What If We “Got Shot” of the Moon? :   23 comments


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What If We “Got Shot” of the Moon?!!

‘The geological history of the moon and Earth are intimately tied together such that the Earth would be a dramatically different planet without the moon.’

It would? So what exactly would happen if we just got rid of it altogether and there was no moon? Which there probably wasn’t so far as many of us were concerned over Christmas! But say we blew it up?!! Blasted it completely out of the sky? After all do we actually need this shiny ball in the sky anyway?









Sonic_moon_boom_tvtropes.org_creative commons license__moon_explosion___space_art_by_raju7

The Birth of a New Ring World Earth Surprised smile

All those tiny fragments of blown up moon would be far too small to stick back together and create a new, if rather misshapen and little moon, which would have at least managed a near normal gravitational pull on Earth…important scientific detail….

A lovely ring would form around Earth consisting of little lumps of moon shrapnel …very, very tiny ones…very pretty but trouble is they wouldn’t be content with staying out there in space. Oh no, they would much rather make a regular and devastatingly determined habit of periodically hurtling out of their ring-world and slam-dunking into the Earth’s surface, bombarding us with meteorites that should otherwise never have thought of coming anywhere near us…oh dear! Moulton moon rain, cities destroyed, countries obliterated….

Moon formedImage NASA JPL-CaltechOn top of which, if we have blown the moon sky high all those particularly dangerous outer space meteorites that had previously hammered the moon’s surface would no longer have anything to prevent them making a bee-line for Earth, happily re-creating the Moon’s surface on the home-world! Great! Craters everywhere… Even more cities destroyed, countries obliterated….








Axial Tilt of Earth Eye rolling smile

In between moon rocks and meteorite bombardments from the rest of the cosmos, Earth, minus the moon’s gravitational pull would develop a wobble…it had a little one before but it was stabilised by the Moon, which also protected it from the gravitational pull of the other planets…now it would have a huge wobble, and be pulled one way by Mars and another way by Jupiter – our planetary neighbours. Consequently with no moon to slow Earth’s orbit down we would be flying merrily around the sun in a wildly unhinged and erratic orbit…. shortening Earth’s day from 24 hours to only 8 – 10 hours.

Catastrophic seasonal changes Disappointed smile

moon_asexuality.orgOn top of which whilst currently we are worrying about global warming and climate change….or at least those of us with a scrap of common sense are, with the moon gone these problems will seem trivial….of course to the uneducated or just plain stupid they already are, but you “aint seen nothing yet!!”

Earth would be a very, very different place. As it would now be rotating so much faster, 160-200 km winds would be zooming across Earth’s surface.








With Earth’s now unstable axial tilt, we would see dramatic environmental changes over the course of thousands-millions of years – the loss of our conventional seasons and radical modifications in temperature would cause wide-ranging consequences for the growth of plant life and crops. This in turn would create some major headaches and very thorny problems for producing food for the billions of people dwelling on Earth. The animal world would have to adapt pretty quickly to a much shorter life pattern in terms of mating, migration and hibernation.


Moreover, the changing temperatures would lead to the loss of Earth’s N and S Poles. To an extent this is already happening but in such circumstances melting ice would have a hugely dramatic effect on the oceans which would rise to a point where they change the all the world’s coastlines.

Life on Earth both in countries and in cities would have no choice but to adapt pretty drastically in order to survive or disappear into extinction.


Tidal Chaos Confused smile

With no moon to affect the tides, which show a configuration related to the lunar phase cycle, Earth’s oceans would become very tranquil and still. Solar tides would have a very small effect; about half that of the Moon, so there would be the odd wave or two. (Assuming we hadn’t blown the Sun up as well 😉 ) Tides were also important in life’s early stages of evolution so this would be terrible news for sea life which would rapidly become extinct. Barely-there tides do not mix oceans which therefore do not circulate nutrients required for sea-life’s survival…so fishermen would quickly go out of business and no –one would be microwaving their “Fisherman’s Pies” ever again!

Game Over_Image Credit fpif.org_Photo Mykl Roventine-Flickr

     Not quite the useless lump rock some people seem to think it is then! Be right back

Happy New Year 2016!

Sources: spaceanswers.com


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  1. Wolfie…. Great post, if a bit dramatic… All true possible astronomic events, for sure, given certain future events we cannot predict…. One largely accepted theory re: the moon and Earth has been around a while in the astronomy/physics communities, as follows

    Some mathematicians calculate a time in the far future when the Moon and Earth, which are moving closer together all the time, in tiny, but, measurable increments, will reach a certain point where the two gravitational fields will cause the moon to break up, not in an explosion, but, enough for some degree of damage to Earth… The rest of the fragments would then form one or more rings around the Earth in the new, closer orbit….

    That theory has been around a long while, since the math for orbital mechanics were first developed, according to new, improved observational data available at the time….

    We could end up with rings like Saturn, but, not of ice….

    Cooler than the worst case scenario such as this theory; not without damage, but, probably not as dramatic effect on the tilt of Earth, nor such a strong affect on the tides, which are now present because of the pull of gravity from the moon on the Earth;s oceans….

    Good post, wolfie; informative and fascinating info on the Moon’s importance in the two-body, twin planet system we actually live in/on…. Our moon is larger than Mercury, or Pluto, both considered planets (at one time, at least….Some controversy over Pluto these days…)


    gigoid, ex, astronomy major and amateur star gazer from a boy….


