FireWolves of Io   26 comments

Howling New Moonshine….

Spirit of the FireWolves…

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Howling new moonshine tumbling and stealing across the contrasting volcanic world of Io’s Fire wolves. Half hidden in the new moon shadows they gathered in moon dark silhouettes amongst the volcanic mountain ranges, calling the song of the stars, drawing on the fiery heart of the pack to call home the Fire wolves of Io, adorned in the mighty colours of the volcanic fire breed. The “Watcher at the Window” gazed in alluring fascination at the mountains peaks of Io bejewelled in the spectacular rainbow arrays of black and gold, catching too the starlight dancing in the gold-fire eyes of the Fire wolves of Io, bathed in the new moon darkness gliding around craters and dark plains.


26 responses to “FireWolves of Io

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  1. Beautiful, evocative imagery!

  2. An amazing tale

    • It proves I can occasionally produce a blog post…I mean something that is not amazingly long drawn out blog post! lol It would be even more amazing if I got my act together and got round to visiting and commenting on everyone else’s posts too! Yes I know….I am working on it though. ..If life would just manage to stop getting in the way!

  3. Beautiful, Wolfie. Shared with another wolf spirit & his mate on FB…. Hope all if well in Wolfie’s lair…




    • Damn fingers… Hope all IS well…

      gigoid, the bozoid

      • You’re not alone with the fingers that have a mind of their own! It’s been one typo after another this last couple of weeks every where I go 😆 It seems the affliction is spreading which is actually very comforting lol so all is good! 😉

    • Ooh! I am honoured! HoooOOOWWWwwwwLLLs to the wolf spirit and his mate ☺ All is well in the lair thank you….though the lair alpha who already has a mate is showing signs of wishing to make every other she-wolf in the lair his mates too! Not helpful when his mate is jealous and possessive and already feels threatened by every other she – wolf in the lair!! 😀

  4. Ooh… the Watcher at the Window! Watching more than just the mountains, Icewolf…!

  5. Love your creations dear Wolfie.. Most deserving of many hooooowwwwlllls my friend xxx

  6. Beautiful imagery, my wolfie pal!

    • Thank you for the undeserved visit Clowie! I am endeavouring to work through the notifications backlog having just finished thrashing my way a unit of course work concerning canine nutrition…as you no doubt know nutrition affects behaviour…especially if it’s chicken or liver cake!! So it does have a connection to canine psychology ☺It wasn’t my strongest subject though I am an expert now lol so it has eaten into my blogging time in a desperate attempt to complete it by the deadline. I am free to eat liver cake with you again now whilst whilst we whilst we admire the beauty of your new home! 😀

  7. That wasn’t a typo at the end Clowie 😊 It was just the effects of eating liver cake!!

  8. Reblogged this on Iamforchange's Blog and commented:
    My friends at ice wolves of Europe always have the most fascinating imagery and interesting subjects to share. Thank you for sharing them!

    • Thank you very much for the reblog! That was very lovely of you 🙂 It seems to be snowing on Io today!! It must be that time of year again…I hope it doesn’t cause the volvanoes to stop erupting! 😉

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