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2012–The End of the World? … “He Who Has The Knowledge Has The Power”   75 comments

December 21st 2012...?

Will the world end on December 21st 2012? This seems, depending on which way you are inclined, to be either; a burning question or a foregone conclusion of doom, etched firmly into the minds of the human species. Humans are a strange people, unique in their habit of living in fear that they are to be the last of their kind doomed to destroyed in an cataclysmic ending of time, and at any given time in history through to the present day, there have always been some who believe there is an apocalyptic significance to particular times and dates.

At the end of the World...the Apocalypse

  • Even as early in time as the impending start of the year 1000 A.D. there were those who believed we were doomed to meet our destiny as the world’s end came upon us.
  • Doom and the end of the world hung over our heads once again in the year 2000; with the predicted disaster of the dreaded Y2K. Not quite. We are still here alive and well.
  • We are now approaching the time of an ancient prophecy interpreted by those who wish to view it that way as the approach of the apocalypse – The Winter Solstice on December 21, 2012. This date is considered by the Mayans to be symbolic in that it is the time they expect to welcome the return of their god Kukulkan, the feathered serpent and as such was marked on their calendar over 2,000 years ago.

                                                  Kukulkan the feathered Serpent1Kukulkan the feathered Serpent

“Galactic Alignment” One census of opinion is that a galactic alignment will occur – the lining up of our solar system’s array of planets with the sun and a huge black hole that is the centre of the Milky Way galaxy, Consequently there will be a catastrophic shift in the axes of the Earth, resulting in apocalyptic earthquakes and tidal waves of a size and power that will annihilate the majority of Earth species bringing about the end of life as we know it!

  2012PoleShift_Apocalyptic Tidal Wavesgalactic-alignment2012 Pole Shift_Apocalyptic Earthquakes

There is nothing wrong with preparing for any possible future disasters that might await us, but we each have a comparatively short time on Earth and using it to live in fear is not the best of ways to spend it.

It is not for you to know the times or the dates...

"Galactic Synchronization Beam." Theoretically we will be entering new phase of galactic evolution triggered by a time wave – the Galactic Synchronization Beam. A claim put forward by Professor Jose Arguelles, one of a number of the most popular leaders in the field of modern Mayan calendar predictions who mentions this notion in his book The Mayan Factor.

Galactic Synchronisation Beam

In which case this date is not an end of time… but is in fact a beginning of a new phase, and the Mayans themselves never claimed that 2012 will be the end of time.

  Mayan PriestsMayan TempleMayan Cosmos

“The Long Count Calendar” The "Long Count" calendar developed by the ancient Mayans and the ancient Egyptians was based on their exactingly correct chronicles of the astronomical passage of the stars and planets. 26,000 years, the length of a single “Long Count cycle” is known as the “Great Year” during which time every constellation takes its turn appearing on the horizon at the time of the rising sun. Every 72 years, Earth Precession occurs. This simply means that there is a miniscule one degree shift in the position of the stars. It takes about 2200 years for us to transit from the most recent Age of Pisces to the new Age of Aquarius and this is considered to be the inception of a higher human awareness. The question, which remains perpetually unanswered even with all of today’s technology and science, is “Why would the Mayans go to all the trouble of charting the skies including for thousands of years into the future to such a high degree of accuracy?"

                                  clip_image013Mayan Long Count Calender

There have been many and varied cataclysms to afflict Earth across the centuries, but the truth is, no one really knows what our future here on Earth holds for us. We can hypothesise how it will all end to our heart’s content; but, nothing is written in stone and everything can change in a moment…


Everything can change in a moment...

We should however remember with caution; Real knowledge is the currency of the universe and he who has the knowledge, has the power.

  • Ancient Sumerians, Egyptians and Chinese were also guided by the stars.
  • The American Indians amongst many other cultures around the world address the incursion of an interval of instability and disarray in the Earth order.
  • Hopi prophecy communicated exact astronomical events, but it does not mention 2012 specifically. One of the most significant events the Hopi prophesied is the return of their “Blue Star- Kachina” (Known also as “Blue sun” and “Nan ga sohu”) Today’s we know it as Sirius – the Dog Star.

Blue Star Kachina

“Ninth and Last Sign: You will hear of a dwelling-place in the heavens, above the earth, that shall fall with a great crash. It will appear as a blue star. Very soon after this, the ceremonies of the Hopi people will cease.” It is said that this is where the changes will begin. A new way of life and the coming of a new world. That if we do not remember the “original teachings” and refuse to return to lives lived in peace we will burn up and destroy ourselves with our cravings and conflicts.


  • The Navajo have also given specific warnings that the sacred “Kachina’s” appearance is not a good sign nor is it something to be celebrated.

Whether there is any direct connection between the prophecies of the Hopi and Navajo Nations and the accuracy of the Mayan’s astronomical calendar remains to be seen.

