Silence in the Shadows: Ring-World   21 comments



Galaxy’s Edge – The Final Planetary Frontier



Dark alien planetscape…eerie silence bar the wisps of the star winds whispering across a shadowed, dimly-lit terrain. The final planetary frontier, the most distant planetary world in the galaxy…ice cold and barely lit, by a star a million light years away.


The shuttle port was the busiest in the galaxy and settling back comfortably in few remaining free viewing zones intergalactic voyagers watched the ringed shadow of other worlds drift in the skies, as shuttles cleared the flight gantries soaring or roaring, depending on specific speed and flight capacities.

Tourists awed by the sight of the giant swirling vortex at the end of the galaxy – galaxy’s edge. The hub at the end of the galaxy teaming with life that many did not realise existed. Business and leisure intermingled as the vortex at the end of the galaxy swirled in dominant splendour, marking the largely ignored gateway to alternative worlds. It was all very self-contained and comfortable. Yerik and Yelena unashamedly joined the group gazing into the monumental machinery of the galaxy, worlds away from home. Dreams circled in their alien eyes reflecting the bright arms of the vortex. The viewing area alive with the lucky few who had chanced on the space city nestling at the end of the galaxy, a well-kept gem known to the lucky and the privileged.

Yerik glanced sideways at Yelena, seeing a woman lost in the darkened dreams of interplanetary mysteries. Drifting, sliding rifts of thought and endless dreams, meandering like a metallic river through the wandering imagination of a star-driven mind. Floating on the ectoplasm of a world of thoughts. Distant worlds drifted in her eyes, the echoes of the universe’s wonders ebbing and flowing in an endless cosmic flow, in tune with the darkened, radioactive river flowing in untouchable sentient streams through the interstellar star city.

A world built for thousands and inhabited by none. A radioactive ghost city immaculate and equipped with all manner of hi tech gadgetry. A modern day sentinel world humming with electronic life but devoid of any living being. Deep in its centre, artificial green parks and well-stocked shopping malls; still and silent, locked down by an electronic security system, manned remotely from a distant world a thousand light years away. Silent, dark transporter rooms housing brand new equipment that would never be used, never see the immaculate highways built for them. Silence. Sentinel. A world where only the cold winds whispered across a barren and darkened world….




Yelena.jpgLost and distant… Lured by a sighing solar wind that filtered the haunting gold-black suns, filaments tenderly flickering amongst the strands of her fractured thoughts. He had seen that look before…not often, but enough to know. Speaking her name gruffly, chiselled features hard and set, Yerik sensed also, that she was psychologically and emotionally a million light years away, caught up in the desolation, lost in the land of wolves…not of this world…distant and unreadable, and definitely not responding… and she needed to! “Yelena!!” He barked her name sharply this time, eyes, grey and shrouded in cold self-assured scrutiny, attitude dark and commanding demanding her attention in his own language, determined to exact a response from her one way or another.

She started as the alien winds brushed gently through her hair, as ethereal as the dimly lit world they wandered through, stirring her thoughts back to the alien reality before her; to the thrill of the final cosmic frontier.  Silvered seas of tranquility sliding into the night of another world. Vast and silken-dark waters, glistening in wonderful isolation in the flashing lights of exotic, alien eyes.

She turned slowly, gazing deep into his soul, drifting back to him from a great distance, nanotechnogy second after nano second…wolf breed…sleep walking… wolf flashed in her eyes awaking suspiciously to only half conceal the stark warning of wolf and woman towards the veiled threat of the alien male.  She responded to him in his own language, her tones low and throaty, her eyes inward looking, at some unseen mirage of this radioactive world.









The final planetary frontier, the most distant planetary world in the galaxy…ice cold and barely lit, by a star a million light years away.


Always remember that your present situation is not your final destination. The best is yet to come.

21 responses to “Silence in the Shadows: Ring-World

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  1. Nano second by nano second! WELL DONE!

  2. That’s beautiful, Wolfie. I felt like I was there.

  3. Sounds like the last flight I had out of Midway in Chicago, we were snowed in.
    Great post Wolfie. Love the characters. have a fun filled day, Eddie

  4. Fabulous, Icewolf! All that way out and feeling lost in a different way.
    And I love the vortex at the End of the Galaxy… such opportunity… such mystery… and so many stories waiting to be discovered.

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  6. Wow Wolfie, very descriptive.. I loved this bit
    “A world built for thousands and inhabited by none. A radioactive ghost city immaculate and equipped with all manner of hi tech gadgetry. A modern day sentinel world humming with electronic life but devoid of any living being.” That to me sounded like our town.. boarded up shops, only banks and cafes thriving oh and mobile phone shops of course ..

    “Deep in its centre, artificial green parks and well-stocked shopping malls; still and silent,” Yes definitely our town 🙂

    “locked down by an electronic security system, manned remotely from a distant world a thousand light years away.”.. Sat at the traffic lights the other day and watched the whirring of the remote cameras wizzing around to look at traffic and the car park.. I sat and thought about those pressing the buttons and wondered at the homes near by and how many times those cameras acted as peeping toms..??

