Blogging Blues…   40 comments

Searching for Inspiration…..


Watching meteors


Funky Mix2A

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40 responses to “Blogging Blues…

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  1. What an inspired post! Glad you posted!

  2. The sky in that image is beautiful. Maybe you just need a rest?

    • It is a rather appealing view…sadly The view outside my window is torrential rain and thick cloud! Don’t know about needing a rest lol had plenty of time for that looking at the gaps between blog posts 🤔 A good “kick up the jacksee” as we say up north lol would probably be more appropriate to shake off the dreaded lethargy! 😉

  3. Love your photos! I think you need a wee change of view so you can ‘see’ things again! A break in the daily of life, a vacation or a staycation to change up your mind. Hugs!

  4. In the image, the individual looks upwards, to the sky. Many have gained inspiration by doing just that.
    Sometimes inspiration can be sparked by watching nature. This has happened to me.
    Everyone works differently, thinks differently, understands differently. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale…Om Shanti

    • Very true Eddie 😊 My recent view of nature consists of grey clouds and constant rain though. It isn’t helping on the inspiration front at all! Got quite a few potential posts knocking around but find myself in the “oh stuff it” mood. ” I’ll do it tomorrow, too much like hard work now” Obviously this is not at all good! Neither is it remotely satisfying. Just had a weeks holiday from work and even that hasn’t fired the planned blogging spree! I’m very disappointed in myself! 😎

  5. You can always write about searching for inspiration…. *grin*


  6. Feeling kinda blue here too …sigh… But what’s a blogger to do?!?
    Perhaps a kick in the pants can get the blogful thoughts to resume 😉 💜 Jackie@KWH

  7. May we all look higher for that inspiration dear Wolfie.. 🙂 Love the images you used.. and a feline among the paw prints.. 🙂 Amazing creation of your photo art..
    Hope you are inspired soon.. We

  8. Oops… pressed a key and it somehow posted..
    We have to keep our thoughts focused on the many good points in the world is what I was going to say Wolfie.
    Sending LOVE and special Hugs your way xx

  9. Inspiration is a wonderful thing Icywolfy
    and I hope that you will be inspired by this
    somewhat ‘out of the Blue’ visit from me,
    I know it’s been an age since I was last on
    here but now that I have called in, I will be
    bugging you a lot more 🙂 Well you can’t
    keep a good, or naughty Vampy down you
    know… oh, You Do Know 😉 Well, that’s
    the proof of the pudding right there then,
    and now all we need to do is (Both of Us)
    find that inspiration and keep it flowing 🙂

    Have a wickedly naughty, or good Tuesday,
    I know which one of those I will be choosing 😉


    Andro xxx

  10. Just a Little HI…

  11. Just calling by to see what you’re getting up to and of course
    to find out if your inspiration levels have increased? Well I am
    here again in such a short period of time so mine must be in
    the forward motion, wow three visits to WP in a week, that’s a
    record for me these days 🙂 lol
    Have a fun filled wicked and naughty Tuesday Icywolfy 🙂 😉
    Andro xxx

  12. hi dear Wolfie.. Hows those blues going?? going GONE. I hope..
    Sending you a few hugs your way..
    Summer is for chasing balls, howling at the moon, and jumping in the lake.. 🙂 Oh and watching Tennis.. 🙂 sending Love your way dear Wolfie xxx ❤

    • Yup…that about sums my summer up Sue!! That and jumping on wrong trains and not noticing till you’re being told you’re half. Way to Torquay! Perfect time of year for you too – being out in the garden with nature in the sun 🌝🌡
      Blogging blues are, I think starting to fade away and the odd snippet of inspiration flits elusively by! Have managed to trash the laptop keyboard. ..don’t ask! This happens to every laptop I’ve owned! I think a MS Surface Pro with a detachable and replaceable laptop keyboard is the only way left to go! But top end machine and premium price tag?…hmm!! 🙄☡💱💲😂 Back to the summer sun and the garden methinks! I can read your lovely blog posts very well out there with the summer birdsong to accompany them 😎🐦🌱🌻xxxx

      • Oh dear.. Torquay!!.. You should have packed your suit case.. Not nice half way there.. And its not all that long you have had your new Laptop? is it? Feel for you..
        Big smiles and enjoy the Sun.. I am enjoying both the Sun, garden and tennis this week.. 🙂 Big Hugs dear Wolfie and so pleased those blues are nearly gone. xxx

  13. Hello
    I wish you a nice Sunday and a nice new week.

  14. Cosmic afterglow in the starry night sky,stargazing away from city lights,the human brain just a complex object in the “known universe” ,a superb computer that we don’t exactly know how it operates.At least,we know that it gives us the power to form language and culture,consciousness,the idea of self,the ability to explore the universe and reflect on our place within it or beyond into the unknown.We even have an inbuilt “model of gravity“,which is pretty useful 🙂 Enjoy more relaxing and contemplative moments until ispirations will start flowing again.Fascinating your reflective photos despite the blues of your beautiful soul … Love & Sunlit hugs to you,dearest friend Wolfie 🙂 xxx

  15. To go to Mars for the human is there any age requirement? I wish to meet your black Icewolf there!

  16. Sometimes, inspiration gets swamped by many things from the daily grind of life, I reckon. When one is tired, it’s difficult to spark. I’ve read your later posts – very inspired writing too 🙂

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