A post in 6 sentences Tom said….didn’t say how long the sentences could be though!

Hotly pursued by Interplanetary Law Enforcement, a well-muscled dissident male and his rogue confederation wolfdog bolting through the ever-darkening shadows of the bustling interstate, dodging deftly through an indifferent crowd, the hunters, and the hunted.

From the heady heights of the interstellar overhang the view was spectacular. Astonishing and implausible – futuristic architecture soaring loftily in high-tech sentinels. Set against the icy night backdrop of a star-black sky, heralding the space age skyscrapers they provided a startling contrast to far below on ground level, where the interstate pulsed with vibrant energy.

Alien, insurgent wolfdog and humanoid dissenter pounded with dark determination, thundering hearts, and rushing blood, through the dynamic buzz of the lunar-lit astral city; towering sky walks and ultra-modern architecture dwarfing them far below. Firearms flared on their heels piercing the indigo-blue skyline in futuristic fantasies; until without warning – surging force-wall looming up ahead…. trapped –

PSX_20220615_234508 1

10 thoughts on “Dissident

  1. Nice descriptions and cleverly executed, Icewolf. I just want to know who they are and why they’re running! Another six forthcoming, perhaps? 😁
    The sixes are fun, aren’t they? The challenge I do also has a weekly prompt word to insert somewhere within the six sentences.
    But… there is no limit to the length of the sentences, so you can get quite a lot in!

    1. The sixes are definitely fun Tom! Don’t think I’ve ever poured over a blog post counting the number of sentences before😅This was my 2nd attempt at this post. I stuck it up there a little while ago only to find it had opted with a strange array of different fonts that I hadn’t chosen and seemingly couldn’t edit them back to normal…different fonts…different sizes…very infuriating so I pulled it down and sulked for a week or so😉
      Hmm…yes I thought recaled a prompt word being part of the 6-sentences but I figured a 6-sentence post was in my case 😉 a huge challenge in it’s own right so ‘forgot’ about that bit 🤪
      Who are they and why are they running? 🏃‍♂️ 🤔 Suppose I could have included that…but the sentences would have been impossibly long!!Like falling words first down a black hole⚫️ 😆…Another six you say…well…possibly…it’s partially based on a full-length thingy never shared here…another six would be…challenging shall we say!! I will investigate 🔎 😊

      1. I remember the earlier post, but the WordPress App told me it wasn’t available. There are a few funnies going on with WP at the minute, I thought this was another… at least I know what happened there!
        I like the feeling to this chase scene, so it would be nice if you were to drop in a few other details (6 or not!) just so you can silence my Inner Inquisitor… yes, that’s another who’s just surfaced! 🙂

      2. Well…if it meets with your approval 😉 the it can’t be too bad😁One of those posts that you feel quite pleased with personally but aren’t at all sure about how well it might be received by potential viewers😵‍💫Perhaps partly why I pulled it down again so quickly- sometimes the confidence takes a dive-nose! Your Inner Inquisitor?!! Oh dear! There’s a scary thought!🙃I could try to silence 🔕 it…but Inquisitors are very hard Inners too satisfy!🤣

      3. The good thing about blogging is we can post anyway, and then return later with a modified updated version! I just post away now, wherever my creative muse takes me (I mean, have you seen my art blog, Splodge and Splatter lately? Shameless plug, but point proven!) Hehehe! 😊

  2. They were pretty good sentences too.
    Sounds like the opening setting script, of a great film .
    Hope your howls have not been muted in the heat Wolfie..
    Sending hugs your way.. 💕🥰

    1. Thanks Sue😀 And it qould be very cool if I ever got to write a great film script! 🎥
      As to my howls…they melted clean away in the heatwave!😅 Like melting chocolate! 🍫 😂

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