Sunflower Wolves of Canes Venatici

Sunflower Wolf Feature

Sunflower Galaxy Graphic

The Sunflower Galaxy (M63) a spiral galaxy that “exists in a sea of stars” in the constellation of Canes Venatici – the Galactic Hunting Dogs, as one of the four galaxies known as the “M51 Group of gravitationally bound galaxies” which also include: Messier 51 (the Whirlpool Galaxy), Messier 94 (the Cat’s Eye Galaxy), and Messier 106.

The Sunflower Galaxy, with its two spiralling galactic arms twinkling by means of the radiation from freshly formed blue-white giant stars, is a creation known for its floral appearance. It derives its name from its vivid sunny-yellow centre, and the short, wispy spiral arms which give the impression of coiling round it presenting the manifestation of a sunflower. – Its yellow core is a jam-packed expanse of stars, and is surrounded by a dusty, radiant red halo, where in 2011, astronomers discovered a faint, arching, tidal stellar stream and pepperings of “starburst” localitiesthe birthing arena of new stars and dusky clouds of interstellar dust known as dust lanes.


(Image Credit: The Sunflower Galaxy (M63) Page URL: Attribution: NASA/ESA – The Hubble Legacy Archive (HLA): Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI), the Space Telescope European Coordinating Facility (ST-ECF), and the Canadian Astronomy Data Centre (CADC) – zoranknez (Aladin software), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)

May 25, 1971, A Type I supernova designated SN 1971I was identified in one of the Sunflower galaxy’s spiral galactic arms, reaching a magnitude of 11.8.

There is also a possible “supermassive black hole” (SMBH) housed in centre of the galaxy, which, if it is does in fact exist, is estimated to have a mass approximately 850 million times that of the Sun.

Sunflower Symbolism

Sunflowers, symbolically, are bursting with upbeat connotations incorporating, joy, hopefulness, integrity, permanence, peace, respect, and dedication. They have important cultural and spiritual magnitude to people everywhere. The sunflower conceivably exceeds all others in relation to its worldwide power to bring cheer to people.

Peace – One of the sunflower’s supreme and most significant symbolic meanings comprises a world totally free of nuclear weapons. Sunflowers are symbolic representations and the secret language of nuclear disarmament. Following the break-up of the Soviet Union in 1991, both new varieties of sunflowers, and their seeds, were in 1996, planted on the sites where prior to this, nuclear warhead silos had been positioned. Nuclear catastrophe sites such as Fukushima, Chernobyl and Hiroshima were also planted with sunflowers. This was intended to be representative of a world living in peace, released permanently from the threat of dangerous, deadly nuclear weapons.

Sunflowers have demonstrated their ability to soak up damaging poisonous elements and radiation contamination from the soil, and from the environment, the radioactive isotopes that exist on these sites. The beautiful and environmentally friendly sunflower now more than ever is a bright symbol of peace and a representation of optimism for the future of humanity.

Sunflowers have also come to be emblems of truth and authenticity, and symbolise the words in the saying, “The truth will set you free.”

Sunflower Mythology

The Inca People – the Incas; Incan priestesses honoured their sun god “Inti,” whom they believed sunflowers to be the image of, by wearing vibrant gold discs closely resembling sunflowers, on their chests.

Native Americans shared a similar view, also considering sunflowers to be sacred. They incorporated the sunflower into many of their spiritual ceremonies, one of them being the “Sun Dance”.

Greek mythology, linked the sunflower with allegiance and dedication:

A nymph known as Clytie was spellbound by Apollo the sun god and, she strove to shadow him anywhere and everywhere. However, Apollo ultimately discovered true love with a different nymph – Leucothoe, and Clytie he transformed into a sunflower. Nevertheless, even in this form, Clytie never wavered from her eternal observation of her beloved Apollo no matter where he voyaged.

