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Ice Wolves Award Policy!


2013 Awards Notice…!

Awards are a wonderful gift and to all those who have along the way, or who may considering my blog for a nomination, the thought is much appreciated thank you… However! I am totally incapable of meeting the requirements of the rules involved with awards! I cannot for example nominate a particular number of blogs to pass them onto. I would have to break the rules straight away and nominate everyone I follow because I believe they are all equally worthy of awards in their own, individual and unique ways. Also being a slightly paranoid and security conscious wolf, who is not keen on risking my personal information being compromised, I am not willing to divulge it in the ways most awards require.

I am a genuine and honest Ice wolf and not in any way attempting to mislead or deceive anyone, but this is a public blog and not everybody who views it and it’s contents necessarily have my best interests at heart. So! If you haven’t already figured yet, I am a hopeless candidate for award nominations!!

No offence intended to anyone, and especially not towards anyone who has already generously nominated me at different points for awards, but better safe than sorry – cyberworld is not always as safe and filled with good will as we would like it to be. That said… Reblogs are very nice lol Winking smile



Posted March 4, 2013 by europasicewolf

2 responses to “Europa’s Moon-Ice Wolves/Awards Notice

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  1. Boy do I hear you! I feel the same. Honored but overwhelmed. Hugz to Wolfie and you!

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