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“Eclipses are a chance to see the universe working. It’s the solar system doing its thing right before your eyes and it’s a deep and personal pleasure.”

– E.C Krupp director of the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, California

clip_image006clip_image008Blood moon eclipses – the moon is bathed in a red orange hue of refracted (bent) light coming from around the Earth. This April 4, 2015 blood moon eclipse, is part of the series of 4 consecutive Lunar Eclipses known as a “tetrad.” These are set approximately 6 months apart. April 15, 2014 – October 8, 2014 – our most recent one on April 4, 2015 and the shortest Total Lunar Eclipse of the 21st Century and the final one on September 28, 2015. The longest Total Lunar Eclipse this century will last 1 hour 24 minutes and will take place on July 27, 2018. Both Lunar and Solar Eclipses habitually occur in 18 year-long cycles known as Saros Cycles. Eclipses separated by a Saros Cycle are incorporated into a Saros Series. The recent Lunar Eclipse is part of Saros Series 132 which includes 71 Lunar Eclipses – the last one being on June 26, 2754.

“It’s an amazing experience, even though you know it’s just the moon moving in front of the sun. That’s why there are so many eclipse chasers”

Eclipse Fire Wolves


Lunar Eclipse Myths from around the World

The Chinese word for “eclipse” is shih or chi meaning “to eat.” In many cultures people were of the firm belief that demons or animals were swallowing the sun or the moon at the times of eclipse. As a result of this belief they went to great pains to drive them away, commonly banging pots and pans or playing drums to this end.

clip_image012The Vikings view was that two “sky wolves” were chasing the Sun or the Moon and lunar or solar eclipses occurred whenever the wolves caught one of them. Similarly in Korea’s eclipse myths eclipses occurred when “fire dogs,” acting on orders of the king try catch and steal the Sun or the Moon. Although they only ever manage to bite their prey of “fire or ice” their actions spark an eclipse.The_Hunt_resized

Vietnam have slightly different ideas in so far as they believe it is a frog/toad that consumes the Sun or the Moon and on the West Canadian coast the Kwakiuti tribe is convinced that during the occurrence of an eclipse the “mouth of heaven” eats the Sun or the Moon.

– E.C Krupp director of the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, California

In the minds of The Inca lunar eclipses were a result of a Jaguar attacking and eating the Moon. This bloodshed explained the red-brown hue of the “Blood Moon” commonly seen during a total lunar eclipse such as seen recently (4th April 2015) The Inca would fiercely shake their spears at The Moon and make as much noise as possible, often “beating their dogs to make them bark and howl” in the hope of scaring the Jaguar away, afraid that it would fall to Earth and eat the Inca people too!

– David Dearborn, a researcher at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California

clip_image015Chinese mythology states the Dragon, a “masculine solar energy” causes lunar eclipses when he tries to eat the Moon. The Chinese too would make much noise to chase it away and as late as 19th century cannons were fired by the Chinese navy to this end.

The ancient Mesopotamians whose culture stated that their king also symbolised the land believed that the seven demons they considered to be attacking the Moon at the time of lunar eclipse were also attacking their king. Therefore at such times they would substitute a temporary king – who if he survived the demons attack would probably be killed off later when the real king was reinstated!

Healing Lunar Eclipse Myths

clip_image017In contrast to the more aggressive lunar eclipse myths, The Luisno tribe – Southern California, would sing and chant and say prayers to restore the Moon back to good health and well-being, believing that an eclipse indicated that the Moon was very sick and feeling thoroughly under the weather!

Lunar eclipses are seen as a time of reconciliation by the people of Togo and Benim in Africa – The Batammaliba. In their culture, during an eclipse the Sun and the Moon are in battle with one another. The people work hard to discourage the discord between the two heavenly bodies and it is seen as a time when families and friends get together, and old arguments and disputes are resolved.

– Jarita Holbrook, cultural astronomer at the University of the Western Cape, South Africa.


Eclipses are considered to be simply another natural part of the balance of the universe’s cosmic order, by The Navago. It is considered a special time and a time to take a break and reflect on the cosmic order. In order to stay in balance with the universe avoid looking at, sleeping during or eating and drinking for its duration of the eclipse. Instead the time can be spent safely indoors singing special songs and enjoying time with family.

– Nancy Maryboy, President on San Juan Island, Washington working with NASA to bring indigenous astronomy into mainstream awareness

The Hupa were of the mind that 20 wives and an array of pets (Mountain Lions and snakes) were an important part of the Moon’s life. The Moon was required to supply food for them all and when he fell short on his duty he was attacked by the Mountain cats and the snakes. This of course led to blood-letting for the Moon – Blood Moon Eclipses – But luckily for the Moon his 20 wives would come to his aid, protecting him and dutifully collecting his blood so as to restore him to his former glory and good health. This was believed to bring an end to the lunar eclipse.

