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New evidence from NASA indicates that the most likely places to find life beyond Earth are Jupiter’s moon Europa or Saturn’s moon Enceladus. They, like Earth, are both ocean worlds and in both therein are some of the key ingredients for life.

A wealth of hydrogen molecules in water plumes soaring from the ruptures in Enceladus’s icy surface, have been detected by the Cassini spacecraft. The vital chemical methane, could also be establishing itself in the ocean beneath the ice.

The elusive presence of a water plume erupting on the warmest part of Europa’s icy surface, which has a salty liquid ocean beneath it was shown by the Hubble Space Telescope. The ocean itself contains double the amount of water found in the oceans of Earth.


europ_wolf (2) copy1B

Europa could be the pick of the bunch for life-bearing within our own solar system outside of our homeworld. will launch In the 2020’s the Europa Clipper will be launched, and should arrive at Europa a few years later. It will be the first to explore an alien ocean and will also fly through the plume to collect data.

It will definitely be a first to discover Intergalactic Liver Cake – staple diet of Icewolves, and indeed most domestic canines Earth! The structure of the Liver Cake may differ slightly from much-loved Earthly treat, but the Europan version is just as mouthwatering and tasty to both lupine and canine alike 🙂 And what better time than Easter, the time of ressurection and new life, to discover tantsalising new life hopes on worlds not so very far from home?







Icewolf of course, did not go hunting any down without telling Clowie, the Pyrenean Mountain Dog…she would never dream of such indiscretion 😉 …. Never!

Image: Europa’s Icewolf 2017_ Europa’s Icewolf: Jupiter, seen from Europa.


15 responses to “Happy Easter from Europa :)

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  1. Oh I love those eggs! Happy Easter to you and Wolfie~

  2. Good one, Wolfie! Happy Easter!

  3. Mmmm… liver cake… drool…

    Those planets look rather tasty now they’re egg-shaped, too!

    I’m hungry.

  4. Great information

    Wisdom... Akash!!
  5. Happiest Easter wishes to you dear friend. Oh yes, a little late, well you are an ‘old friend’ whose
    blog name does not appear until near the bottom of the list. Sadly so, you need wait for me
    to read your new posts until the very last. However, always remember,
    you are still number one Wolfie. hugs, Eddie

    • Not to worry Eddie…probably for the best given my seeming inablity to produce a post at all at the moment. Very frustrating this sense of blogging lethergy creeping around! Even dumped Facebook temporarily in an attempt to keep the focus where it matters in blogging world! Wolfie hugs 🙂

  6. I don’t know how I missed this one Wolfie. But I did.. And I hope you enjoyed a beautiful Easter break.. I didn’t have any Easter Eggs.. but I did bake some brownies.. 🙂 with lots of chocolate..
    I think I will give the Intergalactic Liver Cake and leave if for your four legged Wolves as an appetizer Lol .. Wishing you a wonderful Bank Holiday and May Day Wolfie… Hope you have a day off and its fine.. Don’t go working to hard..
    Lots of love to you my friend.. Hugs Sue xx

  7. i am late getting here, glad I found this, it’s amazing!

    • Thank you! lol….I agree it is amazing!!! Amazing that there’s a post here at all 😀 It’s much harder to get back into the blogging game when you’ve had to take time out, than I realised and I’m having a full scale battle to dream up another post right now! Maybe I will draw inspiration from yours 🙂

  8. Happy Easter, Icewolf! I’m mastering the art of time travel now! I shall pop over to Europa later!

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