The Mansionoid Meteorite Showers (3)   17 comments


The Mansionoid meteorite Showers(3)

New Horizons_Image Credit: Google ImagesCindy, the intrepid traveller and highly skilled, photographer was hitching a ride aboard NASA’s New Horizons probe, busy capturing extraordinary images of Pluto and beyond for NASA although she didn’t actually realise that this was the case, and was instead happily engrossed with preparing a series of exotic intergalactic blog posts for her WordPress blog!

She couldn’t help but notice that The Holler appeared to be accompanying her… a strange phenomenon she noted absently, smiling as she added a caption to her latest photo, but presumably nothing to be overly concerned about – after all NASA knew what they were doing…didn’t they?


Black Hole_ Image Credit: Google Images










She was a little surprised the next time she pointed the camera lens into the depths of intergalactic space to be confronted with the extraordinary sight of the Cameraoid meteorite shower and a very large black hole swirling towards her…great photography! She thought unfazed by the situation.

With the natural expertise of a born-photographer she aligned the complex photographic apparel of the New Horizon’s probe with the fast-approaching vortex and took a closer look at the tiny speck of starlight twinkling away cheerfully in the distant heart of it… Tom’s Mansion!! Cindy was delighted to find such a photographic gem availing her vision and further magnification proved the “starlight” to be the lights from the the Cameraoid meteorite shower glinting and sparkling off the bright new windows the Mansion had recently fitted for itself without Tom’s knowledge… and it was snowing! How wonderful! Cindy beamed to herself, admiring the architectural enhancements highlighted by glittering snow flakes against the backdrop of galactic space…it all looked rather warped however, she noted frowning slightly…must be something to do with the effects of the temporal shift occurring within the vortex New Horizons reported after completing a tentative probe into the subject. She should probably check out his blog page…he’d probably got a post up about that by now!

Tom most definitely had not posted anything on his blog page! In fact he wasn’t even thinking about it at that point, for a change. Instead he was busy fielding a particularly large and dangerous key that was burning it’s way towards the Mansion which itself seemed to be indulging in some serious shake rattle and roll techniques. He eyed up his reflection in the Mansion’s rather impressive new wiTom's Mansion took many forms! Image Credit: Google Imagesndows, impressed by the level of wildness his hair had reached whilst he dived and rolled in tune with the Mansion’s shake rattle and roll dance moves…possibly the perfect time for a selfie…well…possibly not right now…




A bone rattling shudder rumbled through the Mansion as it’s pace through the vortex – or at least Tom hoped it was travelling through…this would imply there was a way out…hopefully….eventually…. – increased rapidly surpassing the speed of light…the effects of which were…different!

Tom gurgled and somewhere in the part of his brain that was still vaguely rational and not, unlike the rest of him suddenly flattened and distorted like a lump of play-dough accidently trodden on and flattened into…. Curious shapes….warp speed he presumed giving up temporarily on the hope of recapturing normality again anytime soon. Oddly, and presumably as a consequence of having passed light speed and careered cheerfully onto into warp speed Tom’s eyeballs sprouted extraordinarily long stems and popped out of his currently flattened skull to wave around enthusiastically like two magnificent water lilies…there was no shortage of “interesting” things to feast the popped out of the head eyeballs on…..Tom just wasn’t sure whether his brain cells were at this moment working well enough to register what he was seeing….Quite possibly not he decided, taking note of what his inner physicist was working over time to explain to him.

In a concerted effort to prove his inner Physicist wrong the popping eyeballs sprouted a sudden growth burst – distorted reality his inner physicist whispered in his head reassuringly…not, and the view down the telescope that was a prime feature in the Mansion’s official Observatory presented itself to the flattened Tom in dramatic scenes of ….

The Mansion underwent a certain amount of distortion... Image Credit: Google Images


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17 responses to “The Mansionoid Meteorite Showers (3)

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  1. Crikey, Icewolf… at least Cindy was there to photograph the events as they unfurled.
    I have to point out, however, that I’m never entirely sure where my brain cells are to be able to register entirely and properly what I’m seeing, at warp speed or not. I’m flattered at being flattened though – that’s never happened before – but scenes of what? When and how? I need to know more…!
    And I also need to call by Splodge and Splatter again soon… the tumbleweed’s getting out of control over there!
    Thanks for this great installment, Icewolf, and thanks for the mentions again. Can’t wait for the next part!

    • Well you’re doing remarkably well for someone who’s been well and truly flattened at warp speed in a Black hole-vortex!! I have serious concerns regarding the location of your brain cells too! lol At least in terms as to their registering properly ability at times such as this! lol…but they seem to be doing a pretty sound job at this particular point in reality…guess we’ll just have to see how long that happy situation lasts won’t we?!! Ooops! In the meantime looks like a visit to Splodge and Splatter may be in order! 🙂

  2. OMG!!! I am so utterly enjoying this mission. You and Wolfie were right to convince me to go! You know I had some doubts, but theCameraoid meteorite shower, beats the Slovakian Christmas Market hands (or should I say event-horizon) down and you know I’m serious if I give up the Lokse and cookies for NASA freeze-dry. I do feel bad for poor Tom though. I am worried about his brain. Oh well, photographers just document and don’t get involved and he signed on with full awareness of the risks, as did I. Honestly, as long as I have wifi connection out here in outer-outer space, I could stay forever……..the photo ops are just out of this world!!!
    Thank you so much for convincing me to go on this mission and hug wolfie for me. I do wish he had come with me though, just in case I do any landings, and meet any hostile ET’s……..Wolfie would have by back in all 5 0r 6 dimesions.

    • NASA freeze-dry are not at all bad a replacement are they?!! lol 😉 As to Tom I too am worried about his brain…but it does seem to be a surprisingly resiliant one so he will probably make it out the other side half sane! lol 😉 As you say…he did sign on in full awareness of the risks…. 😀 …Silly boy!!!!! 🙂 I’m so glad you’re enjoying your mission…who knows where it will land you up and where it will lead you to…you’ll probably run into Wolfie eventually 🙂 Wolfie’s love dimension hopping and taking on suitably hostile ET’s!

  3. PS- You rock my space socks off!

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  6. Liebe Grüße mein Freund wünsche dir eine gute neue Woche Gruß und Umarmung Gislinde

  7. OO-er ! Will Tom get over his increase in Mass, Which Dimension Has the Wolfie Howls landed, Is a Black hole really that Camera shy … I’ll wait for the next episode …

    • Well Tom certainly has unique survival skills for sure! But the Mansion has a mind of its own by all accounts and loves dimension hopping lol…as to the Black hole…you know what they’re like 🙂

  8. Danke lieber Freund wünsche dir schöne Weihnachten eine große Umarmung Gislinde

  9. Have a nice end to a week and a wonderful fourth Advent ..
    Lots of hugs Nicki

    • Hej Nicki! Slutligen! Nu kan jag be er, är din blogg fortfarande privat? Jag har försökt att besöka flera gånger för att komma ikapp, men dörren är låst! Hoppas att hitta dörren öppen på mitt nästa besök 🙂 Kram Wolfie!

  10. Those popping eye sprouts sound painful… I hope Tom gets to focus his attention where it is needed… and a good thing Cindy was there to take snap shots in ‘Time’ travel…

    Oh and you did an excellent job of clearing up all of that snow Wolfie 🙂 ❤ xxx

  11. I can’t wait to see Cindy’s photos – they’re always amazing!

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