The Sunflower Wolves

Sunflower Wolf and Solar Panels Feature

Slivers of sunlight slanting above the horizon. The first shadow of the neighbouring ring world system – Meridian, rising steadily on Equinox’s dawn lit horizon, to hang in majestic ringed silence, filling the entire horizon of the world of Equinox – home world of the Sunflower Wolves in the Sunflower Galaxy of the Canes Venatici star system. Solar flare black sunflower wolves fired with skating flames of solar energy watching ghostlike, viewing the gilded shimmers of eternity, caught in its ringed aliennness.

Solstice promises sliding in burning gold bolts through their incandescent coats, illuminated their heart power, racing upstate through their sun-fired bodies with the passions of life and interstellar dreams and the magic of Canes Venatici – the Galactic Hunting Dogs; mystery of the sunflower rhapsody awakening over an enchanted dawnscape. The song of the Sunflower star wolves echoing in floral notes in the rosy dawn sky casting its silken sound to the sphere of a 1000 solstice suns. – answering the call of their kindred, calling the compelling, musical song of the Sunflower wolves across the glowing skies of Equinox, a glorious shimmering-saffron globe when seen shining in the sky of another world.

Sunflower wolves have no natural predators so have multiplied and thrived across their world to become the dominant species. Vegan wolves, they co-exist peacefully and happily together, and at one with their world. Sunflower wolves are integral to the growth of natural sunflowers on Equinox. Their paws act as fertilisers for the sunflowers/plants and their floral howls serve to encourage strong upward growth as the sunflowers reach skywards towards the sun.

While sunflowers grow naturally across the surface of Equinox, they are also grown in vast solar hydroponics plants* powered by the huge array of AI-controlled solar panel farms glinting across the face of the planet.

*Hydroponics, a horticultural technique for growing plant life devoid of soil, instead using blends of mineral nutrient dissolved in water. Also known as ‘aquaculture, it has several advantages including:

· Crops can be grown anytime and anyplace, in the open, or indoors and the growing lights can be utilised to lengthen the growing season

· This method requires a smaller amount of water than traditional soil-based systems and less space is required to grow a greater number of plants

· Growth rate is rapid and higher quality crops are produced

Sunflower Wolf

The Sunflower Wolves are natural guards of these facilities patrolling in well-organised shifts to ensure round the clock protection for the sunflowers growing within. At night their warning howls, which also serve to call other wolves to their night shift, carry far beyond their world, deterring potential off-world intruders and enforcing night-time security at the sunflower hydroponics plants, whilst also roaming warningly across the shuttle bases dotted around the outskirts of the solar farms.

References: (The Sunflower Galaxy – Facts about Messier 63 – The Planets)

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  1. How fascinating, Icewolf! 🙂
    Firstly, the galaxy is new to me… and so close! It’s just calling for a visit – I must try my Astral Projection again!
    Meridian and Equinox sound fabulous, with those Sunflower Wolves. I’d probably have gotten around to writing about them in a possible further legends series, but at least you’ve shared their stories now! Good stuff indeed! 😀

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  3. WOW… no wonder I LOVE Sunflowers Wolfie.. so much information held here..
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    1. Lovely to see you again Sue, and thank you for your visit! Yes, sunflowers are lovely, my neighbours are sporting around 6 giant beauties all looking in the direction of my window so I get a lovely view of great big sunflower heads….I grew some dwarf ones during lockdown, they were very beautiful too…smiley and happy plants! Hugs and howls to you!

      1. Hugs and howls right back dear Wolfie… and my Sunflowers still magnificent… I know I will be planting many more next year… Sending LOVE dear friend and thank you for your mega catch up.. Just off to reply to them now… Like you I have been away for a while from blog land… Working the land and working the threads of Yarn…. LOL…. Much love Wolfie. ❤

      2. Sunflowers 🌻 are addictive! I’ve been busy trying to grow my houseplants turned outdoor plants 🪴 through no fault of their own, back to their former glory – the 2 that survived last winter outside❄️⛈️🌪☃️ but next year hopefully get growing seeds again🌻Thosev2 big ex houseplants might not be too happy if I don’t get them under cover though…the rain has arrived…I’m trying to toughen them up for the winter…not drown them!!🌊🤯🤣

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