Universal Silver Star Wolf   33 comments

Universal Silver Star wolf

Silent tranquillity hung in the night air. A cool silvery moon wolf cast shafts of silvery light, shadows stretching across the snow crystals and a more distant moon silhouetting the blackened branches of dead trees. A lone space dog barked the sound echoing on the night air. As the stars winked and flickered in a clear sky, glinting in the white-darkness an alien moon wolf paused for a moment and shook the snow off her forepaw. Her orm blue eyes glowing softly throwing a silver-blue light across her fine-boned facial features, enhancing her alienness.

scificityplanet_thumb (4)As though contemplating on them she gazed curiously on the charred stumps and the blackened skeletons of dead trees seeming remember a past she had never been a part of.…

Hesitantly she reached up and sniffed at the nearest branch, her alien eyes keeping a careful watch on the lights emanating from the nearby star bases. Well used reflexes came instantly into action as the branch crumbled into blackened ashes scattering emptily across a tight packed snow. The Moon wolf started away momentarily afraid. Peace fell, tranquillity spread, time passed.


The night sky blushed outlandishly, rose-tinted charged particles filling the air. The stars twinkled calmly, tiny piercing lights in the darkness of space. The road ahead stretched smoothly into the distance and the moon seemed to lose some of its power. Silence fell, nothing moved. Something unseen swept across the sky, lights flashing, and vanished.

Quietly the silvery star wolf slid out into the open, wary and suspicious. Her skin prickled uneasily but she detected no danger and instead she shook herself vigorously scanning the sky, clear, sharp eyes revealing nothing. A moment passed. All was silent and calm. The Silver wolf sent out her mind signals, and waited, gazing longingly at the stars.






The circular shaped star ship paused in its flight, checking the telepathic coded signal. Silently it glided around in a 90 degree turn to sweep away through the sky following the signal. It passed within range of Space Flight Control’s (SFC) scanning devices for a short time before sweeping out of radar range and away behind the dead tree skeletons, leaving SFC officials in a state of escalating excitement. The air was tense. Quietly the moon wolf yawned and stretched, hardened muscles sliding under coruscate coat. Eyes bright and eager she stalked across the hard packed snow gazing at the glowing shape as the circular ship swept silently into sight, its lighting systems flashing around it. A hazy aurora blotted out the nearby stars and the craft glowed, shimmering silver from some inner source, suspended above the deserted highway in unearthly alienness.

imageThe star wolf walked forward calmly to meet it, eyes glowing. As she approached jade poured from a panel and engulfed her in its green aurora – a transportation beam. Slowly she ascended towards the craft glowing sunlit bronze in its light. Too late the occupants of the SFC star bases poured out, exclaiming in wonder at the sight that confronted them. Cameras flashed – Unidentified Silver Star Wolf! Slightly apart from the milling crowds a shadowy figure spoke covertly into a discreet, hand-held communication device, both eyes fixed on the moon wolf and its craft;  “Unidentified Silver Star Wolf in ….”








“This is the miracle we celebrate today, one nation indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

We celebrate not the final achievement for there is still much to achieve.

We celebrate the promise, the progress, the hope….”

33 responses to “Universal Silver Star Wolf

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  1. How perfectly beautiful, the writing the visuals and the gorgeous night photo. Awesome as always~

    • Thank you Cindy! And I really appreciate that even though I’ve been woefully neglectful about visiting your blog (it’s not just yours I promise!) you still take the time and interest to visit and comment on mine 🙂 Thank you for this lovely comment! Wolfie hugs!

  2. Fascinating, Icewolf. I get the feeling that the wolf’s ascension wasn’t a random selection. Superbly written – and your words brought your images to life.

    • Thank you for your generous and thoughtful comment and your visit Tom 🙂 And for your kindness in doing so despite my prolonged absence and lack of visits to yours of late. Hopefully now I have broken through the bloggers block barrier and will be able to get back to following normal blog etiquette!

      • No worries there, Icewolf… as and when is always fine with me. Good to see you getting back into things. That blogger’s block is a bothersome burden.

