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Last in the “Other Worldly Voices” series! Saturn’s moon Titan introduces you to the dubious joys of liquid methane rain, alien thunderstorms, lightning, lakes of liquid ethane and methane, and regional methane seas. It’s also the only moon in the solar system with a dense atmosphere and thick cloud cover, and with lower gravity than Earth (about 14%) and a pretty, hazy orange sky, it is also safe from cosmic radiation. So, not a bad environment if you’re into that sort of thing. You could actually survive here without a space suit /pressurised suit – just be sure you have an oxygen mask and some pretty warm clothes! -179deg’s C approx.

It also offers a slight improvement on the vocalisation front. Cue deep and raspy voice! But at least you have a voice here despite Titan’s freezing cold 50% denser than that of Earth atmosphere, and consisting of a heady 95% nitrogen and 5% methane. However, this dense and a touch on the chilly side Titan air, leads to less quivering on the part of your vocal cords and more appropriate behaviour from them given the circumstances.

Not satisfied with leisurely vocal cords Titan’s atmosphere also slows sound waves down too. On the upside, due to high levels of nitrogen in the atmospheric composition of Titan you’ll sound sexy and your deep and raspy vocals will travel for miles, unlike on Mars! Better still you’ll sound great because this handy atmosphere does not dull down the sexy vocals you utter!



Noise, Winter 2019 issue of Popular Science


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  1. I sounded like that the other morning, Icewolf, and I hadn’t even left Earth! I had a terrible frog in my throat which just wouldn’t go, and I sounded raspy for a good few hours. I suppose frogs in throats wouldn’t be noticed on Titan, however, as I suppose with those temperatures everyone will probably have one.
    You need to come back to this series at a later date… there are a lot of planets and moons out there! 🙂 I enjoy visiting the planets with you.

    • Thanks Tom😃Will do my Wolfie best to track down some more material on this subject! I’ve enjoyed it too so I’m happy 😊 that you did as well😀 I hope you’re not still sounding raspy and you’ve plucked that naughty frog 😉 out of your throat…It’s probably hopped several times round Titan in the time it’s taken me to get back to you! Icewolfie is a bit of a hopeless case, I think 🤔 you’d probably agree 👍 😉 I don’t mean to be but it just kind of happens every so often 😉 Mind you, on this occasion it’s partly due to taking a tumble during my planetary visits leading to a broken Icewolf paw🐾 Left paw so not that great an excuse since I’m right pawed and it’s in a splint not plaster😜 but it sounds like the kind of excuse for poor attendance that might garner some sympathy! 😉 Maybe!😆 Contrary to popular opinion this tumble did not happen when I’d “had a few!!” Though it’s probably better they think that than know the facts!🤣 Neither has this stopped me taking up NASA’s offer of a boarding pass for the 2026 (or was it 2024?🤔🙃) future flight to Mars! So, no excuses for not planet hopping to your blog really is there?😃

      • Sorry to hear about your paw, Icewolf, it’s still a hindrance all the same, even if it isn’t your dominant paw. Hope it heals quickly, so you can get more solar system hopping in for your next post! 😉 Take it easy until then, though!

      • Suitably well recovered thanks Tom! Just downloaded Open Live Writer – very cool, it looks just like the original! Got a shiny new laptop (hope it is anyway, haven’t seen it “in the flesh” yet) waiting here for Christmas day and a shiny new tablet also waiting for Christmas Day. Should finally be able to start blogging again with a bit of luck! 🙂

      • That’s good to know, Icewolf – being well recovered, that is.
        I think WordPress are making changes and restricting third party (third app?) access. I can no longer use Windows Live Writer to post to Splodge and Splatter, although I can still use Open Live Writer for my main blog. I pay for my main one though, where Splodge is a freebie. I don’t know if this is the reason, though. If this stop working, there’s always the WordPress desktop app, although I think that uses the same editor as the main WordPress one… I can see us all having to get used to that soon.
        Looking forward to seeing more posts from you, Icewolf… however you choose to write them!

      • That doesn’t reassure me in the slightest but not to worry😏Used a whole month’s mobile broadband data on new laptop then realised I don’t like it and sent it back for a refund. So no data, no laptop and soon to be no live writer it would seem…no blog 🤔 either in all likelihood if that’s going to be the case 🥴 Ah well! Happy New Year 2022 Tom!

      • Hope you get things sorted, Icewolf, and things work for you just as you like them! Happy 2022. 🙂

  2. Wow, it’s been eons. So great hearing from you. Bless your heart

  3. Have a nice day Wolfie and take care..hug Nicki 🤗👍♥️

  4. So happy to see you Wolfie, and know I am not the only one who took a long break from blogging lol… 🙂 Wonderful that you dropped by,..
    Maybe I could become an Opera Singer in Titan … I always fancied myself as singing those very high notes …. In the choir I never was a soprano always classed as the Alto.. 🙂
    Wishing you all the very best Dear Wolfie..
    Happy New Earth Year ❤

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