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The Great Brick Safari LEGO Hunt 

Lego Bricks Safari Tour was a fun interactive family event held over Easter at the Festival Place shopping Centre in Basingstoke, North Hampshire by the UK’s sole LEGO-certified building company – Bright Bricks, based in Bordon, Hampshire.  

I chanced on this fun jungle trail quite by accident and consequently didn’t know what it was and therefore, only discovered the animals inside the shopping centre. So! Not too many photos got taken! But I have included a selection of the ones I did have the good fortune to encounter along the way. I was a touch disappointed to learn there were no LEGO Icewolves on display but still 😉 

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The aim was to find as many animals as possible to win prizes, and there were also creative workshops for the children, of which there were many! Here they had the opportunity to build either their own LEGO tiger or lion face, which they could then take home with them. Wolfie considered this idea but decided an Icewolf was unlikely to be allowed access! However, the LEGO Safari jeep where selfie-lovers could indulge themselves with endless selfies was a tempting proposition 🙂 






There were in total, 20+ sculptures of LEGO zoo and jungle animals on display which had natural appeal to all age groups, and they were built to impressive life-size proportions. Shame Wolfie didn’t realise they were also to be found in a variety of different spots outside Festival Place Shopping Centre as well as inside it, but hey ho! Such is the life of an Icewolf! 😉

Sculptures included crocodile, which I did manage to find, an ostrich, gorilla, warthog, and lion, which I assume were outside somewhere, and apparently there were parrots and spiders on show…somewhere! No problem missing the spiders but I would have liked to see the parrot. The pictures of it all appear to be copyrighted so are not here (the photos on show are my own) but it was very bright and parrotish!! 1 million+ LEGO bricks were used to construct the safari sculptures, and an eye-watering total of 6,241 building hours spent doing so, by a specialist team. Pretty awesome job done, in the eyes of Wolfie 🙂

(Photos: ©Europa’s Icewolf 2018) 


11 responses to “LEGO Safari Hunt – Easter 2018

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  1. WOW! Those are amazing!

    • They were awesome! The tiger had a fantastically realistic tigery growl/snarl sound effect too. Obviously couldn’t capture that in a photo but it added a great sense of realism ☺ I wish I’d seen the rest of them! The pic I found of the parrot for example was lovely 😎

  2. Sounds like fun, Icewolf… too bad you missed the other displays, but it appears you were only destined to see these this time! I used to love Lego when I was little, but never created anything as magnificent as this. Mind you, I didn’t have that many bricks which meant I was a little scuppered before I even began! 😀

  3. Awesomeness!

  4. Oh my Wolfie, beats my own attempts of building houses and robots for my son when he had lego.. These are just wonderful, Love the Tiger and the Leopard just the themes I have been painting lately. 🙂 lol 🙂 I now have my trio hanging on the walls.
    Oh and I am down to just over 300 but as I am visiting each one as I press delete I am working my way through.. And hope to narrow down to 100 .. So thank you for the thumbs up and the liberation!…
    Back in the garden tomorrow to take some photos for my garden blog..
    Enjoy the SUN… while it shines Wolfie.. Big hugs my friend xx

  5. They’re amazing! They look so life-like. My biped says she’d have enjoyed Lego much more if she’d had enough bricks and enough colours to build animals!

    • Clowie! Your blog has been very quiet, lovely to see you here though 😀 The reply box vanished from the reader last night so I held off till today to see if it returned. I can imagine your biped busy building lego animals… white hairy ones maybe! Named Clowie! Probably not enough white bricks though and not enough colour lol 😉

  6. Wow vilka bilder Wolfie så snyggt.. tummen upp.. ha en riktigt fin helg kram Nicki

  7. Wow, pretty C@@L !!! 🙂 ❤ Jackie@KWH!

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