Wolfie Chew-Sticks! You Turned the Air BLUE!!!!   35 comments

Interstellar Tourist Alert! Blue Auroras on Mars!

Don’t Miss This Fantastic Opportunity to see “The Southern Lights” of Mars!

Mars blue aurora wolf_Image credits (background): NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS and CSW/DB.

Theoretically it should be impossible for Mars to experience auroras as unlike Earth it no longer has a global magnetic field. On Mars it ceased to exist 3.5 billion years ago. However, in the main in the Southern hemisphere an assortment of “increased magnetic fields” have survived in the surface. These are known as “crustal magnetic anomalies,” and it would seem that these are capable of sparking auroras.

Auroral Glowing Blue Sky_

Sunrise/Sunset Auroras lighting the Wolves of MarsAurora’s appear on a relatively frequent basis after periods of intense solar flare-ups during the life of a solar cycle which on Mars causes  a beautiful, glowing blue sky.  For the intrepid interstellar tourist chasing the Martian lights jumping out of bed bright and early is recommended as they are best caught just before sunrise.

Alternatively for the lazy, late-rising tourist who probably prefers a Martian cocktail on the blue-soaked beaches whilst lounging in a deck chair watching the sun go down, just after sunset is the ideal time to catch the spectacular Martian lights.

  •   On Mars, aurorae also occur in the visible range.
  •   Carbon dioxide in Mars’s atmosphere means skies glow intense deep blue.Southern Skies glow an intense deep blue

Mars’s atmosphere consists mainly of nitrogen and carbon dioxide. Consequently the southern skies glow an intense deep blue. On Earth the oxygenated atmosphere causes auroras in shades of red and green – the Northern Lights. It is still possible to see such colours, though in far more subdued tones, on Mars too.


The research also hopes to help us understand:

  •   More about the atmospheres of other planets and their emissions, and also that of Earth.
  •   The evolution of the Martian atmosphere
  •   Difference in mass between Mars and Earth
  •   Assisting in the ultimate discovery of habitable new worlds

Blue aurorae in Mars’ sky visible to the naked eye_Background Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS and CSW/DBBrave new worlds millions of miles from home

”Prime view of the aurora may seem trivial. And yet, on cold, barren planet millions of miles away, one beautiful reminder of home could make a world’s difference.” (Quote Credit: motherboard.vice.com)


The Sky at Night
Astronomy Now.com
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35 responses to “Wolfie Chew-Sticks! You Turned the Air BLUE!!!!

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  1. Wow, amazing and surreal! Love it~

  2. Beautiful photo work, milady wolf. I stole a couple to use over on my blog, if you don’t mind (with link to here, of course….) Don’t know what they’ll go with yet, but, they’re too nice to pass up….




    • Oooh thanks Dubious one! You do have a very winning way with you you know!! No of course I don’t mind 😉 I take it as a compliment. I’m not sure how they came to be so big though, unless it’s just how they appear on a smaller screen. they look enormous to me and I certainly didn’t post them in those proportions! But if my editor wants to showcase my efforts and shout it from the roof tops who am I to complain! lol 😉

      • The program you’re using to create the photos is saving them in wallpaper size; I noticed that when I downloaded them. There is no doubt a setting in the Options/Preferences for that program to tell it to save it in a smaller size. It’s the same on a digital camera, or a phone; it saves it in different sizes; your program chose the wallpaper size as default, I guess…


      • Live Writer for Windows 8 has a mind of its own!! I never had any issues in Windows 7 version. There are settings for small,medium,original size and custom size. On this occasion all but the last 2 images which were customised to fit the page side by side, we’re set to original as for once lol this was a nice standard typical size that fitted neatly and unobtrusively on the blog page….or at least they did till the editor got involved! They are the right size and everything looks fine until they post and up online. Then BOOM!! Size explosion! I think I will try resizing them in the WordPress editor and see what happens. Hopefully that won’t ignore the size settings 😉 All rather “dubious” wouldn’t you say!! lol 😀

      • Ah…The program I’m using to CREATE the photos…silly Wolfie didn’t read that part properly ,) thought you meant the editor for blogs…but that’s the weird thing – the program saves them just fine and they’re not even in the larger PNG format – I save them as JPG files. These ones were no more than the average 640 x whatever ( 🙂 ) and are actually quite a bit smaller than average for me. They still manage to look that size in the editor. It’s just when you view them live on WordPress they have morphed into giant images!

      • Okay 🙂 I’ve resized what I can – the end two are untouchable for some reason and the text that now needs a colour change to be read is also untouchable it would seem 🙂 But at least the pics are a more reasonable size now – I presume clicking on them to enlarge will still work, haven’t had chance to check that. It’s changed the layout a bit and the W.P writer, which allows me to post my pics at standard size isn’t allowing any further layout enhancements. If I go back to the original editor to sort that out the pics will suddenly have another growth spurt and I’ll be back where I started 🙂

  3. I’d love to experience those Martian Lights, Icewolf. Mind you, I’d also love to experience our own Northern Lights as well. I think next time they’re visible in the UK, I shall see them… and they’ll be of a blueish shade as well. I can then imagine I’m in two places at once, twofold… in the North and the South, and on Earth and on Mars. It doesn’t take much to fire my imagination!