        Urban Apocalypse

Quantum physics has taught us that that there are an infinite number of possibilities that can occur in every moment of every day and that the very act of observation changes the results of an event. We have learned that our collective consciousness has an impact on the final result. Ultimately, we do play a part in our own destiny, for destiny only takes us half way. The rest we have to walk ourselves.


Fearing the future and living with a constant sense of doom and dark gloom hanging over our heads is neither good nor healthy for any of us.

clip_image018Mayan Long Count Calender StoneMayan Temple and Sunbeam2012-World's End?

Ancient Mayan Temple Feature

The Great Galactic Ghoul!   39 comments

The Curse Of The Great Martian Galactic Ghoul!

Phobos GruntThe Martian Curse

As the ill-fated Russian space probe “Phobos Grunt” (Phobos Soil) meets it dramatic demise, crashing back to Earth in a blaze of flame and fire once again the Mars curse of the Great Galactic Ghoul lives up to it’s reputation as a (fictitional) space monster that lives very happily on a diet of Mars probes!!

Originally dreamed up by NASA space engineers, it was designed to counter the disappointment of the hazards encountered by and only occasionally survived by, seemingly endless failed Mars missions with a sense of humour, in the form of a fantasy space ghoul!

The Great Galactic Ghoul is supposed to be a sea serpent lying in malevolent and hungry wait en route to Mars. It is akin to the mischevious gremlins RAF pilots in WW2 often held responsible for their aircraft problems.

Phobos Grunt Crashing Back to EarthMars’ Ghoulish Curse of Terror!

Mars itself has long been associated with war and destruction, its best known guise being the Roman God of War, It was known by the Egyptians as “The Red One” and by the Babylonians as the “Star of Death.” By the 20th century it was widely considered to be inhabited by dangerous and violent aliens whos warmongering natures would lead them to destroy mankind and claim the Earth for themselves.

The dawn of the space age brought with it a whole new reign of terror of a very different kind. Despite the Red Planet proving to be a benign and lifeless world it also proved to be a ghoulish curse of terror devouring galactic technology as fast as it could…

Missions Impossible!

  • 1961/62: FIVE missions to Mars failed, of which FOUR never made it past Earth’s gravity
  • 1964: NASA MARINER 3 failed to deploy its solar panels and the batteries went flat
  • 1965: Russian probe ZOND 2 was lost contact with and lifeless as it was simply floated straight on past its target
  • 1971: RUSSIAN LANDER crashed into Mars creating the first man-made crater
  • 1993: MARS OBSERVER (NASA) went AWOL spinning out of control with a leaking fuel tank
  • 1999: MARS CLIMATE ORBITER burned up in Mars’ atmosphere during the crafts approach
  • 9 November 2011: Russian probe PHOBOS GRUNT (SOIL) launched to collect and return to Earth, soil samples from Mars’ moon Phobos. Stopped communicating within hours with mission control. Crashed back to Earth in a pile of junk January 2012.

clip_image006Search Continues for Lost Mars Lander Beagle 2

The 33 kilogram (73 lb) Beagle 2 separated from the European Space Agency’s Mars Express satellite in Mars orbit six days before atmospheric reentry… then nothing…silence. Nine years later, we still have no idea, to this day, about what happened to Britain’s sole British Mars mission. If you feel like doing a spot of lost Beagle 2 searching, here are some instructions about how to do so.

The Ghoul seems to have developed something of a taste for Russian space craft…. Phobos-Grunt crashed back to Earth recently after its rocket failed, 15 years after Russia’s first Mars mission.. Prior to that in 1989 Phobos 2, although it did manage to arrive at Mars in one piece, was knocked out by a faulty computer before mission completion. Phobos 1 had the grave misfortune to mysteriously vanish before it even got to Mars after losing its lock on the Sun. This resulting in a fatal system failure due to the additional loss of vital solar power, all caused by yet another computer error.

Between 1961 and 2011, 22 space craft were lost to the Great Galactic Terror!

Raptor-Lizards of Mythology   35 comments


Mythological Reptiles

Reptiles have always been associated with mythology and have been credited with magical and supernatural powers. The Egyptians considered the snake to be the Pharaohs reptile and the Cobra was credited with the gift of immortality. Lizards are also associated with the Sun. The movement of a lizard was thought to be able to return sight to a blind person and it also represented good luck and divine knowledge.  Turtles were associated with drought and viewed as the enemy of the Sun God. And Crocodiles are associated with deceit, two-facedness, passion and betrayal.

Dragons – The Lizard Kings

The dragon is the most feared and esteemed of beasts. The beast that all the world knows and the creature that never was. It is the impossible creature that exists in art, mythology, religion and legend. 


Belonging to the family of extremely large, long-lived winged lizards, true dragons constitute the most advanced race of lizards known, far surpassing other orders in size intelligence and life-span.

Classical Dragon – Common European Dragon (Draco magnificens)


Four-legged creature with tough, scaly hide, an eagles talons, a long sinuous tail, a reptilian snout crowned with a pair of horns. Bat-like wings spring from extended rib-bones just behind the front legs and fiery breath typical of most world dragons.

