Smashing the Final Planetary Frontier!   31 comments

It’s Pluto Time!

New Horizons_Desert Fantasy_New Horizonns7A

Seen from Pluto the Sun would be no more than a very bright star, the large yellow disc of Earth skies would be a distant memory in the mind of the intergalactic tourist. The light Pluto receives from the Sun is a thousand times dimmer than that enjoyed on Earth and although Pluto does have a thin atmosphere, which scatters the little sunlight it receives, the bright skies of Earth will never be seen on Pluto.

Weather and atmospheric conditions can also affect the amount of sunlight received by Pluto although at this point little is known about these matters. What is known however, is that Pluto’s day lasts approximately 153 hours. Combine this with long seasons and a long axial tilt parts of Pluto can remain sunlit for four years at a time!

So what can the intrepid intergalactic tourist actually do on Pluto? Lying on a sun-soaked Plutonian beach catching a fantastic suntan certainly is not on the agenda! Reading a good book, for example, “The Interspatial Tourist Guide Galactica” would be a great starting point – once the eyes have adjusted to Pluto light.

Alternatively it is perfectly possible to take brilliantly clear pictures of the Plutonian planetscape for the photographic enthusiast. For the avid WordPress blogger this would make for great blog material! Be sure to use a long exposure or a wider aperture to collect as much light as possible and better still take a few tips from the New Horizons probe!


Pluto Time is a moment on Earth when the light conditions at sunrise and sunset matches sunlight at high noon on Pluto.

It’s always Pluto Time somewhere on our planet.

Next Pluto timeFind your personal Pluto Time visiting by NASA’s “Pluto Time” website and entering your location into the NASA web tool.

Pluto Time generates the next exact available time from any location in the world when you can go outside and discover what it would be like to actually be on Pluto experiencing the midday Plutonian light conditions . (Everyone has two chances each day, around dusk and dawn.)

NASA is also encouraging users of the tool to take photos during their local Pluto Time and share the images via Twitter with the hashtag #PlutoTime.

Pluto from Charon_thetimes3Charon, the largest of the 5 known moons of Pluto looms large in the Plutonian sky. It is actually bigger than Pluto and the two worlds both orbit each other – like a double planet. Charon is tidally locked to Pluto and therefore can only be seen from one side of the planet. On that side Charon would, on occasion, shine very brightly in the Plutonian skies. This is a similar effect to that of Earth and The Moon where we see only the bright side of the Moon but never the dark, far-side.

It turns out that we were compluto-lolcatpletely wrong about the colour we always believed Pluto to be which was shades of steely blue or grey.

Recent images sent back by New Horizons show that it is in fact a sandy reddish colour.

Competition for Mars the traditional red planet! However Mars should probably not be too worried now that it is sporting unexpected blue sunsets and green-blue auroras to set it apart from the competition.

Not to be outdone by Mars with its latest batch of tourist-attracting features, images from New Horizons also show that Pluto has a huge heart shape slicing intpluto with square close up highlighted o the surface of what is not far short of fifty percent of its side. Just for good measure the images also show that there is a whale on Pluto! Otherwise known as an expansive shadowy area at the base going by the nick-name of “the whale”.


Despite Pluto being undeniably similar in colour to Mars, the reasons for this colouration are worlds apart. Mars’s rich red hues are a result of the iron oxide or rust which colours the planet’s rocks and soil. Whereas in Pluto’s case its colour seems to owe itself to the interaction between the Plutonian sunlight and hydrocarbon molecules. According to NASA, “The reddish colour is likely caused by hydrocarbon molecules that are formed when cosmic rays and solar ultraviolet light interact with methane in Pluto’s atmosphere and on its surface.”

Sources: (Tech.mic)

31 responses to “Smashing the Final Planetary Frontier!

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  1. Interesting times Wolfie, unfortunately [or not] we will never see these wonders in our lifetime, anyhow, I don’t think we should be shining light on magic.., let it be to always wonder at ,Plus, we’ve made a big enough mess of this planet without carrying on our destructive ways to others, keep well. xx Arlene

    • Hi Arlene, we have always looked up at the skies in wonder…I don’t think that will ever change 🙂 Shining a small light on these distant worlds that until now we have only been able to dream and speculate about, will perhaps also help us to appreciate the abundance of life and beauty on our own world 😉 Wolfie hugs xx

  2. Wolfie,


    Nice… good summarization, with some cool widgety stuff…

    I’m stealing another image…

    Have fun exploring Pluto….


    • I’m loving the exploring of Pluto Dubious one! Awesome! It took far longer than it should have done to get it posted but I’ve already rattled on about this seemingly decrepit body!! Always pleased to know you’re stealing images 😉 lol 😀 I’m running round on catch up so I should be back to pay you due attention soon 😉 The world seems to be conspiring to keep me off the internet at the moment so it’s all annoyingly spasmodic lol 🙂 Wolfie hugs to you ;}

  3. Fascinating & Wolfie looks right at home on Pluto!

  4. I’m going to check out Pluto Time this evening.
    Have you been digging up the liver cake without me?

    • Welll…erm…hmm!!! Not exactly lol…more like checking out the terrain…to find the best spots to dig…of course a little dig or two might have been necessary…just to test the quality you know?!! Hope you enjoyed your Pluto time!

  5. Hi Wolfie.. sorry I am late arriving at Pluto.. it’s the hours in the day.. Just seems to go on and on… 153 hours in a day don’t you know makes time travelling very inviting.
    Its good to know Nasa get things wrong sometimes.. and the colour was just a tad shade off! the spectrum of light goes 🙂 ,, Maybe with the 5 moons you get Moon-burn instead of Sun-burn Wolfie so that sunscreen may come in handy.. And the sunglasses may be needed for the moon-glare..

