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The Barbican Conservatory

On returning to the Urban Utopia (or Brutalist hell depending on your perception lol Winking smile) known as The Barbican, Wolfie had originally intended to indulge in morning of culture in the exhibition centres. Unfortunately culture proved to be extremely expensive and Wolfie went off the idea pretty quickly on this occasion! Sorry to disappoint the cultured reader who was hoping for a wonderfully cultural and classy post…it definitely isn’t that Smile

However! I did discover The Barbican Conservatory Smile So hopefully this will appeal to the nature-orientated reader….bearing in mind this was right in the middle of central London surrounded by the country’s finest Brutalist architecture it was a breath of fresh air,a green oasis and well worth a visit should you find yourselves in this particular spot in the universe!




                                                                                                                              (All photos in this post Copyright Europa’s Icewolf 2016)

22 responses to “Green Oasis, Brutalist Utopia

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  1. Great photos, wolfie; the beauty of the plants almost makes up for the buildings. You’re correct about the architecture; definitely Brutal….


    • Yes! lol…it does hold a certain appeal and fascination for me though 🙂 If you look carefully in some of the photos you can see hints of the brutalist architecture half hidden by the greenery 🙂 Beautiful place I tripped over by accident since I didn’t know it was there.
      I don’t know what this post looks like your end but it’s twice the size it was in the editor and the individual photos were supposed to be centered not three quarters of the way across the blog page like they are on my screen…and they’re enormous!! Still…at least the albums went in the right way up unlike last time I tried that 😉

      • It can be hard to get it right, given the different platforms people work on, like their computers, tablets, & phones… I’ve noted they all look different when looking at things on-screen…. This post came out pretty well, & it was smart to put most of the photos on another site…

        See ya…



  2. Oh course, no surprise, I like the nature part. But I find gardens walled and hidden all over London. I found some between modern icky architecture with really old headstones still intact which knocked my yankee socks off, and of course modern condos abutting the old city walls with vegetables carefully growing in an organized plot. You can’t take the nature/gardens out of the Brits even in the capitol. Still, that said, Wolfie would prefet The Holler for the wide open hollerish spaces. When you guys coming?

    • You probably see far more of the hidden London gardens than I ever will! lol;) It’s been some time since I’ve enjoyed any greenery and plant life so I was bowled over by this unexpected treat in a sea of concrete. When to visit the Holler…wide open Hollerish spaces..
      Wolfie paradise….how about tomorrow?!! 😀

  3. sorry, prefer…..

  4. Loved the nature photo’s Wolfie, but then you knew I would.. Lots of Cacti which I do prefer to buildings, even though I have to say the design of this one was impressive.
    Hope all is well with you Wolfie.. I have had my head buried in Tennis most of the week. And thought to take a rest and catch up in the reader for a while.. 😉

    Sending lots of Love and Howwwwllllsss my friend.. Hugs Sue xxx ❤

    • Yes I did think of you! I wish you could have joined me…It was such a relaxing back – to – nature experience I’m sure you would have loved it as much as I 😊 So you are a tennis fan! It’s a world away from certain other subjects and another breath of fresh air…I hope you have had strawberries and cream at the ready to cool you and sooth you when the tension of the matches hots up! Hugs and HoooOOOWWWwwwwLLLs to you too 😀

      • I Picked a whole bowl full fresh from the allotments Wolfie.. 🙂 and cheered Murray through this afternoon and Federer’s exciting game yesterday. 🙂

      • Sounds wonderful Sue! Wimbledonerful even 😀lol Murray is doing great and hopefully this will continue as we need him to rescue us from the humiliation brought down by the England football team! It’s lovely tennis weather so I would guess you’re practicing your own skills and showing off your tennis gear in between matches lol just be careful not to hit the tennis ball into your bowl of strawberries and splatter them all over your tennis outfit!! 😂🎾🍓

      • LoL, Haha… more like my gardening gear LOL.. 🙂 and yes I am enjoying each match Wolfie.. Big Howls to you my friend xx

      • Ah so you were whacking the strawberries into the basket with your tennis racket whilst wearing your best gardening gear?!! lol 🙂 You’re really getting into the spirit of things! :mrgreen: Andy Murray would be very proud of your sterling effort to participate in Wimbledon and emulate his style!! lol 😆 xxx

      • Yes I am sure Andy would LOL.. 🙂 Fingers and toes are being crossed tomorrow.. We did well in the wheelchair finals today such a great match.. And I have saved some more strawberries.. Made them into a flan today.. and yes lashings of cream!… And the wellies are put away now till Monday xxx 😀

  5. I have left a comment on your previous post,I just spotted this wonderful Barbican post.I love this complex construction,you have brilliantly presented it with your “nature-related” photography.I have spent so many hours in,it’s a magnificent performing arts centre in the city of London.Wolves are happy going sightseeing and breathing some fresh air in this oasis and outside their unworldly realms … 🙂

    • It is pretty awesome…I am yet to enjoy the cultural gems that lie within it but sooner or later! I was referred to The Barbican by a photographer who had an interest in brutalist architecture and I’ve been fascinated by it ever since I paid my first visit. Since I hiked for miles through the infamous housing complex and boggled at the architecture which was more extreme than anything I’d seen before it took some time to discover the Exhibition Centre. The Conservatory was a green gem of an oasis I definitely wouldn’t have expected to find there! 😀

  6. There is nothing like the wide open space of the outdoors but life in the city can’t afford the space. Enclosed
    gardens are not easily displayed in a limited area. Problems will exist. This overall display seems to have do something
    right to at least ‘get you out of the city’ for a while.

  7. Certainly a breath of fresh air amidst that concrete horror, Icewolf! Good find!

    • “Concrete horror,” Tom?!!😉lol Even the blue skies and sunshine in these much more recent shots can’t convince you they’re really quite loveable if you develop the right mindset!! Note to self…must’ve harder next time…this Tom is a tough cookie to break! lol 😀
      The conservatory was lovely, I could have happily am stayed there all day. It was easy to forget you weren’t really in a rain forest for example!

      • I could stay in the conservatory for a while, Icewolf… I could stay on those stairs even. But if I had to see the buildings regularly, I would have to!!! Still, I will wait to see how you try to convince me of their beauty next time. It is in the eye of the beholder… I merely have to behold it! 😉

      • Hmm…I think you’re beholding of this beauty is about as likely as The Mansion behaving normally! lol 😉

      • Stranger things have happened, Icewolf. The Mansion’s been good for a few weeks now…

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