Ghost of Jupiter

The Ghost of Jupiter is the jewel in the crown in the springtime skies – its flagship planetary nebula, and one of the most local to our solar system. It shines with a modest illumination of magnitude 7.8, and its central dwarf star is about 25 times brighter than our Sun.

It is sometimes referred to as Caldwell 59 or the Eye Nebula, but it is most commonly known as the Ghost of Jupiter or Jupiter’s Ghost, because it spans an approximately Jupiter-sized area in the sky.

Also, when seen through small telescopes it does bear resemblance to a planet, although rather than Jupiter, it looks a lot more like Uranus or Neptune, and is visible as a gently radiating, and pale bluish-green disk.

In larger telescopes it shows as similar in shape to an eye or a ball, with a white dwarf star (HD90255) at the heart and surrounded by an indistinct globular layer.

Planetary Nebula

Ghost of Jupiter Nebula (upper right)

Credit: A. Rector/University of Alaska Anchorage, H. Schweiker/WIYN and NOIRLab/NSF/AURA/, L. Frattare and Z. Levay/STScI/AURA/NASA

Stars up to 8 times more massive than the Sun do not go supernova – forcefully explode, at the end of their lives in contrast to many stars. Instead they waft and surge serenely, puffing up to create stunningly shaped clouds whilst discharging their external layers into the surrounding space.

An extensive amount of the Ghost’s bluish-green tint is derived from atoms of oxygen which are absorbing ultraviolet radiation at temperatures of 60,000-degree K from the white dwarf star at the heart of the nebula, which is then emitted back out as visible light triggering the gas to glow.

Ghost also has two red flames emitting from the inner globular layer – one on the top right and one on the bottom left, which comprise of accumulations of cooler gas.

Coincidentally Ghost (aka Ghost-SkyStream of Medias) is also the title of the founding alpha male of the Pyramid Ice-Flame Wolves of Medias-CM5 wolf pack, located in the M41 (NGC 2287) open star cluster in the Canis Major system (CMa).

Ghost SkyStream of Medias


6 thoughts on “Ghost of Jupiter

  1. Fascinating, Icewolf… and fascinating images, too! I’ve never heard of the Ghost of Jupiter before but what a great name for a nebula.
    And Ghost-Skystream… a strong name for a founding Pyramid Ice Flame wolf. 🐺

    1. It’s amazing what the universe throws up for our entertainment, isn’t it Tom!🌠It was a very handy nebula 🌌 to waft into my life as it tied in so conveniently with “Ghost” the Pyramid Ice Flame wolf! 🐺 😎 He needed a good, strong name Tom…💪can’t have a founding Pyramid Ice Flame wolf🧊🔥🐺 with a feeble name like “Twinkle toes-bop-bop-tickly boo boos of Medias” for example😉😏💩😁

      1. Twinkle toes-bop-bop-tickly boo boos is in itself quite a strong name, Icewolf, all things considered. Perhaps not as memorable or catchy as Ghost, but strong in its own right. Maybe TTBBTBB was the second option for the second in command. 🫡🤔🤣

      2. 🤣😂🤣Oh Tom…🤣😂🤣 It has been impossible to answer this comment any sooner because it has been impossible to stop laughing!😅🤣 You have even given this ludicrous name a shortcode! It definitely was not an option for the 2nd in command either🤣😆🤣 It was meant to be feeble and ridiculous but now I’m thinking along the lines of would it be a good name for an alpha Sunflower wolf?😅🐺🫡…”Twinkle toes-bop-bop-tickly boo boos of Equinox!😂” TTBBTBB rolls of the tongue with style too! Oh dear… look what you’ve started now Tom Twinkle toes…..🤣😅😂🤣😆🤣

      3. 🤣 I’ve been called worse, Icewolf! 😂
        Maybe you should look at Fluffy, High Priestess of Wolf Command… or Delta Quadrant Darkwolf Commander Tiddles… or even Bunty the Butterfly Wolf… I’m not going to say feeble-sounding to any of them… 🤫😶🫢🤭😅😆😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 Tom Twinkletoes. Sounds quite elvish! 😀

  2. The Universe is a wealth of Magical images, and unknown properties… Loved learning more about the Ghost of Jupiter and WOW to those Images… Stunning and ‘Eye’ catching.. 🙂
    Have a wonderful Weekend dearest Wolfie…. No ice boots, just wellies Lol…
    Big hugs your way my friend… and thank you for your valuable friendship ❤

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