Dragons in Mythology

The three predators who most threatened our ancestors The Eagle, the Leopard and the Snake, merge in mythology to become a single creature The Dragon. Classical Greek mythology is alive with Dragons… One of the twelve tasks of Hercules was to defeat a fearsome dragon and Zeus also had an unwelcome encounter…

Typhon the Hydra

 Thor_Hydra (2)

After defeating Cronus, his father, Zeus was confronted by Typhon, Demon of the Whirlwind, a creature created from hundreds of coiled snakes, hundreds of serpents writhing from its shoulders, vast leathery wings and eyes that flashed fire; its roar shook the Earth and flames shot from its gaping mouth.

Fearful of Typhon Zeus fled, taking refuge in Egypt but accused of cowardice, Zeus return to face his formidable mountain hurling enemy. Zeus won the battle at Thrace, wounding and chasing Typhon to Sicily where he crushed him under Mount Aetna.


Gaea, the ancient Greek earth goddess was impregnated by just one drop of blood that fell from Typhons’s head and gave birth to Actaeus, first King of Athens.

Norse myth (Scandinavian Vikings) of Midgard Serpent – Jormungander

 midgard_serpent (2)

Jormungander, a huge winged serpent with a dragons head and son of Loki and Angerboda, the gods of evil. “Odin the All Wise” recognised its potential danger and threw it into the depths of the sea. He ordered it to stay there, tail in mouth encircling the world until Ragnarok – the Day of the Last Battle when giants, monsters and warrior gods would engage in final battles. The outcomes would define eternity.

midgard_serpent (4)

At this time Jormungander rose from the sea to battle Thor – the mighty god of thunder. A raging thunderous battle ensued…midgard_serpent (3)Thor hurling thunderbolts Jormungander roaring with mind shattering blasts but eventually both were killed when Thor’s great hammer Miolnir struck Jormungander’s head and Jormungander’s poisoness breath caused Thor’s demise minutes later 


Babylonian-Sumerian Mythology


Timat, mother of the gods sought revenge for her husband’s killing transforming into a dragon with impermeable scales, two heavily clawed forelegs, a long snake-like neck and head, and a pair of horns. Timat’s battalions comprised of Sirrush – terrifying creatures, a hybrid mix of bird of prey, lion and Scorpion.





Japanese Myth – The Koshi Dragon Japanese_dragon

The impossibly huge Koshi dragon, could drape its body over eight hills and valleys simultaneously was slain by Storm god,  Susa-no-ow, a wild and footloose warrior- hero. Trees and bushes grew on its scaly back as did its eight heads with blood-red eyes and eight serpentine tails.

Japanese Dragon Birds (hai-riyo)

Locals claim a scaled serpent with a dragons head and features and a bird’s wings Jap_dragon_bird and body, lives in the centre of Lake Ukisima. Every 50 years it appears as O-gon-cho, “Golden Plumed Bird” from the lake to sing its terrible song – more howling-wolf than singing-bird. When heard, the season of sickness falls on the people. Last heard in 1834, famine and disease soon spread over the local area…  


Wyverns and Drakes

Both are closely related to dragons but do not belong to the same order.   wyvern2

Wyverns have true wings like bats or birds (derived from their forelimbs) and look like miniature dragons but with only two legs. They live in forests and woods and sport Eagle-like talons and tails tipped with barbed stings. wyvernAggressive by nature they attack potential prey on sight, and breeding females should never be approached when with their young.

Drakes have dragon like wings –developed from extended ribs and look like typical dragons. They are more timid than Wyverns and live in remote mountain areas. Their blood is toxic and they’re saturated in highly corrosive sulphur salt. This is flammable on contact with air; consequently the Drake does not breathe fire! Drakes are also known as Fire Drakes.


Griffons (Raptopanthera gryphos)

 griffon_gryphon (2) 

In ancient times Griffons were symbols of safeguarding, protection and fair-dealing of justice. For over 5000 years these fierce highly dangerous wild creatures of India Middle East and N Russia have proved both inspiring and terrifying. One of nature’s most majestic creations and the emblem of sovereigns and kingdoms.

Most Griffons live in high unscaleable mountain crags and rocky overhangs, though North Russian Griffgriffon_gryphonons differ from Indian Griffons in that they live in hilly forests and mountains. Likened to a combination of reptile, feline and raptor, griffon-dragons stand around 2.4 m (8 feet) high at the shoulder. Their rear half is all lion including paws, and long tail, which acts as a rudder in-flight and a violently lashing expression of pleasure, anger or lust.

  griffon_gryphon (3)

Its front half is eagle. With viciously curved front claws, a cruelly hooked beak and powerful wings classed as a genuine third pair of limbs spanning 5.5 m (18 ft) the Griffon is probably descended from an exotic branch of the bird family. An authentic six-limbed creature with long, pointed ears and fiery eyes it can fly at tremendous speeds and easily lift off again carrying heavy-weight prey. Its colours vary from burnished-gold through to the exotic gaudy colours commonly seen on the Indian griffon. 


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