      • Yes…the blogger’s block is truly awful! Thought I was never going to break through the other side of it….very horrible experience! Very happy to be back 🙂

  3. Love it wonderful.. Hugs Nicki

    • Thank you Nicki! Big Wolfie hugs to you!

      Jag har haft en fruktansvärd tid med min blogg de senaste månaderna! Jag har inte kunnat tänka på något att skriva om ! Bara stirrar på ett tomt dokument på datorn och inga tankar att skriva på det. Då kunde jag inte tänka mig något intelligent att säga i kommentarerna antingen så inte en bra tid. Jag trodde att jag skulle behöva stänga min blogg … men då skulle jag förlora dig och alla mina andra vackra vänner här. Men jag tror att jag återhämtar sig långsamt! Dags för en ny start 🙂
      Stora kramar, Wolfie 🙂

      • Jag blir glad om du stannar wolfie vi har pratat i många år nu.. Vill inte förlora dig som vän.. Det gör inget om du inte kommer in så ofta jag ska vänta på dig 🙂 Kram Nicki

  4. Einen schönen Samstag wünsche ich dir schöner Beitrag liebe Grüße an dich und ein gutes Weekend eine Umarmung Gislinde

    • Danke liebe Freundin Gislinde 🙂 Ich schätze Ihren Besuch!
      Ich habe in den letzten Monaten eine schreckliche Zeit mit meinem Blog hatte! Ich habe nicht in der Lage gewesen, an etwas zu denken, darüber zu schreiben!
      Starrte nur auf ein leeres Dokument auf dem Computer und keine Gedanken über sie zu schreiben. Dann konnte ich an nichts denken intelligente entweder in den Kommentaren zu sagen, ist dies keine gute Zeit.
      Ich dachte, ich hätte in meinem Blog heruntergefahren … aber dann würde ich verlieren Sie und alle meine anderen schönen Freunde hier. Aber ich glaube, ich bin erholt sich langsam! Zeit für einen neuen Start 🙂
      Große Wolfie Umarmung und ich wünsche Ihnen ein schönes Wochenende!

  5. The first image is particularly fascinating. I hope to hear more of the Silver Star wolf!

    • HoooooOOOOOOWWWWlllllloooooooo Clowie! Hope you soon have more time free to share your tails of Pyreeeeeee life and learning with us! Happy Easter….and don’t go eating too many liver-cake eggs! Better watch your bipeds too…you know what bipeds are like when it comes to chocolate eggs!!

  6. Have a great day my friend..
    Love and hugs Nicki

  7. Stunning imagery, coupled with a fascinating story that enlarges the scope of our imagination delivering a delightful post.
    You carry on a tradition of intrigue in vibrant color. with love, Eddie

  8. Weekends remind me of rainbows.
    They look good from far way… but when we get close, they disappear..
    Have a nice weekend!
    Love and hugs.. Nicki

  9. Firstly Wolfie.. Loved the graphics.. and the story I hope those upon the craft can learn a thing or two from Silver Star.. Will await the continuation with anticipation dear Wolfie… xxxx Much Love dear one.. ❤

  10. Danke lieber Freund ich war auch Krank hatte die Krippe ist immer noch nicht ganz weg.Wollte dir auch nur schöne Ostertage wünsche viel Sonne und Glück eine Umarmung Gislinde

    • Frohe Ostern guter Freund Gislinde
      Es tut mir leid, Ihnen zu hören gewesen krank
      Ich hoffe, Sie fühlen sich besser bald.
      Es hat sich hier eine wilde und windigen Ostern gewesen
      sehr stürmisch und mit Hagel und starkem Wind!
      Ich habe gewesen zu Hause und aß Schokoladeneier !
      Wolfie Umarmungen 🙂

  11. I hope this Easter fill your home with peace, joy
    and lots of colorful Easter eggs and I wish you a very
    happy Easter, filled with lots of love and happiness …


  12. I wish you a nice new week.

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