– E.C Krupp director of the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, California.

clip_image004In astrology many believe wars and conflicts, political events and acts of nature such as earthquakes can occur as a result of eclipses. Tibetan Buddhists say that during a lunar eclipse regardless of whether they are good or bad our actions increase by a thousand fold! So if you were naughty during the eclipse look out!!!




National Geographic

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  1. Fascinating and visually stunning!

  2. This is a fantastic posting Icywolfy, one that I have enjoyed reading that’s for sure. You have not only given us a feast of knowledge, but also a marvellous taste of this lunar eclipse and the mythologies of the world. Wow you certainly pushed the boat out with this one, and I love your choice of imagery to accompany your posting, all are excellent, well done Icywolfy I love it 🙂

    By the way did you save me any of
    your Easter eggs and Bunnies? 😉
    Well I only asked, no need to reach
    for the extra washing lines… lol

    Have a wicked rest of Tuesday my lovely friend 🙂

    Andro xxx

    • I couldn’t save you any Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies Andro! I pinched them all from you in the first place in case I couldn’t catch any chocolate boars or elks…and then there was also a shortage of chocolate bisons to think about too! You were hanging upside down off a washing line at the time…The Easter eggs all fell out from the cloak lining! Given the circumstances I considered it prudent not to howl about it nor to howl any questions. I legged it with the Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies!! Chocolate Icewolfie hugs! 😊 xxx

  3. Really enjoyed this Wolfie

  4. I wasn’t naugthy during the eclipse! If I was good, does that mean I get one thousand times the treats?

  5. Oh my what a lot of information you have here about the Moon and eclipses Wolfie.. I did look for it on the 4th but we were covered in cloud here.. And if it did clear, I was sound asleep..

    Love that it can mean a time of reconciliation I guess its too much to ask that the warring fractions could down their guns and shake hands..! 😦

    But I do feel a sense of Bigger change on the horizon…. It may well start here in the UK LOL.. as people are definitely getting all hot under their collars over the election as they promise this and that to get a vote.. 🙂

    I hope you have had some time out to enjoy this unusual Warm Spring sunshine we have been having.. Its been perfect for the allotment….
    Sending some howwwwwls your way my friend.. and a great post.. And guess what I could read every word without highlighting 🙂 … Special Hugs your way..
    Love Sue xxxx

    • HoooooooWWWWWwwwwwwLLLLLLLLoooooooooooo Sue! Wonderful news tee no need to hi-light blog words this time! It’s been quite a journey trying to figure out how and what editing tools were going to work both with Windows 8 and a much smaller screen than I’m used to. Haven’t had time to check layout on full size screen yet but you and I have similar screen size now so hopefully you see what I see 🙂
      Lunar eclipse ewasn’t visible from our part of the world but the Moon was alive and well that evening clothes in all its splendour and lighting up my sky and in dealing Full Moon light!
      l’m not at all hot under collar about elections since I can’t vote anyway…something to do with my offworld status lol 😉 Being from Europa and all that 🙂
      Beautiful spring allotment weather for you if it’s like here this week…your veggies should be having a massive growth spurt and become giants!! And you should have an awesome suntan lol 🙂 Wolfie hugs! xxx

  6. What a great post Wolfie! It covers (uncovers) it all and reveals the mystery behind these events. Thank you very much for the great work you put into it and so much that you revealed. It is obvious that there is much going on here and you are very able to decipher it. with love, Eddie

  7. Happiness comes with a price tag.
    If you are smiling, you’ve already paid for it in past.
    Have a happy weekend!
    Have a great and wonderful weekend..
    Love always Nicki

  8. Fascinating stuff indeed, Icewolf!
    I like how a lot of the legends involved the Sun and Moon being eaten by animals… I wonder where the original idea for that came from…

  9. Danke lieber Freund ein guter Beitrag wünsche dir einen glücklichen Tag und ein gutes Wochenende für dich lieber Gruß Gislinde

  10. Reblogged this on Teacher as Transformer and commented:
    There are some great images and wonderful descriptions in this post. What caught my eye was the MLK quote about 1/2 way down. I almost missed it and it fits in so well.

  11. So interesting! A lot to learn here, for me at least.

  12. Enchanted by the rich presentation of this phenomenon and your stories!Came here thanks to “Teacher as Transformer”,and I never regretted it 🙂

  13. Fabulous post!

  14. Önskar dig en trevlig lördag och söndag..
    Kram Nicki

    • Hey Nicki 🙂 Tack för den vackra bilden! Ber om ursäkt för det långa dröjsmålet med att svara och besök. .. Problem på hemvärld … vi ses snart! Kram Wolfie 🙂

  15. Dziękuję za miłą wizytę i komentarz. Życzę miłego weekendu.

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