The Legends of Europa: the Firewolves

Yes, the universe is teeming with a vast array of star wolves! They can be found in a mesmerising variety of forms which are beautifully illustrated in a cosmic series of richly imaginative posts by Tom (The Mansionic Perspective) – THE LEGENDS OF EUROPA: the Firewolves is the second in an amazing developing series of posts, which further enhanced by Tom’s impressive 3-D imagery, shares the legends of the Firewolves. Read and enjoy!!
(Click link for the first in the series – THE LEGENDS OF EUROPA: the Icewolves

The Mansionic Perspective

2. The Fire-wolves

Io, the Sisters’ Domain, is an ever-changing world due to the sub-surface lava flows, caused by many underground volcanic eruptions. The lava and crust of the moon keep any toxic gases encased inside the globe, which in turn get recycled back into the flowing mass, churning it around for further eruptions.

The Sisters are the Firewolves. The reddish-furred wolves that ride the largest landmass as it moves its way around the moon, appearing to almost surf the waves of lava.

Due to the atmospheric pressures, lightning strikes upon the land are frequent, and these are one amongst many perils that the Firewolves need to be wary of.

When storms break, they take shelter within the lava caves; some naturally formed, others clawed out by the wolves themselves in times of desperation.

These Firewolves are reclusive. They still run around in packs, as do most other wolves, but…

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9 thoughts on “The Legends of Europa: the Firewolves

    1. I think it is Tom who is excelling himself Sue😀My blog just looked and “saw that it was good” and decided that share and enjoy was the name of the game! Some posts just have to be shared with as many people as possible 😃

    1. Not my masterpiece Eddie, but Tom’s! He’s developing awesome skills with 3D that I can’t begin to match😃 I’m working on the challenge but have a long way to go to get past the starting line😉I would say that Tom is doing a lot of accomplishing!

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