Other Worldly Voices: 3–Your Venutian Voice!   14 comments



Next up, our neighbouring planet Venus: that roasting hot hell-hole of a world not even vaguely conducive to human existence, with a surface temperature hot enough to melt lead, a crushingly high pressure (think 900m under the sea!) and thoroughly poisonous, largely carbon dioxide atmosphere (aprox. 70 x the density of Earth’s – all thick and soupy) On this basis your lungs would be crushed and you wouldn’t be able to shout, scream, yell or even sing no matter how much you might like to, and you certainly wouldn’t be having a chat since you wouldn’t be able to speak. All these delights coupled up nicely with a choking cover of sulphuric acid clouds. If you survived long enough, due to Venus’s retrograde orbit you could enjoy the curious pleasure of watching the sun rise – in the west and set in the east! As you probably wouldn’t survive you might still have just enough time to see the Venutian night sky. You wouldn’t see any stars but it would be suitably dark and black. If on the other hand your untimely demise happened to occur during the day you would be able to enjoy an orangy-red sky for a few seconds – the result of the sunlight being scattered around by those deadly carbon dioxide molecules. Returning to your vocalisations, should you be lucky enough to try having any, the high atmospheric density would lead to much slower vibrations of your long-suffering vocal cords so your vocalisations would sound very deep bass-toned. However, since the sound waves you produce, if you’re really, really lucky, move through Venus’s atmosphere much quicker than they would in Earth’s so you would also be speaking in a decidedly squawky, squeaky fashion! Not great for your final yell of protest at your pending demise on Venus!

14 responses to “Other Worldly Voices: 3–Your Venutian Voice!

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  1. Wow! That sounds pretty scary even for a Wolf!

  2. A deep squeak sounds very interesting, Icewolf. A bit like my singing voice here on Earth… oh, no, hang on… I don’t have a singing voice on Earth. Maybe I *do* have a Venutian singing voice on Earth. 😊

  3. Hi there my dear friend Icywolfy, I know, a very rare visit but as I have only just arrived back here after twenty months of being absent I thought it only right that you are my first space to visit. Love your posting by the way, and I hope that you will be adding some more, I promise not to take off again anytime soon, but wow I have almost forgotten what I am doing on here, it’s changed so much. Okay enough of my waffling, have a great Tuesday and don’t be pinching my taco’s…or anything else for that matter. I will report back later, after removing the washing line from my… never you mind, cheeky.
    Love from Andro x x

    • I am most honoured by your campy presence after 20 months absent! Very impressive that my space is your 1st port of call😀I’m not doing very well at the planned comeback but hopefully posting will improve with practise and discipline 😂You’re right about how much things have changed on here😯I ha e absolutely no idea how to make the new editor work how I want it to and have resorted to using Live Writer on the old laptop 😫Maybe you figure it out and educate me one dark and secluded night hanging off the washing line together for a quick bite😜A BITE Vampy one not a BIT!!🤣 Of your tacos that is😇In the meantime…what on Venus are you doing with that washing line tangled up in your….!!😅😁😂 Love Wolfie xx

      • Well for starters, that washing line of yours always snags in my… well I’m not going to say, after all you’ve already visualised where, so no point in being too graphic! 😲
        Okay were were we? Ah yes, having a bit on the washing line, a bit of the Taco I mean, you do have some peculiar dining out habits but hey I love your company so who cares if there’s an odd sock, or ‘G’ string in between our conversations 😁😲 lol
        Yes it’s a bit of a minefield working around the new format, but I’m doing a lot better using my phone instead of my laptop. It’s actually much easier through the App even for an old Vampy like me 👌😲😘 so maybe that’s an idea for you, try it if you can my beautiful Icywolfy x
        This reply is longer than my… wait for it, longer than my post lmfao you’re so damn cheeky 🙂😜
        Right, I’m going next, just be good today, or at least try to be x
        (((Hugs Aplenty)))
        Andro x x

      • The washing line is designed that way! For having a bit on that is 😅 Nothing wrong with Tacos😜 Better still in your awesome company and the pleasure of time spent with you is only enhanced by the presence of the odd sock and G-string twirling g around!

        I shall certainly try your suggestion of using the phone instead of the laptop. However it refuses to allow me to edit once I’ve put something in with the new editor. Says it’s not allowed. Not very helpful with the amount of adjusting necessary to make things work on my blog background😉

        I’m nowhere near as cheeky as you! 😂

        Icwolfie hugs 🤗🐺🤗😀🐺

  4. I replied to you but on your post it seems to be missing, don’t tell me this is another glitch (or you could have two replies with this one, hmm… awaiting your reply to find out 😲lol)
    Okay back to this posting, well how are we going to sing the dawn chorus with a lead melting atmosphere, coupled with unprecedented Venus, ir similar word sightings, it’s such a distraction for you… I am just shuffling our song sheets, we can go back to our ship for a bit if you like?
    Yes of course a bit of singing, keep your train of thought on my Venus it’s not hard… hey, my interpretation of the planet, not what you were thinking 😲🤣
    OMG lol x

    • We’ll be dead before we get back to the ship Vampy!😂 We certainly won’t be around to sing the dawn chorus though our song sheets might be😅The fact that I will be dead will probably quite big enough distraction for me thanks😜🤣🤪 I don’t seem to have 2 replies here but as I howled, being dead is a little distracting even on Venus! My brain of thought is very firmly fixed in Venus😇Unfortunately it would seem for all eternity in the circumstances 😂xx

      • Oh yes, the two comments thingy, well it’s because of this crazy WP format. What is he blathering on about I hear you say!? Well one of the comments is my post comment and the other a reply, OMG best not ask, it will only confuse us more, but I found the other one, the mystery comment I thought was lost…

        Okay, back to you prising me from this very uncomfortable washing line landing, I’ve heard the term stuck up, but this is ridiculous 😲😁 lol

        We need a Pluto trip next, if we can find it, as you know, Uranus was a very nice treat, hey, keep your mind out of the gutter lmao 😲x

        Keep Safe.

        Hugs Andro x x

  5. Have a nice day my friend..hug Nicki 🤗

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