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Brilliant post by Tom on his Splodge and Splatter blog! Perfect supplement to “The Mansionoid Meteorites” so if you’re keen and anxious for your next Mansionoid fix before Wolfie gets a paw out and produces the next part, (altogether now….”Oh yeah Wolfie!! Give it to us now Wolfie!!! Oh yeaaaaah!!!” There you go…such lovely friends on my blog space! lol 😉 ) then this is THE read for you 🙂 Learn much, much more about the scientific….and otherwise lol points about the Vortex and really familiarise yourself with exactly where the Mansion actually is! Awesome images created by Tom to be found here too…a visual delight for the Mansonoid Meteorite fan! Enjoy!! 🙂  (If you’re exceptionally enthusiastic about the Mansionoid Meteorite posts you should also check out this post on Tom’s main blog, “Beyond the Sphere”…… 🙂  )

Splodge and Splatter

For more details relating to this post, please visit Icewolf’s site by clicking HERE. Space exploration, black holes, vortices, meteor showers and …Mansions? are all included. What in space is happening?

Bursts of phosphorus white (which appear green) bubbles burst out from the turbulence of the transformation of the black hole into a vortex. The bubbles are then swallowed back within as the vortex morphs again into a black hole. The energy displacement is immense, creating swathes of sulphur and oxygen-rich clouds which dance rhythmically with all the toing and froing.

At the point of the black hole snapping itself shut, plumes of dust and gas are sent hurtling out into the far reaches of the galaxy. Some of these particles bind together, and as they freeze on their outward journey, they speed away like miniature comets. Where they end up is anyone’s guess.

As the vortex forces itself…

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14 responses to “The Vortex

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  1. These photos are ethereal, especially for splodge and splatter!

  2. Thanks for re-blogging, Icewolf.
    I wonder what else we’re going to ‘learn’ out there? 😉

  3. Now that is what I call a great Vortex, I can see how it must have taken a millennia of years for those gasses to mix and swirl.. Tom I thought I saw your silhouette the other day blast off to the Space Station… I will have to call around the Mansion Wolfie, as it has been a while since I knocked upon Tom’s door.. I hope he is still Earth Bound.. and Splodge and Splatter have not had their way with him in the creative department.. 🙂
    Great that you re-blogged this epic journey..

    Love and Hugs Wolfie,, 🙂 enjoy a relaxing Sunday my friend xx Sue

  4. Hej Wolfie..
    Kul att se dig..
    och visst är lamporna vackra dom syns överallt nu..
    Hoppas du haft en fin helg wolfie och ja jag kan hålla med dig svenska ändelser är många på samma ord och brukar vara svårt för andra att lära sig..
    Du kan säga Jul Jular eller julen eller i julas nästan alla ord har sådana ändelser,, man måste nästan vara svensk för att begripa alla.. Så jag tycker du är så bra på mitt språk wolfie jag tar av mig hatten och bugar och bockar 🙂 Stor kram Nicki

  5. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ..
    Hugs and love from Nicki family ..

  6. Ooh Wolfie! More, more, more! Altogether now – Wolfie, we want more of this tail, oops, I mean tale!

    Have a wonderful time over the holdays and all the best for 2016!

  7. Tolle Bilder und Interessanter Beitrag ich wünsche dir eine gute neue Woche lieber Gruß und Umarmung Gislinde

  8. Happy Holiday and New Year’s hugs to you dear Wolfie. Wishing you all the very best in everything you do!
    Enjoy the peace and love these special days bring and remember you are always in my heart. love, Eddie

  9. My Wish To You Is..
    To Have A Great Beginning Of The Year..
    And More Blessings Throughout..
    And End With Joy..

    Happy New Year..
    Nicki with family..

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