Solar Eclipse News….The View From Europa!!   15 comments



Solar Eclipse 2015 – The View from Europa! Smile



                                            View from Europa


                    The view from Europa was somewhat better than the view from Earth…. that view was pretty rubbish Winking smile


             solar-eclipse-2015-from Europa      View from Europa 2_Solar Eclipse 2015

In fact the view from Earth left an awful lot to be desired….

                                              View from Earth-Rubbish!                          


                                              Eerie Solar Eclipse Light_from Earth


A slight change in the shade of grey might possibly have been considered an eerie solar eclipse light… And at least one or two pretty cool Wolfie Herr Selfies resulted from the moment of eerie lightness….and what might possibly have been considered a change in the wind direction…as to the predicted drop in temperature – given that it was already sub zero no shivering icewolf would have noticed the 3 degree difference.


                                                        Solar Eclipse Herr Wolfie Selfie!Solar Eclipse Herr Wolfie Selfie2!


The solar eclipse was also responsible for the “super-tide” –that afflicted UK, Earth – “the tide of the century!”.  The rare alignment of the Moon, Sun and Earth resulting in a giant gravitational pull on the sea. This created high tides leading to UK-wide flood warnings , It also led to the River Thames in London bursting its banks. Coastline flood warnings and typical cold, wet and windy British weather is now expected to last all week long Smile 

15 responses to “Solar Eclipse News….The View From Europa!!

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  1. I got a good view from my part of EuropE, Icewolf, before I was hoiked off to someplace else where I got a really good view of the eclipse.
    And yes, the weather has turned cooler again. I had to defrost my car yesterday morning, and apparently will have to do the same again tomorrow. It was warm on the morning of the eclipse as well… but not in the afternoon. Even with the Armageddon cloud cover.

  2. Wünsche dir einen schönen Freitag schöne Bilder von Mond hier in Köln konnte man leider nichts sehen musste mich mit dem Fernsehen begnügen.Wünsche dir ein gutes Wochenende liebe Grüße und alles liebe Freundschaft Gislinde

    • Guten Tag meiner lieben Freundin Gislinde. Ich hoffe, Sie genießen Sonne in Cologne noch heute! Ich habe nicht eine Sache auf Eclipse Tag nicht. Der Himmel von Wolken und großen hellen Sonne und blauer Himmel gelöscht kamen am Nachmittag … wenn es viel zu spät war! Der Blick aus dem Weltraum war aber gut !! ☺

  3. Wünsche dir gute sonnige Ostertage lieber Gruß und Freundschsft Gislinde

  4. The spirit of easter is all about Hope..
    Love and Joyfull living…
    Wishing U a Very “HAPPY EASTER”
    Hugs Love Always..
    Nicki with family..

  5. Seems I should have taken that shuttle…. oh no.. its now cancelled.. the Rocket to Europa… I would then have got to see the Diamond effect…
    Instead though the view reflected back from my Kitchen window wasn’t half bad. I got the Sun in triplicate.. 🙂

    Lovely posting Wolfie.. 😀

    Have a great Easter Weekend Wolfie.. I hope you have time to rest and eat plenty of Easter Choc’s… Though I know its bad for you.. Naughty but Nice..

    Enjoy.. Hugs Sue ❤ xxxx

  6. I wish you a Happy Easter

  7. It seems that I missed the high tides as well as your post. Of coarse, being in Florida has something to do with some of this. About the rest,
    well I’m just a space case. love you, Eddie

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