The Pyramid Ice-Flame Wolves – The Wolf-Gates of Europa

Moon Wolves are a symbol of stamina and strength, teaching us to know who we are, and to develop strength and confidence in what we do.

Be receptive to new concepts because in doing so we can gain more wisdom. Utilise it well and share it with others. And remember, wisdom is gained through experience, by travelling the road.

As the number of wolves in the Chisanu-AO4 and the Europa packs increased, it was soon clear that Europa did not have enough resources to sustain them all. The new larger and bolder breed of wolves – “Pyramid Ice-Flame Wolves,” were evolving, their highly advanced, and finely-tuned telekinetic skills vastly superior to previous generations.

Glacial metallic-steel coat colours gave way to the ice-platinum white of the Europa wolves, growing longer and fuller and laced with the glacial-blue tones of the Chisanu wolves. Cool cobalt blue eyes fluctuated between meteoritic aluminium and haunting ice fire, reflecting their unique heritage.

Drawing on their natural pyramid energies, they developed the skills to tap into the lines of energy running throughout Europa. They discovered also, the art of controlling and channeling the energies that opened the wolf gates; glowing gateways between worlds. Star-ways travelled by the Ice-wolves of Europa and beyond. Negotiated by their star instincts to travel between galactic worlds.

The Penitentes of Europa (giant jagged, ice blades littering the surface of Europa), were rich in such gateways allowing the Pyramid Ice-Flame wolves free access to the pathways of the galaxies, an elusive natural phenomenon, well known but little understood.

It was via one such wolf gate, that the boldest and most adventurous of Europa’s Pyramid-Ice Flame wolves, ventured from their icy home world to establish their own packs on a new world in intergalactic space. Travelling the paths of the cosmic wolf ways, until they arrived at the cusp of the exotic twin star-sun world Medias-CM5 in the M41 star cluster within the Canis Major system, and the genesis of a new life. 

9 thoughts on “The Pyramid Ice-Flame Wolves – The Wolf-Gates of Europa

  1. Revealing more for us to understand the deep nature of the Wolf.
    Far beyond imagination lies the open truth of his breed. There we
    begin to see that it is quite large.
    Thank you Wolfie, hugs, Eddie

    1. I would dare to say Eddie, that your food self likely has a far deeper understanding of the nature of the natural world as a whole, than anything this icy Europan wolfie can share on the subject!🫠 Wolfie hugs 🤗

  2. Wonderful Wolfie… Those gateways mega important portals. The strength of these Wolves is very symbolic as they follow their instincts into the unknown.. We could all do with some of their wisdom as we tap into our own Cosmic Energies.. Would that more could Evolve into their higher species 🙂
    So loved the fabulous graphics Wolfie.. Especially the portal jumping
    Sending Love my Wolfie friend… And thank you so, so much for your lovely catch up recently…. Mega Hugs and Howwwwlllss… my friend…
    Keep those paws dry and warm my friend ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. I would be very worried if the human race evolved into a telekinetic species! We are bad enough as it is and supposedly we are already the most evolved species on the planet🤣The wolfways and wolfgates as you so rightly say, in your own admirable wisdom and understanding, are definitely mega important! The icewolves were probably glad to shed a few wolfies from Europa I’m the interests of having enough food left for their continued survival too😂 Greedy bunch those Pyramid Ice-Flame wolves! Channelling all that cosmic energy is hungry work though in all fairness😉 I’m sure you’d agree from experience in your own realms of the energy forces of nature!😀 Thank you for your lovely, uplifting comment😊xx

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