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Return to the Catacombs Be right back

(Disused Eurostar Terminal at London Waterloo Railway Station)


Having tunnelled into the catacombs back in August in the vain hope of sneaking a peep at the disused Eurostar station at London Waterloo, ever hopeful Wolfie returned in September….it wasn’t exactly successful lol Winking smile but possibly a slight improvement on the first attempt. No joy getting permission to tour it or sneaking in through the back door either but probably the best that can be hoped for given the current state of affairs on the global terrorist scale, pretty much guaranteeing Wolfie will be arrested instantly the moment she makes any official request to get inside!

London Waterloo StationLondon Waterloo Station2

London Waterloo is a big, busy railway station and perhaps as a consequence nobody seemed worried about a thrill-seeking Wolfie padding around sniffing hopefully around the decidedly inaccessible Eurostar bit of it doing her poor best to enjoy a little covert photo shooting!

They really didn't want to let me in the disused Eurostar Terminal!!Turns out this time it wasn’t quite so boarded up….the somewhat imposing all-consuming gates blocking the way in were seriously frustrating but where there’s a Wolfie will there’s a Wolfie way…of sorts….Smile


So near yet so far!! The Wolfie paw wouldn’t stretch very far but the trusty mobile phone camera proved a handy little chappie for doing what Wolfie’s paw on it’s own couldn’t….





Sneaking a peep inside the Eurostar Terminal through the eye of the mobile camera lens!Sneaking a peep inside the Eurostar Terminal through the eye of the mobile camera lens!2Sneaking a peep inside the Eurostar Terminal through the eye of the mobile camera lens!3

Thought about sending it in on it’s own to go touring for me…it’s only small…nobody would notice a little bouncy mobile phone toddling around the disused Eurostar section on a private, unauthorised photo shoot on Wolfie’s behalf would they? Well…maybe not…

Just a litttle look inside? Pretty please Transport for London!!Just a litttle look inside? Pretty please Transport for London!!2

Not wishing to look too suspicious Wolfie decided to look away…at something else…

…..distract the racing mind from it’s various wicked ideas about gaining entry… best wander away and have a look outside perhaps…

Where to look when trying not to look too interested in the Eurostar Terminal!Outside entrance to Waterloo Station heading for South Bank

It didn’t really work!  Thumbs down

Let me in! Let me in! Let me in!!!! _ Eurostar entrance

Wolfie just got braver and embarked on some covert..or not lol scouting and photo shooting whilst debating whether it was likely to attract the kind of attention from the station staff that might get me where I really wanted to be…

International Terminal sign hangs silent above the boarded off Eurostar Terminal waiting for it's visitors to return...Hints of what lies beyond and out of reach....the view through the way too high to see much, Eurostar Terminal window!

The annoyingly inaccessible Eurostar entrance!

That didn’t work either! Angel

Best go round the side and have a look outside… Thumbs up

Disused Eurostar Terminal Roof

Outside London WaterlooHouses of Parliament across the Thames River

Better still…go for a walk! Shake off the apocalyptic cravings! Have a think about what to do next…maybe there’d be a naughty entrance Wolfie hadn’t spotted so far…

To be continued…..

 Winking smile

22 responses to “Return to the Catacombs

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  1. Very covert, Icewolf! I’m impressed.
    It seems a shame and a waste of glorious space, to me. I mean you have all those hundreds of people crammed into the first two photos, and there’s all that space going spare in the others. It also strikes me odd that the outside gives no indication of how the inside looks.

    • I was impressed too! Even more so if I’d actually succeeded in sneaking a covert tour without getting caught! Yes…well…it may not be such a good idea to send them links to these posts in the hope of persuading them that they’d like to give me an authorised tour, given these comments I’m responding with!!! Ooops! Ah well hopefully they’d have a sense of humour if I did! Those hundreds of people have another 21 platforms to play with plus a bunch of other ones over the bridge in Waterloo East….but I think the commuters would welcome the extra space for more trains if not concourse space for people 🙂 Anyway Tom! We won’t know exactly how much space might be going spare until Icewolf gets to have a visit inside to check out the apocalyptic realms that lie within will we?! 😉

  2. Wolfie is, perhaps, a bit TOO curious for her own good; good thing she followed her instincts to not go into danger… But, gigoid has a suggestion….

