The Mansionoid Meteorite Showers (2)   31 comments

The Mansionoid Meteorite Showers (2)

“He (Tom) gave momentary consideration as to whether this also applied to the sudden appearance of an alarmingly large and active vortex swirling towards the mansion at speed. He decided at roughly the same frightening speed the vortex was approaching at, that it probably didn’t and slammed the window shut in the hope that it would change its mind and go away…it didn’t….!! Surprised smile

(The Mansionoid Meteorite Showers (1) )


View from Pluto's Sputnik Planum by Ron Miller

Far away, in an entirely different dimension, Clowie was watching the meteorites from the small, frozen world of Pluto. Whilst enjoying the obvious benefits of being a strapping young Pyrenean Mountain dog, well-adapted to Pluto’s -230 degrees C surface temperature and cheerfully weighing up the odds on there being a subsurface ocean hiding beneath the methane ice, she was none the less delighted to see a warming bunch of burning mini liver cakes flying through the thin atmosphereSmile Liver Cakeoids!

She was easily distracted when Liver cake became involved in the equation… and flying high over Pluto’s icy plains and mountains in pursuit of the delicious mini Liver Cakeoids hurtling through the sky sounded tremendously appealing. Of course Pluto being as red as a particularly large liver cake it was perfectly natural that she was standing here in the middle of Sputnik Planum eyeing up Liver Cakeoids….that had been a result of Icewolf suggesting they pool sniffing powers and track down the best liver cake Pluto had to offer…

“There’s something very different about Plutonian geology – John Spencer Nasa researcher  Winking smile

Icewolf soaking up the Plutonian atmosphereWhen Icewolf wasn’t skiving that was…She was good at that! Something to do with soaking up the Plutonian atmosphere she had said…try Sputnik Planum she’d said. The pointed shaking of dusty white paws had, presumably been intended to convey the impression of a diligently digging Icewolf taking a break after hours of hard labour on the plains of Pluto… But Clowie was no dog’s fool and the large lump of liver cake stuck in Icewolf’s whiskers, told a rather different story. Winking smile Never the less here she was on Sputnik Planum!

Sputnik Planum - NASA

Her bipeds hadn’t been overly impressed about this unplanned turn of events, especially since Clowie had taken off at some considerable speed to reach her destination. Liver cake in the sky of Pluto and listening to the bipeds didn’t quite go paw in paw, so she hadn’t. At least not until she realised the screaming and shouting from her bipeds actually translated into, “Clowie!!! Chicken!!!!” Smile Skidding to an abrupt halt with scant regard for the pile of dazed bipeds tangled up in the leash behind her, she gazed into the Plutonian sky with rapt attention viewing a second Liver Cakeoid burst, which in turn drew her attention to the vortex whirling towards them apparently powered by swirling chicken feet. Clowie drooled delightedly, tongue lolling hungrily.


Not quite a hungry Pyrenean Mtn Dog but close!


Her eyes widened still further as she spotted a tiny Mansion hovering on the very far side of the vortex….Tom’s Mansion?? On a collision course with the the Liver Cakeoid meteorite shower….Splodge and Splatter! Liver cake everywhere! She wondered vaguely if there was anywhere in Tom’s Mansion to cook Liver Cakeoids…Winking smile


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31 responses to “The Mansionoid Meteorite Showers (2)

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  1. What a wonderfully creative world!

  2. Flying liver cake! What a wonderful place to be, Wolfie!
    I have to admit that I’m feeling a little full – a nap might be in order.
    I hope Tom’s Mansion is strong enough to survive the collision.

  3. This is a worrying turn of events, Icewolf. I’m not sure if the Mansion is Liver Cakeoid proof. It can handle vortices to a certain extent, but that AND Liver Cakeoids… Eek! Hopefully, Clowie and yourself can find a way out for all of us from this terrifying predicament… it appears the Mansion isn’t cooperating. Double Eek!

    • Oooohhh no Tom! Everybody’s fate depends on you and your Mansion! I’m just setting the scene…Clowie ‘ s liable to dig us all into an even bigger pickle because she does like to explore…especially in the direction of liver cakeoids. ..and if you haven’t shut that windows properly…and you haven’t tracked down those missing inner personas yet…and with Halloween at the Mansion approaching nearly ad fast as the vortex. .. 😉 Best of luck Tom!!!

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  5. Loved this exciting tale of two 🙂 And I hope that Plutonian atmosphere isn’t the reason dear Wolfie you have been getting kennel Cough lately! 🙂 xx Sending you over an Alien from Splodge and Splatter with some Liver Cakeoid , that should do the trick..
    🙂 Love and Hugs and look forward to the next part xxx

  6. Liebe Grüße und einen schönen Sonntag wünsche ich dir schöner Beitrag wie immer lieber Gruß an dich und Umarmung Gislinde

  7. Sounds your heroes have their hands full. (maybe you do too?)

    • Yes I do actually Eddie! Funny you should turn up here – I’ve just been haring through the reader trying to find everyone and it seems there’s a fair few of your posts awaiting attention! Probably a fair few more I haven’t tracked down yet too 😉 This problem will be rectified soon – supposedly tonight but I’ve just seen the time (23:22) and I haven’t had dinner yet lol so probably not tonight! I’m up to my Wolfie eyeballs in Animal Care courses and Canine Pyschology courses…taken on far more than I can handle too. Now I’m taking time out to get back to what I love…wordpress! See you soon 🙂

  8. Hej Wolfie..
    tack för dina fina och spännande blogginlägg 🙂
    Önskar dig nu en fin lång och underbar helg.. Kram Nicki

  9. Hello
    Thanks for your kind visit my blog. Best regards and have a nice weekend.

  10. Happy Halloween my friend..
    Hugs kisses // Nicki

  11. Önskar dig en fin helg..
    Kram Nicki

  12. Have a great weekend Wolfie..
    Hugs kisses // Nicki

  13. It’s a good thing your wolves can adapt so well to the ever changing landscapes and climates! 😀

  14. Hello
    I wish you a good weekend.

  15. Thank you dear Wolfie, for your most welcome visit my dear friend.. I hope your own paws are not too damp and you are feeling bright and well my friend.. Big hugs your way. Love Sue xxx

  16. Hello
    Thank you for your good wishes, also wish you a Merry Christmas

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