    I’m actually thinking that a blue aurora would be cool to see!

    • You can be in two places at once…parallel universes 🙂 Perfectly plausible to be admiring auroras on Earth and Mars at the same time and at the polar opposites…Blue sunsets and blue Martian lights…and this on a Red world! I’d actually been looking into Northern Light Tours following the realisation my holiday dates are useless for a trip to Moscow this side of New year. It was then that I discovered the Martian Lights 🙂 Of course they could only be found in the NASA intergalactic tourist vaults lol but a trip to see the awesome blue auroras of Mars and a shiny blue sunset or two lol seems far more conducive with my holiday dates…I’ll save you a seat;)

  4. Hello
    Have a wonerful new week.

  5. WOW, I really like this blog post Wolfie and very nice pictures ..
    Have a good start this new week and soon came and visit me again ..
    Lots of hugs Nicki

    • Thank you Nicki 🙂
      I wish you also a good start to the week…
      I hope it is not winter for you as it is here!!!
      Summer will be back next week…
      See you soon…I hope to visit you tonight but it maybe tomorrow because of work.
      Wolfie hug 🙂

  6. Almost said “unbelievable” but there are so many fantastic events that occur these days
    due to our break thoughts in technology, that anything is believable.
    enjoy life on Earth, Eddie

    • I find blue auroras on Mars a little easiest to get head around than the blue sunsets 😉 I understand the science of it but we are conditioned to Mars being red….Blue anythings on Mars is a wild thought! But I love the way it fires the imagination and makes anything seem possible…Take care Eddie and have a good week 🙂

  7. The imagesof the wolves with the light on their fur are gorgeous. It might even be necessary to call a pause in the chicken chasing to admire the light show!

    • I think a pause in the chicken chasing might be justified just this once! lol 😉 We can stand together and soak up the magic of the Martian lights! I had been looking into Northern Light tours but who needs that when we can go to Mars!! 🙂

      • I’m looking forward to seeing the data that is sent back from Pluto.

      • Yes! It’s very exciting! Pluto is roughly the same colour as liver cake…wouldn’t it be wonderful if they discover that is in fact what Pluto consists of?!!!

      • Liver cake… drool… Liver cake…drool…
        It took me ages to get past that and read the rest. If it is made of liver cake, we’ll have to arrange a visit!

      • Yes that would be an excellent idea! Slurp….slobber 😉 We should go there pretty quickly to check out the presence of liver cake…. we could set up a little business! We can mine the liver cake ourselves – your digging skills would be perfect for that and mine aren’t to be sneezed at either 😉 No need to employ anyone else….we don’t want any liver cake “disappearing” do we lol…Your bipeds could take charge of the liver cake transportation and marketing to the interstellar neighbors, and we would burn off any excessive calories brought on by liver cake binges whilst we worked lol with our great mining skills! I think your bipeds would be very pleased!!

      • I think the bipeds would be pleased. They’d never have to make liver cake again! They moan about making it, something about the liver being disgusting – typical biped nonsense!

      • Bipeds have no idea about the finer things in life! Who could possibly not find liver to be the most mouthwatering and delicious delicacy in the whole of the galaxy!!

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  9. Älskar din blogg. Förtsätt skriva bästa du.👍. Kolla gärna in på min blogg. Den heter http://www.minlivblog.wordpress.com
    Hoppas att du gillar.

  10. will see where to are next trip will be..Think i will stay with 2 feet on mommie earth

  11. Just fuelling the rocket ship Icywolfy, and you
    can sit in the Captain’s seat if you like for this
    trip, well you know how to get there so that is
    a good a reason as any for my madness, how
    do you mean what do I mean about the madness
    bit? Well the chocolates are always in reach as
    pilot so I will have to figure out where I can hide
    them before they all get scoffed 😦 Joking aside
    now Icy I love this posting and your background
    change also, wow have you been busy since I
    was last here. I will be calling in again for a much
    better nosey on my next pass, and until then I
    am leaving you a large crate of Champagne and
    some exquisitely chosen chocolate goodies 🙂

    Have a fangtastic weekend Icywolfy 😉 🙂

    Andro (the usual Captain for space trips) xxx

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  13. Wish you a long fine and wonderful weekend ..
    lots of hugs Nicki

  14. I can see you have been busy with your experimental work Wolfie.. and judging by your aura I can see you have been extracting some energy of the planets to illuminate your ‘outer-space’.. Did you know your aura can reach out many metres in all directions? Yes of course you do.. But did you know Mars gives you that luminescent glow that when you are next within the Earth Moon light you light up like a Moon-Beam!.. Just letting you know in case you go Moon Walking on those HOWL nights my friend.. 🙂

    Hope your paw is now all mended.. Sending Lots of Hooooooowwwwwllllls your way my good friend.. I hope Summer has been good to you.. Love and Hugs.. Sue ❤ xxx

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