    Go to the station administration at Waterloo, & try to find a person to explain what you want to do. Show them this post, and suggest you would be amenable to being escorted through to take some pictures, to write an article on the station…. Make it sound like the article may be good for their public image, as you want to write a historical piece showing the important place the station,and, therefore, the people who work there, has assumed to the welfare of the country/city/society….

    Maybe they’ll let you in with an escort…. I know, not as much fun as sneaking in, but, way less chance of a visit from the British Secret Service folks….

    Nice photos….

    gigoid, the dubious

    • It wasn’t so much following my instincts lol as much as not currently succeeding in finding the magic back door to get in through for a covert scout behind the scenes! … That’ll land me in hot water if anyone from Transport for London happens upon this comment 😉 lol…”Hey TFL! Keep this within it’s context! No need to send out the storm troopers! Of course it would be a lot easier if you’d just give me a little guided tour 😉 ”
      Of course, Dubious one you are full of smart ideas that I should follow up…but I can’t help but think that instead of a nice welcoming response from TFL staff I’m more likely to have the above mentioned British Secret Service folks kicking my door down on the completely wrong assumption that I am indeed up to some terrible and despicable crime against humanity!!! Very unfair if you ask wolfie…which you didn’t but hey! What’s a few unasked questions between friends? 😉 lol…I will think carefully about this over the Christmas festivities…maybe if I send them a mince pie and a glass of mulled wine they might be more inclined to consider my plea 🙂 Still…you’re right! Nowhere near as much fun as sneaking in!!!! OoooooPsy! Naughty Wolfie! 🙂

      • These days, part of the issue is, it’s probably guarded by cameras and motion sensors inside; as soon as anyone enters, they know and can track them. Simple with today’s tech…. So, best not to sneak such places…..

        I also get it about asking at all; they’re pretty paranoid, and don’t like to be reminded of it…..

        I’m sure there’s another way to sublimate the urge to explore forbidden places; I just don’t know what it might be…


        Good luck, & be careful; I’d hate to read anything about anybody getting wasted trying to blow up London…. which is how they’d cover their stupidity…


        Blessed be, Wolfie…


      • All I can say is that it’s easier to visit Chernobyl/Pripyat than it is getting access to this ex-Eurostar terminal!!! 😉

      • Dear Wolfie,

        Well, I’d have to say, going to Chernobyl might not be a good idea, unless you already own a hazmat suit rated for high radiation, or, don’t want to have children, or live long, anyway.


        That said, I suggest finding an old abandoned abbey, or ruins; England’s pretty small, and has been building on top of old stuff for a LONG time; from what I read, there’s all kinds of old stuff still to be found…. If naught else, it will get you out of the city for a while, into the country air….


        Blessed Be, Lupine One….

        gigoid, the dubious


  3. Wonderfully presented,I love this busy and complex station,I also feel safer now after reading your post.Looking forward to your next sneaky or not entry:)

    • I suspect the only entry I’m likely to be getting is via a very sneaky back door entry 🙂 But try finding one! If only Transport for London weren’t so…protective… of their disused Eurostar section! I’m a very nice little Wolfie really lol and they really shouldn’t object to a little friendly show – casing of this potentially juicily apocalyptic atmosphered blogging gem! lol 😉 It could lead to all kinds of fascinating posts given a chance! Never mind. ..for now I will continue to stare longingly through the bars whilst working on how to get round those delightful people at TFL 😉

  4. I gladly tweeted it away;thank you!

  5. Thank you for NOT sneaking around. I didn’t want to send my good wishes via Hollaway.

    • Lol 😉 I never said anything about giving up! lol…Just taking a breather whilst I work on Plan B!! I’m quite sure that with enough ingenuity there will be a way to wolf my way around this little headache 🙂 lol 😀

  6. Well you can have a ten out of ten for effort dear Wolfie.. and I loved the lively photo’s too of the busy station… Yes I would creep more carefully with your lovely white paws dear Wolfie… Just heard on the radio that the police may be given special measures to hold guns in light of the world situations.. So do watch that waggie tail of yours 😉 ❤

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