Another Earth? Exoplanet Kelper-452b   32 comments

What Would it Be Like to Live on Earth’s Cousin?

The discovery of Kelper 452b was announced on 23/05/15, and is 1,400 Light years away.



Photo Credit: Kelper 452-b JPL/NASA

An alien experience!

Exoplanet Kelper 452-b is 60% wider than Earth and approximately 5x as massive so much stronger surface gravity.

This provides for a great workout! For the manly among us this essentially means it will make you much stronger 🙂

For everybody chilling on this Earth cousin, the higher gravity would probably lead to significant body changes long term – e.g. becoming stockier built. This is probably not a plus if you’re already on the stocky side…you may become very short and squat…like a rotund garden gnome 😉


A Familiar Experience

As this world’s sun is roughly the same distance away as on Earth, the light factor would be much the same as on our home-world and Earth plants transported to its cousin-world could photosynthesis the same as on Earth.






So Kelper 452-b is similar to Earth but not the same. Its sun is 6 billion years old whereas our Sun is only 4.5 billion years old. Kelper 452-b’s sun is at a far more energetic life-stage therefore it is hotter. And it is about 10% larger and 20% brighter in the sky. Not bad for the sun tan then 😉

Kelper 452-b completes one orbit every 385 days so it’s year is only about 20 days longer than Earth’s. Pretty much home from home.



Photo Credit: Kelper 452-b JPL/NASA


“…substantial opportunity for life to arise, should all the necessary ingredients and conditions for life exist on this planet.”

(Jon Jenkins, Kelper data analysis lead at NASA’s Ames Research Centre in Moffat Field, California. (Led team that discovered Kelper 452-b)  )





32 responses to “Another Earth? Exoplanet Kelper-452b

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  1. We would be rotound gnomes from Kelpler! I like it! It’s a built in excuse for being hefty…..

  2. ‘Life’ is theoretically possible some where else given the right conditions

  3. Fascinating stuff dear Wolfie.. Did you see the Weird weather of the Universe the other evening on TV? I am sure there are similar planets out there somewhere capable of supporting our type of life.. But that doesn’t mean other types of life forms are existing in gas filled inferno’s somewhere else.. 🙂
    Interesting how the total orbit is only 20 days in difference.. 🙂
    Hope all is well with you Wolfie..
    sending thoughts your way my friend
    Love Sue xxx

    • Unfortunately not Sue, as I don’t have a TV 🙂 But I have had a lot of stuff coming in from my phone on this subject so I have probably encountered similar subjects via that. Life comes in so many different forms even here on Earth, in environments we would never have thought possible. They certainly aren’t life as we know it but life they are! So who knows what may be out there in conditions we might not imagine could harbour lifeforms? 😉 You didn’t happen to see a “Nessie” in the Lochs whilst you were in Scotland did you?….. 😉 xx

  4. Very fascinating, thnak you so much dear for discover

  5. Jag tror jag föredrar att stanna på jorden men vore bra om det skulle finnas alternativ kanske..
    Ha en fin kväll kram Nicki

  6. I think I’d best tone up first, if I were to go to Kepler 452-b, Icewolf… if the atmosphere makes stocky people squat, it would probably make me flat! Eek!

  7. Wow! If I became stronger, I could be Superdog!

  8. Witam serdecznie i życzę miłego tygodnia.

  9. It is a fascinating possibility. It might make it into the next Star Trek movie. Hugs, Barbara

  10. Heck why not? I think there are other lives out there. And I also believe in Big Foot. No joking, I really do!


  11. sending you lots of Hugs Wolfie.. Keep Warm and dry and I hope your Christmas is a Happy Peaceful one.. Lots of LOVE.. Sue ❤ xxx

    • Hope you had a great Christmas too Sue ☺ Myself I’m waiting for New Year. That’s my time! Christmas is all about kids and running round for everyone else’s demands lol New Year here I cooooooooommmmmmmeeeeeee! Lots of love back and big Wolfie hugs xxx ☺🐶🌲

  12. Christmas Greetings
    from our House to yours,
    May the Season be bright
    and the year that’s ahead
    turn out to be just right.
    With warmest wishes for
    Good Health and Happiness.
    Have a very Merry Christmas
    And a wonderful New Year!

    Nicki with family…

  13. I wonder how dogs and cats would fare- not well I’d imagine.

    • Probably not! lol but I think it will be a long time before we think about taking our pet dogs and cats into space with us, and by then it would be far more hospitable for them 😊

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