    • It needs to be dramatic or no-one would bother reading it! I heard the Moon was moving AWAY from the Earth in tiny little stages…!! 🙂

      • I am not up with current data on that; last I heard was a slight degradation toward the larger body could be observed over time… but, it’s so slow, the breakup that COULD happen is about a half-million years away, or more…

        If it did move AWAY from Earth, the stress on both bodies could cause it to happen sooner, with possibly higher damage to both… but, still a long ways off from now….

        The gravitational stresses on a two-body system have been calculated pretty closely for a long time, so, as far as I am aware, the possibility of danger is far less than what we are doing to the planet now, ourselves, because it lies far in the future we may never see… unless we manage to spread into space first….

        Oh, and, you’re right about the drama; I just said that to get the ball rolling….



      • Finally got chance to find the info I was thinking of…lol 😉 “the tides and the rotation of Earth have an effect on the Moon. Together, they pull on the Moon, making it spin just a little faster, and as it spins faster and faster, it moves further away from Earth – albeit at a rate of only 3.82 cm per year .” So there you have it! Not to say that what you mention isn’t correct. Just another thought on it would say 🙂

      • It’s plausible, but, I would like to see, and check, the math on that… Celestial mechanics is a complicated calculation, and speculation doesn’t count… The action of the larger body on the smaller could, according to the weight of each, and other outside gravitational influences, can actually cause the orbit of one, or the other to wobble…. Just like there is a point in orbit above Earth where one is stable, above on point on Earth, there is also a point in the orbit where the smaller body will break up, with varying degrees of damage to the larger, again depending solely on the comparative mass of each body. So, the figure of 3.82 cm per year may, or may not be right. Time will tell anyway; I doubt any of us will be around to know the final answer….


      • Unfortunately I can’t supply any more info with that quote. I checked the original source but that was it. I must admit I thought the two were moving towards each other not away but I’m just an Icewolf and things work differently on Europa (with Jupiter) 🙂 Wolfie hugs!

  2. Even more reason to live the moon! Happy new year.

  3. Great post, Icewolf. The Moon is far more than just an object of beauty to gaze up in awe at… although I would hazard a guess that some folk would have thought of blowing it up ‘just because’. I bet some would have even considered fracking there… Happy New Year!

  4. Happy New Year
    we have to stay here on earth Ice wolfy with ur two legs haha

  5. If by chance something did happen to the moon, we might as well say good-bye now. That’s how dependent we are on it. Life would not be the the same, in fact, it probably would cease. It has been wonderful knowing you dear heart. See you ‘out there’.

    • Too right Eddie! It’s surprising though how many people DO think it’s nothing more than a useless lump of shiny space rock that’s pretty to look at and nothing else. Ignorance is bliss!! 😉

  6. Danke dir lieb ein guter Beitrag ich wünsche dir einen schönen Montag und eine gute neue Woche Grüße von mir und Umarmung Gislinde

    • Hallo lieber Freund Gislinde 🙂

      Vielen Dank für Ihre Besuche auf meinem Blog und Ihre freundlichen Kommentare!
      Ich freue mich, Ihnen zu sagen, dass ich jetzt endlich meine 2.015 Blog-Jahr im Rückblick von WordPress, sehe ich, dass das schöne Land von Deutschland hat, zum ersten Mal wurde in meinen ersten drei Gastländern im Jahr 2015 enthalten 🙂
      Deutschland hat die Krone von Kanada übernommen! Ich bin sehr von dieser großen Anzahl von Besuchen aus Deutschland geehrt! Ich hoffe, es wird viele weitere werden im Jahr 2016!

      Wolfie Umarmungen 🙂

  7. Thank you for those sobering thoughts upon our demise on Planet Earth.. We need the MOON and all her powers to keep us balanced and in rhythmic cycles.. What would we do without those tidal changes, and all those songs and poems, puff would mean nothing if we were all blown away in the cosmic debris of a fierce Luna Storm of untold proportions..

    I often Look UP to our Moon and give thanks for her light and beauty.. She is part of our Planet.. and we are in this together our Earth/Moon along with all of the other planets… She rules many whose Hoooowwwlllls we would surely miss.. 🙂

    Wishing you a wonderful Week Wolfie… sending howls of love to you… and a Very Happy 2016 with Many more Moons to come.. 🙂

    • I thought it was an interesting train of thought as regards the Moon – mostly we have no idea how much we need and rely it to survive. It is so much more to us than just a beautiful heavenly body shining down on us.Without it we’d certainly be in a battle for survival!
      Wolfie hugs 🙂 xxx

  8. That will give me something else to ponder when I gaze at its beauty. Although, I have to say, I’d been rather looking forward to eating it since you told me it’s made of cream cheese!

    • It is made of cream cheese! I used some this morning to spice up my liver cake 🙂 Oops…I mean chicken…liver cake…OOPS!!!! No I didn’t lol I meant Chicken….cake…liver…cake…OHHHHH!!!! Stop looking at me like that Clowie!!! lol 🙂

      • You mustn’t eat the moon after telling us how important it is! Or is that just a ploy to get it all to yourself?

        I already know who ate all the liver cake! And it wasn’t me!

  9. A big question mark,indeed!Compelling research on the presence of the luminous disc,its history and its influence on our planet.Do you believe in the harmony and the norms of our universe?What powers balance the present situation and what future powers will inevitably disturb the existence of certain planets?Let’s leave the Moon stabilize the tilt of the Earths rotation axis at the moment and who knows,maybe new discoveries in the future will overturn what we perceive right now.Plato’s theory says that the world as it seems to us is not the real world,but only a shadow of the real world … Oh gosh,what am I talking about,dear Wolfie?

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