Christmas Full Moon 2015   25 comments


Christmas Full Moon 2015

The rare Christmas Day Full Moon was the first lunar event of its kind to occur in 38 years and the last Full Moon of 2015. Known as the Cold Full Moon due to its early winter occurrence the last Christmas Full Moon to rise in the skies of Earth was in 1977 and according to NASA’s Goddard Centre we will not see another such event until 2034.

For those who completely missed the whole event due to bad weather it looked like this!


Christmas Full Moon, 2015.

Credits: Google Images_Public Domain

‘As you gaze up at the Christmas moon, take note that Nasa has a spacecraft currently orbiting Earth’s moon.’

– Nasa’s Nancy Neal Jones, from the Goddard Space Flight Centre in Maryland

‘As we look at the moon on such an occasion, it’s worth remembering that the moon is more than just a celestial neighbour.

– NASA’s John Keller








Well it would be if anyone had actually been able to see it! And as to the NASA spacecraft… not much hope of spotting that if no-one could see a great big shiny globe like the Moon in the oh so painfully cloudy-couldn’t-see-a-nuclear bomb-if-it-was-on-a-collision-course-with-Earth skies! But if you could have seen a tiny little speck of spacecraft toddling past us this is what it would have looked like….


Credits: Wikipedia Public Domain Image

The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), which has been studying the moon’s mountains and craters since 2009, giving us some truly priceless input into our knowledge of the moon.

(LRO is managed by NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, for the Science Mission Directorate at NASA Headquarters in Washington.)

It has to be admitted however, albeit rather grudgingly since most of us were afflicted with too much cloud cover to see anything at all, 2015 has been a pretty unbelievable year as regards events of the lunar variety… okay most of us won’t be able to name any since we never actually got to see any but we probably all heard the odd news flash about the last one – the extra rare one back in September when we treated to the awesome – not, if like the rest of us you saw absolutely nothing but grey, cloudy skies – Supermoon Lunar Eclipse. Very pretty…if you could actually see the thing!!


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  1. Nice post Wolfie… Since I actually had an alzheimer’s moment that day, I forgot to go look at what was there to see…. It wasn’t too cloudy here; just slipped my mind… So, thanks for the image… it’ll go well as part of my screensaver slide show…


    Cute satellite, isn’t it?



  2. I saw it that night dear Wolfie.. We did happen to have a clear patch in our heavens above us .. And I saw it the next morning too still shining in the early morning light.. Glorious 🙂
    We have had some very special Moon Moments Wolfie.. and I thank you for sharing them with us too..

    I hope Christmas was a good one and you rolled over lots and enjoyed all the gifts given.. Thank you for being such a great four-legged companion my friend..
    Wishing you a Wonderful 2016 and Beyond.. May it bring you nothing but great Wolfie Hoooooooowwwwwwwwwllllllssssss 🙂
    Love ❤ Sue

  3. What a huge Cancer Full MOON Wolfie. Wasn’t it incredible? I was just a puppy when the last time it was Full Moon like that on Christmas. and you were…Thank you so very much for these wonderful photos and presentation. Have a great New Year, with love and cheer, Eddie

    • Enormous Eddie!! It was awesome…although I didn’t actually get to see it till it was starting to wane again…just a big bright blur in the clouds 😉 I’m sure I was just a puppy too…but we won’t go too far into that one!! These Christmas Full Moons bring out the puppy in me even now! Have a great New Year 2016 🙂

  4. I took a photo of the full moon a couple of weeks ago, it looked bit from where I was but the pic wasn’t all that spectacular LOL Happy New Year Wolfie.

    • Photos of the moon are incredibly difficult to take in my experience. Full Moon’s the worst time because so much light is coming into the camera lens. I find it works much better in the mornings! Have a fantastic New Year Arlene 🙂

  5. Happy New Year, Icewolf!
    I saw the Full Moon at Christmas but thought it was due soon so let it pass. I think that’s possibly worse than not seeing it due to cloud cover!

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