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A very cool post from Beyond the Sphere re the Black Wolves of Mars! Many thanks for the mention Tom 🙂 If you enjoy this post do check out the unique and wonderfully imaginative experience at Beyond the Sphere!

Beyond the Sphere

Driving around a dusty old planet looking for anything unusual, anything really out of the ordinary, takes its toll. Day after day of dry, red clay, and amber skies followed by freezing cold nights adds to the monotony. With large and very still dusty plains, and mountains that offer hardly any protection, yet also comfort in the hope that there may be something – someone – just beyond, would be enough for anyone to get the next shuttle out. Not me.

I’ve missed the last five shuttles now. The next one is due in December. It’s just me and these Martian elements – if you can call them that.

Lucky for me, I live inside this mobile home. Reinforced steel and glass; recycled air and water, rehydrated food, and a strong resistance to the boredom.

There’s something else that keeps me here. The solitude. The beauty of this alien world…

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11 responses to “Elusive Martians

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  1. Hello
    I wish you a nice weekend.

  2. “A Friend is a Reasure”

    A friend is someone we turn to,
    When our spirits need a lift,
    A friend is someone we treasure,
    For true friendship is a gift.

    A friend is someone we laugh with,
    Over little personal things,
    A friend is someone we’re serious with,
    In facing whatever life brings.

    A friend is someone who fills our lives,
    With beauty and joy and grace.
    And makes the world that we live in
    A better and happier place!

    So my friend, I wish you a nice weekend ..
    Love and hugs

  3. This was a great adventure from Tom Wolfie.. Hope you are doing ok my friend and feeling better? xxx

    • Wasn’t it?! I love Tom’s imagaination 🙂 Thanks belatedly, for the healing vibes! My back sorted itself out much quicker than usual! Can you send some for the dodgy knee now please? 🙂 xx

      • of course here it is Hooooowwwwwllllsss and zing zap whoooosh swish zip sparkle and crackle… ⭐ stars sprinkles… its now arrived xxx ❤

      • Thanks Sue! I can feel the improvement already! Trouble is there were monsters in the bathroom last night…I had to run away up the road on my bed leg and nobody would let me in to safety at that time of morning…so now it’s started everything off again 😕😉 Then there was that old abandoned asylum I spent the night in with my housemates. ..the electricity supply was very crackly and pretty lethal so….lots of running to hide from it…knee is not happy…😁 unfortunately the knee is not just a bad dream!! xx

      • Awwww to the Knee.. What support around you is lacking and letting you down?? as I think of Knee problems?? Hope since leaving this comment your knee is improving and those monsters have also fled.. Love to you Wolfie xxx Hugs your way xx

  4. Lieber Gruß und einen schönen Tag und Umarmung Gislinde

  5. I wish you a beautiful autumn and further great blog posts.

  6. have a very nice day my dear

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