Vaults and Catacoombs and the Champagne Eurostar Terminal!   14 comments

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Beyond the Catacombs

Vaults and Catacoombs and the Champagne Eurostar Terminal!!!

As you probably won’t recall seeing as we haven’t visited the disused Eurostar station at London Waterloo for some time now, Wolfie was not at all successful in attempting to breach security and find a way into the forbidden realms of Waterloo International…consequently Wolfie went for a walk…under the happy delusion this might act as a useful distraction from the frustrations of the day. That didn’t actually work terribly well either but the day did take some interesting turns non-the-less.

20150917_143551 (6)

First stop after wandering round the outside areas eyeing up the building site that appeared to be the top scene around that part of the station and some pretty fearsome looking security, involved a scenic stroll along the River Thames….suitably non-distracting and Wolfie naturally graduated back towards Waterloo and found herself padding into the Leake Street tunnel under or vaguely under – not entirely sure about that little detail, where the graffiti festival thingy had taken place deep in the catacoombs….as mentioned in a previous post…probably showing in the related posts section at the end of this post…or not as the case maybe.

20150917_143105 (3)20150917_143510(2)

It was somewhat quieter on this occasion and business as usual…new graffiti had sprouted up to cover much of the previous, as is the way with graffiti matters.

20150917_143324 (3)



Wolfie was however curious about the hole in the tunnel wall… apparently known as “The Vault.” Yes….granted it says “Gallery….Kitchen….” but no kitchen was to be found!

20150917_143751(2)20150917_143831 (4)20150917_143809 (5)20150917_143809 (3)

Naturally an exploration was necessary….


That done what else was there to do in the absence of access to Waterloo’s disused Eurostar station but to jump on the Tube and go investigate the new and very much in-use new Eurostar Station at Kings Cross-St Pancreas!

20150917_154546(2)20150917_155744(4)20150917_154945 (5)

20150917_154939 (3)20150917_154853(7)

Now at this point there is always the curious question of….where do those escalator stairs lead to! They are going down…to lower levels…those lower levels are still functioning…Wolfie would like to have a look!! Trouble is Wolfie couldn’t smash through the ground to ceiling glass even for photos…so not much help taking mind off Waterloo’s inaccessible zones Winking smile So! maybe we should go for the apocalyptic look just to remind ourselves this whole exercise is really about Waterloo Eurostar….

20150917_154945 (13)20150917_155744(5)

Well that was interesting wasn’t it? Winking smile

20150917_155346(4)20150917_155357 (5)

Yes…well…all very interesting….and very posh compared to Waterloo…very nice Eurostar trains….and a very fancy shopping area….and some very large clocks! Why two clocks in one place anyway!! Still…I have it on good authority St Pancreas International does not have anywhere near the quantity of shops or space to relax in in the Eurostar section, as apparently there was at Waterloo International 🙂 Good!! Not that I’ve ever found a way into the lower levels to check that out but…..!!

20150917_155601(6)20150917_154945 (8).jpg

But there’s always another time!


14 responses to “Vaults and Catacoombs and the Champagne Eurostar Terminal!

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  1. Sounds like you were able to sublimate SOME of you curiosity… Interesting photos of the graffiti cavern. I find it hilarious there is a Saint named after one of our organs! St. Pancreas! I get a big grin every time I see it!…. I wonder what he did to become a saint? Did they even KNOW what a pancreas was when they named him? These are questions that come to mind when I look at the name…. maybe that just my gigoidness showing….

    Nice post, Lady Lupine….

    gigoid, the dubious


    • Only you would think of that! lol 😃 You do have a good point though, I’d never thought of it like that before! It’s actually full title appears to be “King’s Cross St Pancreas!” 😀

    • Oopsy. …😀 Looks like Wolfie got it wrong. … St Pancras not Pancreas!! I’ve always pronounced it that way though 😯 Should probably go back to this post and edit it….quick! lol

  2. Lovely crisp photos. Very good graffiti and I admire the artistic talent but must admit that I would rather places not disfigured by it.

    • I believe there are plans to turn this tunnel area into restaurants! Although it’s a designated graffiti area currently. That should be interesting…In general I agree that graffiti disfigure things but this tunnel would be awfully dark and dreary without it!

  3. Totally fascinating with great photos as usual. thanks sweeti

  4. Wünsche dir einen schönen Tag Inderessante Bilder und Beitrag ich wünsche dir einen schönen Nachmittag alles liebe und Umarmung Gislinde

  5. Seemingly curiosity doesn’t kill the “wolf,and thanks to you inquiring mind I was able to view a captivating photo series of artistic nature.The “world is ours” when we really want it to be … Have a wonderful and productive day,dear friend 🙂

  6. Apologies, Icewolf, I appear to have missed this post! However, I’m catching up now. Great photos once again – I still can’t believe there’s a whole station going nowhere… or maybe it does. Maybe we are just being told it’s deserted, hence the security. Now there’s food for thought…

  7. All so very interesting.. I recall another attempt that failed in the past.. This post shows some more interesting views as Wolfie looks from high and Low upon those unsuspecting travellers
    And there are some amazing artists using spray cans on the underground 🙂

    Lots of LOVE and Howls my friend.. Xxx


  8. Gorgeous art work and fascinating place!

  9. It’s like seeing a universe.. 🙂

  10. Wow

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