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xcaninenutrition-jpg-pagespeed-ic-b_yfmicn6eCanine Nutrition Study Update Howl: It is finished! Finally!! 😀Thank you to everybody who was kind enough to participate in this final battle to complete my canine psychology course. (It has been a major battle and far too time consuming lol) Your help was invaluable and greatly appreciated. 🙂 I have a very impressive array of Excel charts and tables full of interesting facts drawn from the information you all generously supplied. And as originally stated, no personal information was included at any point. This was just about facts.


I seem to have exceeded the 2,500 words that were suggested in the guidelines for this study…. more like 4,500 words!! 😜However, Ixfotolia_38488999_xs-jpg-pagespeed-ic-53y3pnod_o am told there is no upper word limit so I presume that was the minimum figure…then again lol 17 pages may strike my tutor as rather excessive!! 😉 But there are lots of charts, tables and illustrations and a fair amount of “white space” due to chart and table space constraints so hopefully I will get away with this excess!


It seems likely that new printer cartridges and the purchase of more paper will be necessary before I can get this study printed out and then there will be a few weeks to wait before I hear back from the college. Hopefully I will get an A+ and pass this course with a distinction and a 50-gun salute!! On the other hand, this final part may be returned to me with a “flea in my ear” for afflicting them with such a marathon study, and strict instructions to redo it in a smaller format! 🤔That said I have taken a lot out of it already to reduce the size – there’s a lot to say about what makes up a balanced diet for a dog, what dogs need nutritionally…. what long/short term impact does a poor diet have on the dog…not to mention feeding methods, quality of foods…. etc. etc.


So! I will update you good pack members lol with the latest howl when I receive feedback and know what is what. I received top grades for the rest of the course so thanks to your assistance with this study and with a bit of luck this final grade will match the rest. In the meantime, I am now free to return to your blog pages! It has been a long time coming and I look forward to joining you all properly again. 😃 Have a great day/evening or night! Depending on location and time zone! 😎



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27 responses to “Canine Nutrition Study Update Howl!

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  1. Congrats and looking forward to the update!

  2. Wolfie,

    Good work, milady. Good to hear, & it sounds like they’ll have little choice but to approve of it. I don’t think they’ll be intimidated by its size, if 2500 words is truly the minimum. Hopefully, you’ll be able to scan if, save it as a .PDF file, & share it with us…. It will be good to see you around. Take care, & good job getting it done….


    • Thank you! And that’s an interesting suggestion. hadn’t thought about saving it as a PDF etc till you mentioned it ☺ Good thinking… though I think I’ll wait till I get the results and feedback lol Don’t want to be sharing poor quality material do we? LOL😎 Not sure myself about the 2500 words being minimum to be honest. But my tutor told me no upper word limit and the guide has given contradictory information before so…. we will see!

  3. I think you should take a few days to just enjoy yourself – something like going in search of intergalactic liver cake! When shall we leave?

    • Now! Right away Clowie! Pronto! Immediatco!! 😉 Let the search for intergalactic liver cake begin😀 Shall we start all the fun of the hunt on Proxima-b? There may be liver cake…errmm chicken…oops🙃LIFE!!!!… there apparently 👽🐩🐾🍗☺

  4. You must be relieved now that your BIG project is nearly finished. Congratulations sweetie.

    • Thank you Eddie ☺ I am hugely relieved. It had been fun and enjoyable in many ways, but so gimme consuming! And pretty stressful too. Now I finally have some free time back and don’t have to stay up till 3am trying to finish to the exclusion of everything else! ☺

  5. I think you should get the A+ and the 50 gun salute…not many would take this project on. By the way…Boomer is for all meat…veggies are for cats.

  6. Well done you, Icewolf, and good luck!
    Let’s hope that your research and time spent pays off! 🙂

    • Thanks Tom! And I too hope the research and time pays off 😉 I seem to have lived, breathed and even slept nothing much else but that study for the last month! It feels very strange now I’ve suddenly got free time again and can visit blogs at long, long last. I need to visit Twitter too, but not being able to get near my blog for around a month has created a very unbalanced feeling!! Or maybe that is the result of rolling through the vortex to ….. lol 😉

  7. Ha en härlig helg Wolfie och tack för att du skrev i min blogg det var härligt att få se dig igen.. Massor av kramar Nicki

    • Hej Nicki 🙂 Det bra Att vara Tillbaka. Lyckligtvis Har min blogg Inte Har Ett utgångsdatum annars skulle Jag betala för EN Förlängning av Det, as Med mina onlinekurser as Lopt ut Medan Jag försökte avsluta särskild studie! Ha en bra helg. Kram Wolfie 🙂

  8. I am so pleased Wolfie that your Study on this is now completed I doubt very much you will return with a flea in your ear.. LOL.. The 50 gun salute will no doubt ring for days in your ears.. 🙂
    That was a lot of writing and a lot of work.. And I know you will succeed.. Sending great Hooooooooowwwwls your way dear Wolfie.. I hope your paws are keeping warm .. We have a little snow today.. So lots of paw prints to be seen..
    hugs and much love dear Wolfie.. you are loved..
    ❤ Sue xx

  9. That’s my comment in reply to your kind visit:
    It took me ages to reply,I was away,I couldn’t hear the wolfie call,but I’ll do my best to start visiting my friends again.Best wishes for a Happy,Peaceful & Creative New Year,dear friend 🙂
    PS:My dog family will soon let you know about their diet … They are all real beggars,we try hard to follow the vet’s instructions 🙂…..
    Hope you’re keeping well 🙂 Friendly greetings from a WP outsider,at the moment …

    • I’m sure your dog family follow the vet’s instructions 100% 😉 Just like I would lol 😀 Great to see you again…I know it’s not so easy getting back inside as it is going outside then trying to get back to normal w.p blogging and visiting behaviour so don’t worry that your a w.p outsider – you’re not! 😊🐶

      • Oh,my sweet friend Wolfie,thank you so much for reading my emotions,that’s exactly how I feel at the moment.My dogs are very spoiled,unfortunately,they love the food we eat,I think they are clever enough to tell the difference.All our dogs were the same and they lived happily and very healthy more than it was expected.Love for them is the best food ever. We know though that some specific foods are strictly prohibited for their diet.Besides,manufactured dog food didn’t exist some years ago,but still all dogs survived … My best wishes for Easter,if you celebrate it.Have an enjoyable and peaceful spring time 🙂 ❤
        PS:And,so many thanks for your understanding and your encouraging words 🙂

      • Big Wolfie hugs 🙂 Agreed – love is the best food ever for our dogs, and since they did just fine for many years on whatever was handed down to them from the table lol I think dogs may well do just as well without manufactured foods in many cases, if not all. I hope you have a lovely Easter and spring brings you renewed happiness and fun, my lovely friend 🙂 💚

      • Never too late to reply to such a rich,friendly and thoughtful comment!You’re a precious WP friend,dear Wolfie :)So many thanks,from deep in my heart, for your warm wishes!Wishing you a wonderful springtime,my wonderful friend ❤

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