The She-Wolves taking the battle to Islamic State (IS)   11 comments

The “She-Wolves” Taking The Battle To Islamic State (IS)

IS has met its match! It is facing its worst nightmare! The female of the species!!

Woman and Wolves (Image: Europa's Icewolf) Image credit: Google images

Hundreds of young Kurdish women have volunteered to leave homes and families and sadly in some cases, abusive marriages and other problems, to become tough, trained soldiers, led by Abdullah Ocalan who unusually had for a long time championed equality for women.

These young female soldiers are putting their lives on the line to “take the battle to the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria,” determined that women’s rights will not be brutally restricted and snatched away from them by these vile, cruel terrorists.


The wild nature belongs to such a woman, it is the essence of her soul, the consciousness of her heart and spirit, the ambient voice of her dreams and aspirations, the compassion of her words of empathy and the song of her humanitarianism. It is the passion that drives her to establish her territory and to seek out and create her pack, and to nurture.

Image Credit: NEWSHA TAVAKOLIANImage Credit: NEWSHA TAVAKOLIANThe Women’s Protection Unit, (YPJ) links to the Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK), a Kurdish nationalist movement -–who like other Kurdish groups battling IS have also been fighting an ongoing battle against Turkey for independence.

IS will be facing off against female fighters. When 18 year old Zilan Orkesh who joined YPJ – in 2011, killed her first IS jihadist, eager to taunt the other IS fighters she cheered and shouted as loud as she could in the hope they would hear her, “I wanted to let them know that their worst nightmare had come true, their friend had been killed by a woman.”

Training half hour from the front line at a free Syrian military camp they are also driven by an all-consuming, single minded desire not only to take up arms against IS but also to free themselves of the inequality in Middle Eastern society that strips women of so many of the rights enjoyed by the men.

She will never give in or give up... (Image Credit: Goog;e images)

Image Credit: NEWSHA TAVAKOLIANThe wild nature gives a woman the strength to stand, and to roar like a lion in the face of injustice, wielding the sword of spirit and infinite determination against all the odds, refusing to fall at the feet of her tormenters, rising against the storm pitted against her in the sure and certain knowledge she will never give in or give up.

“In the pastwomen had various roles in the society, but all those roles were taken from them. WEdit7e are here now to take back the role of women in society” – 18 year old Saria Zilan.

“We live in a world where women are dominated by men. We are here to take control of our future. I injured an IS jihadi in Kobani. When he was wounded all his friends left him behind and ran away. Later I went there and buried his body. I now feel that I am very powerful and can defend my home, my friends, my country, and myself. Many of us have been martyred and I see no path other than the continuation of their path.” – 18 year old YPJ fighter Torin Khairegi

“Where I am now men and women are equal and we all have the same thought, which is fighting for our ideology and the rights of women. My three sisters and I are all in YPJ” – 20 year old YPJ fighter Aijan Dents from Amuda, Syria





“The war influenced me a lot. Before joining YPJ, whenever I asked my family about politics and they’d just say ‘that’s not your business you’re just a girl’, But when I saw how the women of YPJ gave their lives for what they believed in I knew that I wanted to be one of them.” – 16 year old YPJ fighter Barkhodan Kochar from Darbesi, Syria

“When my mother told Cicek ‘Please stay with your mother’ she answered, ‘I left to fight for all the mothers of the world. I cannot stay here.” Rojin the sister of YPJ fighter Cicek Derek who died age 17 years, fighting in Kobani Syria

“I fought IS in Jezza and Serikani. Women of YPJ are not scared of IS.” – 20 year old YPJ fighter Beritan Khabat from Derek, Syria who joined YPJ to protect her land of birth and put an end to the suppression of women.

Such a woman is an instinctive creature,

who refuses to bow to shame, who uses her feminine wile and wits

to lead all in her charge

through danger to safety

Wild nature...She who refuses to bow to shame (Image:Europa's Icewolf)

She is a woman of power,

Of a nature that sets her apart from her contemporaires.

She is, through the wild nature,

The She-Wolf!



References to women and wolves taken from 2011 post “Wild Women.”


11 responses to “The She-Wolves taking the battle to Islamic State (IS)

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  1. There are some very courageous young women out there Wolfie, Some very brave women..

    Woman throughout the history of mankind have been the back bone during war time.. Maybe they were not given to fighting along side their menfolk in battle in WW2 but they did about every other job a man did.. making ships, in the steel works, ammunitions, My own great Aunt was on the railway and would work in the signal box,..

    Thank you for bringing this article to our attention..

    Love and Blessings my Wolfie friend 🙂 xxx
    Sue ❤

  2. Thank goodness for these and all women who go way beyond good housekeeping to help maintain order in our world. hugs, Eddie

    • I found it very heartening having been in something of a sweat about the horrors of life as a woman should we fall under the control of these monsters 🙂 Women should not be underestimated! 🙂 x

      • In many societies the women are the ones in charge and rightly so.
        Never under estimate the might of a woman!

      • Personally I think it works best when men and women cooperate and work together as equals supporting each others strengths and weaknesses for the benefit of all 🙂 But the notion of effective teamwork amongst the sexes seems sadly idealistic in our world’s societies.

        I also think there is a message of encouragement for all those men out there who suffer horribly at the hands of violent and domineering woment. They need equal recognition and hope too. I’d like to think this post would speak to them too and encourage them to fight back in their own situations. Fight back and necer give up. As is their right same as for women. 🙂

  3. Hmm.. straying into the politics and religion of war- fair enough Wolfie. Like you said- nobodys pet ! Though I do worry if the Kurdistan war chief is using them today and will turn his back on them tomorrow. Only time will tell.

    • HoooOOOWWWwwwwLLLooo Simon! The IS issue is one I have been following closely for a long time though I agree it’s unusual for me to enter that arena here on WordPress. However some things get under my skin and won’t be silenced toll they’re vented 😉 The war chief has long championed equality for women so I doubt he’ll be too quick to default that…also lol he has trained these women to fight and to kill…He wouldn’t then want them turning their wrath on him would he?!! 😉

  4. Ya’ll r to funny!!!!!but I truly believe women should have the same right as a man I really liked the read thanks for sharing

    • HoooOOOWWWwwwwLLLooo Elzie! Welcome to the Pack 😉 And thank you for your re blogging generosity, it was great of you to do that 🙂 Thank you!

      I’m so glad you enjoyed this one and it’s great to know you support women’s rights too. I’m sure many men do but sometimes it doesn’t feel like it. Then again men`s rights are often stripped away far more than we hear about too aren’t they…equal rights for all I say and respect! Have a wonderful day 🙂

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