The Mansionoid Meteorite Showers   16 comments



Shooting stars! Careering across a clear night sky. Eyes to the skies Europa savoured eagerly the curious stillness of a new moon night enjoying unparalleled views of the darkened skies where the meteors streaming across the galactic bands lit up the sky in bright showers. Magical moments full of mystery she noted knowingly, glancing at the Ice wolf watching intently at her side. For a brief, pulsing moment imagewoman and wolf seemed to shift and merge into one sleek lupine body, glowing silvery-white in the meteorite bursts, and interlaced with silver moon strands, caught in the lunar thrill, scenting the magic of the night shooting stars. Faint, musical auroras danced across the night sky line playing over the telescope Europa was setting up in the darkened region fronting the brightly lit space dog training centre.

Stars in the void

Beyond the late summer skies, far above the atmosphere, the song of the stars echoing gently in the void that was the outer limits. In the velvet blackness of interstellar space that surrounded the Space Dog Training World tiny moons dwarfed by the mother world’s size and luminousity glittered silently in the winking void, tiny space ships moving steadily closer through the silent darkness. Europa stepped away from the telescope and gazed suddenly skywards captured and enthralled by the startling rise of the new moon on a cool alien world.

Soft summer-night moon-wind lifting Icewolf’s silvered coat, dancing with elfin light touch through moon-lit whiskers, tickling her senses witEuropa's Icewolf h a new moon night-time perception. An eagerness to step up into the alienness that drifted on the x-ray beams. Something was different here today…a resonating sense of power emanating, touching the edges of her mind urgently, trying to communicate…a message from the stars…. a shift of energies causing a potential breach. The sounds of the night a haunting interstellar music that stirred distant memories and Icewolf hazed into the past and the future, a thousand worlds away.

Something glinted…beckoned – in the flare of fire-tipped shooting stars…partially camouflaged under the cover of the night. An irregularly-shaped alien object… Europa had never noticed it before but she was drawn to investigate… an artefact… maybe some tracking device…Flashes of shooting star light danced playfully seeming to demand her attention. It resembled a sheet metal scroll. Hieroglyphics? She wondered catching sight of strange unreadable symbols …certainly no language she had ever seen before…Matrixed messages from the stars!


Meteorites across

Zoom! Sizzle! Tom leapt for cover as the first of the meteor storm raced unapologetically through the atmosphere and across the clear New Moon skies of The Grinds in a flash and a fire. Hot burning sizzle reminiscent of a particularly busy and excitable barbecue. Tom shook his head trying to clear his vision, worryingly exposed to the elements, he thought wryly pushing what was proving to be wild and thoroughly out of control hair aside thoroughly annoying his inner hair stylist in the process, to take a wary and suspicious sideways look at the skies above him. The thrills and spills of being in a multi-dimensional mansion during a meteor storm!


Tom was a little surprised to note that the meteorites seemed to consist of miniature glowing keys to the gates of hell located deep in the basement and that the new moon was morphing in shape between the jar that had contained the currently missing key and a misshapen container of his hair gelthe one that he had lost in an experiment in the bathroom…a sudden chemical stench flashed by and his inner astronomer was quick to recognise a new wave of meteorites to be burning blobs of gloopy hair gel…. This struck Tom as a little strange but as Thomasina was quick to remind him that it was just a girl’s thing…

He gave momentary consideration as to whether this also applied to the sudden appearance of an alarmingly large and active vortex swirling towards the mansion at speed. He decided at roughly the same frightening speed the vortex was approaching at, that it probably didn’t and slammed the window shut in the hope that it would change its mind and go away…it didn’t….!! Surprised smile

TO BE CONTINUED…..Be right back

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  1. You can read more about Tom’s multi dimensional Mansion and “The Grinds” at his fantastic blog “Beyond the Sphere” – 🙂

  2. Infinite and unfathomable our Universe!Your work gives it an extra dimension 🙂

  3. Have you been watch too much US politics lately? Just wondered. anyways, this is a very interesting tail of adventure, in and out of space.

    • Watch US politics? !! Me?!! Never Eddie! Not me 😉 lol As if! … well. ..maybe. ..just a tinsy winsy tiny little bit every now and again lol;) This is a rather tail in cheek adventure but hopefully it will have a degree of appeal at least to those who can figure out what on earth I’m going on about! lol 🙂

  4. Fabulous, Icewolf! I need more.
    I wonder if I managed to escape this latest vortex??? I seem to be passing through them almost every day of late in this Mansion of mine!
    At first, I thought you were writing about the Moon Europa, but I soon realised that I was barking up the wrong tree, and it was the person… then everything made more sense! Thomasina has asked me to thank you for the mention – she doesn’t tend to get out much… but we’ll not mention the hair, unavoidable though it is. Even my Inner Hair Stylist is cringing. I may have a view from one of the windows of the meteorites… I’ll have a look see.
    And thank you from me for the mention also… it’s always good to be a feature character I find!

    • Very relieved that you approve Tom! You might have a a bit of a rough ride in this vortex lol and I did feel Thomasina should get out more 😉 I’d be interested to see the view from one of your windows if you find one…I hunted around for an equivalent to use but had no joy! But you do have some fantastic views from them!

  5. Pingback: View from the window: Meteorites! | Beyond the Sphere

  6. Loved this story with Tom as the Hero Wolfie.. Very descriptivism and Loved the Hair Gel reference, as Tom often has shown us his bad hair days LOL.. Loved it.. 🙂 xxx Big Hooooooowwwwwwwwlllllllsssssss

  7. Oh NO! It could be the end of the world ! … or not. The question is – is this then or now (give or take a few millennium) or set in an alternative dimension ( ie not the 11th – here) See I’ve got an idea or two about what’s going on. OOoo looking forward to the plot development and good smattering of words to look up .

    • Oops! Your comment has been dimension hopping lol it’s just turned up in this one…been around a bit by the looks of it…covered in cosmic dust and starting to curl round the edges lol 😉 Lucky it showed up now or it might have finished the tale of the Mansionid Meteorite Showers for me! As to your question. an alternative dimension. …It’s. ….. 😉

  8. I hope that window that Tom closed is a strong one! He’s in a tricky situation!

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