Inexorable–Stealing Away the Last of the Sunlight   19 comments

Inexorable – Stealing Away the Last of the Sunlight

Monochrome Moon Wolves


Monochrome Moon WolvesSpacePort Eclipse Wolves

Monochrome moon wolves! A subtle, relentless shadow crept across the face of an alien sun sending a soft, fiery glow sliding across the abandoned landing unit tips where only the moon wolves resided and the wild vegetation flourished growing rapidly in the cracks and crevices of the deserted buildings, long since abandoned by their alien civilizations. The abandoned shuttle port and its overgrown, unused space crafts roamed only by the Wolves_Abandoned SpacePort glowing moon wolves sliding subtly amongst the empty shells, food in plentiful supply around the crumbling, rusted hulls and skeleton cruisers.



Inexorably the eclipse light silenced them, cooling the air as the light faded into eerie, unnatural night, changing the atmosphere into something apocalyptic and alien to the moon wolves drawn back to the higher ground on the rooftop. Gradually stealing away the last of the sunlight till only the corona remained – a glowing fire burning flames and solar flares bursting across the darkened skies… The moon wolves watched with heads thrown high to the solar winds as darkness descended and the world feel silent. The eerie howl of the wolf song echoed on… and on through the monochrome eclipse light.

Wolves_Abandoned Rooftops

Eclipse Light WolvesInexorable_Spaceport Eclipse Wolves

Inexorable_Stealing Away the Last of the Sunlight

19 responses to “Inexorable–Stealing Away the Last of the Sunlight

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  1. Wonderful descriptive writing dear Wolfie and the way this world is heading.. the Wolves may well be the only ones roaming beneath the skyscrapers 🙂 😉

    Wishing you a wonderful Howwwwling weekend.. We have Sun forecast.. 🙂 so Happy weekend to you my friend.. And good to have caught your post.. I have been sat in this reader for 4 hours catching up.. 🙂 and will be heading for the stars my self shortly.. 🙂 Sweet Dreams.. xxx Love and Hugs Sue ❤

    • I rather wonder if there will be any skyscrapers left by the time we’ve finished bombing everything! I trust you have survived your marathon in the reader! I hope now you can enjoy some of this weekend’s glorious sunshine 🙂 No eclipses!! 😉 xx

      • Yes I have been out while ever the Sun is out.. 🙂 and enjoying this Autumn sunshine is a bonus. And yes the skyline may well be different in the future.. Maybe we will all be living under Domes?… Sending love your way x

      • I hope not Sue…days like this remind us of the joys of being outdoors and connecting more fully with the beauty which we frequently lose sight of in our world and the nature around us! I too like yourself have been enjoying the Autumn sunshine and am just off back out to catch the late afternoon bit before night time sweeps inexorably in…lol 😉 Enjoy the rest of the sunshine and the beauty of the nature in your part of the galaxy; ) 😀 Wolfie hugs xx

  2. An incredibly fantastic description of potential future life sent chills an thrills through my still remaining human tread.
    enjoy the beautiful life on Earth you may find, Eddie

    • It sent shivers down my spine to know that I’d actually created a blog post under 500 words!! lol lol 😉 Being well renowned for lengthy and probably far too much in depth posts for the average human being lol this is quite an achievement! Thank you for your lovely, kind words and I hope you have a wonderful weekend in the last of the summer sun 🙂

  3. Hej Wolfie..
    Härliga bilder du har här 🙂
    Tack för alla dina kommentarer hos mig blir alltid lika glad när jag ser dina tassavtryck hos mig 🙂
    Önskar dig en härlig vecka massor av kramar från Nicki

  4. Very descriptive, Icewolf… phantom-like wolves illuminated by a golden glow of another sunset… which hopefully isn’t the last…

  5. The silver light of the moon…. HowWowwwwl!

  6. Hello
    I wish you a nice weekend!

  7. Dropping in to wish you a great weekend Wolfie.. after the foggy start it looks like the Sun will shine.. Love and Hugs to you my friend xxx ❤ Sue

    • Was down with kennel cough all weekend but recovered enough to be loving the autumn sunshine and the gorgeous autumn golds and russet of the trees 🙂 Have a great week Sue xx

      • That is really good to know Wolfie.. Keep warm and healthy, and we were out walking Sunday, up at Ladybower reservoir . it was a chilly start but lovely when the sun came out 🙂 Big hugs xxx Sue x

  8. Wishing you sunshine and gentle winds. Hugs, Barbara

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