechanisms during the eclipse will hopefully provide the necessary information required for future protection against grid instability issues.

The End of the World! NOT!!

   BoostGrad tint

The end of the world will not be occurring on Friday morning! Contrary to the suggestion of a certain religious individual the world will still be functioning very nicely and will still be happily in existence despite the solar eclipse! We will all live to see another day…another sunrise and another sunset! No need to panic!!


33 responses to “Eclipse Watch – Partial Solar Eclipse 20th March 2015

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  1. So exciting! Thanks for the added info!

    • Couldn’t see a thing here! Horrible UK weather conditions made absolutely certain of that 😉 And I was up so early for eclipse breakfast too…no trouble seeing that! We must be thankful for small mercies 🙂

    • Hi Cindy, fancy seeing you here, hope you are well x

    • It would have been much much more exciting if I could actually see something lol 😉 A slight change in the shade of grey was about it for us! But there’s a big fat super moon New Moon tonight…I should imagine the prognosis for that is no healthier either!

  2. So happy it’s not the end of things Wolfie. I’ve just started liking it here on Earth.
    Have you ever heard of or tried “ice cream”, it’s an earthling delight.
    Happy spring fever! leaving smiles, Eddie

    • Me too Eddie…wouldn’t have been impressed if my 1st weeks holiday from work in 6 months was cut short by the end of the world! We have Iced Europas on the home world… but their molecular consistency likely differs somewhat from the Earthling ice cream; )

  3. Hi Timid one… what bleeding eclipse is that you’re talking about then. The only eclipse I saw was the one I posted on f/b lol be well my friend x btw. where the hell is Andro, haven’t seen him for ages. ?

    • Well I had a great view from Europa! Not a cloud in sight! Or was that the one you posted on F/bk lol 😉 Andro’s very much around…but his flying skills leave a lot to be desired and he regularly lands in compromising positions on washing lines lol leading to extensive recovery breaks and the repair of ripped cloaks! 😉

  4. Love the pics!

  5. I don’t think they needed to worry about the power outages, Icewolf… it’s been darker on rainy days! Although, that said, the Mansion did take matters into its own hands around here and plunged me into the depths of darkness for a few minutes…
    It was a spectacular sight… did you see it? And yes… I did notice the eclipse wind. Very refreshing!

    • No I didn’t see it! Blanket cloud cover throughout!!! Windows live writer for windows 8 is refusing to work properly so I can’t post my post eclipse update – I blame that on the eclipse too! Got to sort out new theme etc for blog as new laptop and editor hate existing one so will try to get to your great posts in between the battle of wills, 😉 The laptop’s only 13.3″ so that appears to be an issue too. GRRRRR!!!!

  6. Wolfie,

    Sorry to have to tell you, but, your post about the Solar Eclipse view from Europa generates a 404 error-Page Not Found…. Searching the site gets the same…. Better check with the WP nerds to see what’s up with the code on that one….


    • Oh dear… I am sorry about that Dubious one…I had no choice but to delete it but I really appreciate your concern and the warning. I recently purchased a new laptop and this meant downloading an updated version of the editor I use for my blog posts. Don’t know if it’s because my new laptop is smaller 13.3″ or the editor just hates my blog theme but it seems incapable of functioning properly since I installed it. The post after a 3 day battle of wills posted with pics all out of alignment and writing too tiny to read. It also won’t use the full length of the screen so big disaster. Any thoughts on that one?

      • Yes… See my other email. The theme I use is free, and you could still use the same background; it would just show the text inside the area reserved for it ANY photo will work for a background…

        If you have any other ??? about it, email me at the gmail account you can find on my About page…

      • I will check it out in more detail tonight when I get home. Must say though at this point haven’t found anything at all that captures me like the current one…may have to have one last and final all out battle to try to understand where I’m going wrong with the editor – I used it for the last post. But that was an almighty battle too!

    • Since my blog theme doesn’t seem fit for purpose unless I use the windows 7 laptop forever more, and also my much loved background is a nightmare to negotiate for readability lol I think it’s best to revamp my blog with a whole new theme and background. One which hopefully the horrible editor – which also stole my fave font and doesn’t support it anymore – will Co operate then. That will mean reposting the most popular existing posts as the layout change will mess them up but as I’m losing the will to live trying to blog in current mode not much choice. Maybe a portfolio style theme…what do you think?

      • Perhaps; or maybe one of the photo journal themes? The one I use is pretty good for text AND pix, and allows me to embed videos too… and, it’s free. It is also pretty customizable, by using background photos, and different color texts, headers, widgets, etc… I like it… it’s versatile. It’s called Ten Twenty, I think, one of their first, and I’ve never switched… I use my Windows 7 laptop, too, and don’t even bother with a phone; they’re not quite big enough for all the typing I do….

        Good luck with it, whatever you choose; just don’t change the name, so I don’t lose your follow emails….


      • Thanks 🙂 Yes you’re theme is a good one. Had a good hunt last night when I got back to computer. Some look great on the mobile and rubbish on there! Found a cool photo journal one but not keen on the blogging bit – no custom header or back ground makes it boring behind the grid interface. Still don’t know what to do!!

      • Wolfie, my dear,

        Take a deep breath… then, a sip of tea.. Clearer? Good…


        I find the best method is to reduce my choices to two favorites, then flip a coin, whether mentally, or literally. Then, stick with the coin’s choice, until you see it works, or doesn’t.

        If it doesn’t, go with the other one…

        I guess wolfies tend to dither a bit when given too many choices, eh?

        No worries; you’ll figure it out…

        Oh, and go with a theme that works on computer best; that’s where most people will see it…


      • It helps on the dithering front – which yes lol Wolfies are notorious for 😉 – if friends would not insist on interrupting the dither with inconsequential phone calls! Ruined my Wolfie concentration last night it did! 😉

      • I really need a “responsive” theme that will adjust to the type of device it’s viewed on. Otherwise some of the results are disastrous lol 🙂

  7. That was an insight – ‘black outs’ when solar dependency . Funny the things you can overlook. Personally I’m glad it wasn’t the end of the world as I was half way through 2nd breakfast at the time. See you at the next end of all things 😉

  8. The clouds did clear enough to see just the sun’s smile – but only briefly!

    • Hey Clowie! You got a follow button on your new blog? Not getting any email notifications from it and having big problem finding it manually. I haven’t deserted you – honest!

      • There’s one in the sidebar and one just above the footer. Here’s a shortlink to my blog

  9. What? Not the end of the world? Damn, I’ve got to unpack again! 😀 Hey, you even included my hometown, Hull in your post. Thank you!

  10. Well you really do need to be looking harder then! No wellies at times like this is unthinkable lol Go out and buy a new pair immediately! 🙂 😀 😉

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