    Loved your imagination Wolfie.. and sending you some Hooooowwwwwllls, not done that of late 🙂 .

    • Oh dear! I replied to this ages ago and it’s not here! I have just tried again from the comments section, with a long reply and then it turned round and informed me that it hadn’t posted! I have finally got onto my actual site, with difficulty and am trying again from here. This time I will copy the comment before attempting to post it as it disappears if it doesn’t post 😕

      Your comments ARE very valued and appreciated! I’m sure it doesn’t seem that way of Iate, but really they are. And so are you as my friend.

      It’s sad, what you said about your town…isn’t it strange how sometimes despite that our imagination seems to take us to far off worlds in space, it brings us right back to our own doorsteps! However, phone shops are not such a bad thing! Mobile phone shops are wonderful and appealing places to go, and to spend many happy hours browsing in and exploring the latest tech!

      Your comment about the traffic lights and the cameras reminded of Japan and the abandoned nuclear ghost towns around Fukushima. Those streets and houses remain empty and yet the traffic lights and cameras and street lights continue to work as normal even with no one there… apart from the wild life wandering the empty streets and the abandoned shops…No peeping toms there!

      Thank you for your hoooooOOOOOOOWWWWwwwwwwwLLLLLLLLs! They were very welcome and mingled nicely with my own across the frozen wilds of Europa! 🙂 xxx

      • Dearest Wolfie.. Please do not worry.. I leave so many comments around WP, I forget often those I have left and many do not always get back straight away.. I have been a little neglectful of many recently as I have been enjoying Summer and spending more time with family and in the garden..
        I have had that happen to me loads of times.. and I too learnt the hard way, so now I if I think my comment is going to be long I write it first in my note section and then paste it.. I can not tell you the amounts of times it vanishes either by my clicking something I shouldn’t on the key pad and it clearing.. Or as is happening again I am getting spammed .. lol.. SO then I have to find a comment left on my site to go ask them to fish me out..
        All good fun and part of the WP experience..

        Sending Huge Howwwwwwwllllllls back with lots of Hugs.. and Love you too xxx ❤ xxx Hugs Sue xxx

  7. Lost in the inconceivable immensity of our infinite universe and to what lies beyond the edge of the observable universe,dear Wolfie!So much cosmic glow in your post and your futuristic concept!I was thinking of you yesterday as the August full moon was rising above the 5th Century BC Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounio,south of Athens.Balmy night,majestic the moment 🙂 xxx

    • I think I will get you to write my posts for me my beautiful friend 🙂 Your way of writing, and your comments here too transport me to a unique and wonderful place! You take me with you to awesome homeland with all its mystery, and mythology and amazing beauty🌻😃I already feel like I was there with you under the August full moon at the Temple of Poseidon 🤗 It must have been a fantastic night! 🙂 xx

      • Hope you can see me blushing … Cannot thank you enough for your laudatory reply and your kindness.You’re a beautiful heart,a most sophisticated and intellectual friend,that’s why you appreciate my humble posts and comments 🙂 xxx

        PS : The First and the Intelligible Essence – Pythagoras ( 585 – 500 B.C.)

        The survey of all heaven,and of the stars that revolve in it, is indeed beautiful, when the order of them is considered.For they derive this beauty and order by the participation of the first and the intelligible essence.But that first essence is the nature of productive principles,which pervades through all things,and according to which all these celestial bodies are elegantly arranged,and fitly adorned …

        To Wolfie with love,respect & admiration …

      • Likewise my beautiful friend 🙂 xxx

      • 🙂 ❤ xxx

  8. You really are amazing.
    We get each other because of something indefinable.
    For some reason my husband was actually watching Star Trek last night, first time.
    I said, “I know every episode by heart, and all the later iterations. I know this because all my life, I wanted to escape this world, and travel on the to the stars.”
    You are already residing there.
    I get super interested, even time I get the scent, you posted.

  9. You’re the amazing one Cindy! And don’t get me onto those amazing photos of yours either! That undefinable something is cloaked in cosmic magic, precisely because it is so indefinable…but if it was we probably wouldn’t get each other as well as we do 🙂 Your husband has excellent taste! Star Trek should always be watched at least once in a lifetime, especially by those of us who wish to escape to the stars… if your husband did not feel that way before I suspect Star Trek will awaken his inner space lust! “All my life…” me too…I think I was born to travel to the stars! I cannot remember a time when it was not my greatest wish and aspiration 🙂

    I will be travelling to the stars in autumn aboard the “Asgardia-1” satellite, I am happy to say! For now our presence will be virtual, in terms of photographic files and other related data files, including, in my case a slight variation on this post 🙂 Europa’s Icewolf will be truly starborn! I will give you a wave when we reach the designated orbit 🐺🐾🛰🌌🌚🌝🌛😃xx

  10. Hej Wolfie…
    Hoppas att allt är bra med dig…
    Kram Nicki

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