    I just loved the graphics you created Wolfie.. definitely a wonderful world to explore with your sure footed paws..

    Sending you lots of hugs.. Seems Summer now fizzled out.. but the rain is welcome for the parched allotments.. 🙂 and will save my arms aching from carrying the watering cans back and forth..

    Love and Hugs ❤ xxx Sue xxx

    • Yes! lol…definitely no problems with not enough hours in a day but mobile internet failed me that far out! At such freezing cold icy temperatures even the 5 moons are probably safe from causing moon burn…but snow blindness is always a possibility! with all that ice!
      I hope your allotment is bearing up under the strain….hopefully the refreshing downpours it has likely received will be giving it a whole new lease of life! Wolfie hugs 🙂 xx

  6. It was exciting news to read about the NASA probe and see the photos (like yours) of Pluto. I for one, can never exclude it from our planetary system or astrology. Another great story here with loads of useful information.

    • Hi Eddie 🙂 Just tracked down one of your posts so should be along in due course 🙂 I’m so glad you share my thoughts on Pluto – it will always be part of our planetary system no matter what certain deluded individuals like to tell us! It’s been treated like an underdog for far too long and now is it’s time to shine in all its glory! Like a rising Phoenix! You’ll always be a planet to me Pluto!! 🙂

  7. With those 153 hours, Icewolf, there’d be plenty of time to get things done! No rushing for anything! Ahh… the life. I think I need to go!

    • I’m sure the Mansion would find some way to work around that point and ensure you still didn’t have enough hours in a day! lol 😉

      • I’ve created a new blog, Icewolf, called Splodge and Splatter. Rather random, I know, and I’ll explain the reason for that name as time goes by, but the main focus on this new blog is my creative side, mostly for words and pictures… it also won’t be used as often as my main blog, but as and when. I’ve posted my first post, which has been inspired by the Icewolves of Europa ( Obviously, I can remove the post if you so wish, please let me know. I’m actually trying out adapting photos, and using them for inspiration for writing… and in this case your recent comment on my blog prompted me to do something to have a go at reigniting your confidence as well. I hope it gives you a boost, and you’re free to take the text and images and use them however you like (if you feel compelled to, that is!) ;). Anyhoo, must dash. Need to kick start my inspiration for my day blog now… let me know what you think!

      • No! Don’t you dare remove that post!! I’ve just come back from your new blog and your first post is awesome! You’ve done a fantastic job with your photos too and I can feel some serious pinching of pics and text coming on rather rapidly lol with links and credits and everything to your blog of course 🙂 I’d love to start by reblogging it if you were happy for me to do that … and I’ve already shared it on twitter so you can’t remove it now! You’d disappoint all my followers! You have given me a fantastic boost and your generosity of spirit and your thoughtfulness are very humbling for an Icewolf 🙂 You remind me of what is most important in blogging world at the end of the day….friends with a heart 🙂

      • OK, then, the post will stay where it is! 😀 And of course you can reblog it… you can use it however you like. At the end of the day, we blog to reach out and connect with others, so it makes sense to share and help wherever we can as well. Thanks for sharing on Twitter also!

      • Excellent! And I have a few ideas cooking as to other options for it too 😉 Just been a little distracted this weekend as one of the sockets in my room came within a hairs breadth of setting on fire last night, and most of today’s been taken up with re-wiring, dismantling and replacing burnt out sockets!

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  9. Liebe Grüße schöner Text und Fotos Grüße dich Herzlich und Umarmung Gislinde

  10. You will be pleased to know Wolfie.. Today I managed to finish the furniture painting outdoors.. It had to be put on hold the other day because of all the showers, well let me rephrase that.. Downpours :-).. And looking Good, I even managed to prune some bushes too.. 🙂 Arms ok today it will be tomorrow they will let me know. Hope all is well in Wolfie world xxx Hugs Sue ❤

    • Oh well done Sue! Outdoor furniture painting in these unpredictable conditions is no mean feat! I hope your arms survived the pruning and that you didn’t over-do it…I know what people can be like when they get out in their gardens! And allotments for that matter 😉 xx

  11. Hello Wolfie,
    I found you at the dinosaur party over at rarasaur. I am an astrologer and and a Scorpio so Pluto matters ( get it ) and I loved viewing the photos. When it comes to intensity or planetworthiness, size does not matter!

    Cool to meet you, litebeing

    • HooOOOOOWWWwwwwLLLLLLoooooo litebeing! Let’s party! Yes 😉 Pluto definitely does matter 😀 We should have a flyby party alongside the dinosaur party! It’s great to meet you and I totally agree….size does not matter in the least lol…Pluto would make a great dinosaur 😉 Little rejected underdog world rises from the ashes like the beautiful planetworthy phoenix that it is! Bring on the dino-flyby party!! 😀

      • HooOOOWWLLLLooo Wolfie! I dig your spirit. C’mon over and visit me at my place sometime and we will keep the party going 🙂

      • I will!…..HooooOOOOOOoWWWWLLLLLLLL! I will!!!! You are top of my visiting list and I meant to call in yesterday…but you know what these dino’ parties are like! And as to answering comments whilst at a dinosaur-flyby party lol well…you know! Being a tiny winsey…BIG bit intoxicated on Dino-party juice lol it does tend to blur the line between comments and….dinosoaurs!!! See you in 5! 😉

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