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FireWolves of Io   26 comments

Howling New Moonshine….

Spirit of the FireWolves…

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Howling new moonshine tumbling and stealing across the contrasting volcanic world of Io’s Fire wolves. Half hidden in the new moon shadows they gathered in moon dark silhouettes amongst the volcanic mountain ranges, calling the song of the stars, drawing on the fiery heart of the pack to call home the Fire wolves of Io, adorned in the mighty colours of the volcanic fire breed. The “Watcher at the Window” gazed in alluring fascination at the mountains peaks of Io bejewelled in the spectacular rainbow arrays of black and gold, catching too the starlight dancing in the gold-fire eyes of the Fire wolves of Io, bathed in the new moon darkness gliding around craters and dark plains.


“Know Me!!”(Europa’s Icewolf) ©2009 Revised Re-post   20 comments

“Know Me!!” (Revised Re-post)

Copyright Europa’s Icewolf 2009 – All Rights Reserved

Know Me!!

The Wolf’s spirit burns bright as the fire of the sun.

“I looked into the eyes of a wolf…

And I saw my own heart…”

I looked through the eyes of a star-wolf…

And I saw cities in the sky, worlds beyond the stars


I am She-Wolf! Alpha female of the Europa Pack,

And shining Guardian of the Wolf-Gates.

I am caller of the Moon-Wolves song

On a frozen world of ice.

The star-born of Europa, dream hunter, star chaser, “moon dog of your soul”.


I am the burning heart of the Ice Wolves of Europa

And of the Fire Wolves of Io.

Wild, passionate and free!

The wolf spirit, burning as bright as the fire of the sun.

Caller of the MoonWolves Song


I run with the moon and the stars

And I hunt in the winds of time.

I chase the streaming flow of the solar winds…

And across the icy seas of Europa, echo the call of an alien world.


I am the heart and the spirit of ice and of fire…

I dance in the light of the sun by day,

And hunt under the power of stars by night….

I am the half-seen shadow that lingers behind your eyes….

I am the half-remembered wolf dreams….

Wolf-Shadow Dreams


I am the most direct descendant of the original “Path Finder” –

The one known as “Star of the Celestial Wolf”.

I AM the Alpha-female!

The leader of Ice Wolves!


Alpha MoonWolves

Know me!!

©Europa’s Icewolf 2009

Fire-Wolves of Io (©2010 Revised Re-post)   32 comments

Fire Wolves of Io (Revised Re-post)

Copyright Europa’s Icewolf – All Rights Reserved


Jupiter and moon Io (Copyright Europa's Icewolf)

Silent cosmic explosion of shattered worlds colliding. Volcanic furls of solar fire lighting up the burnt golden worldscape displaying in flaming bursts of moulton gold heralding the birth of the “Fire Wolves of Io.” Melting plumes of moon- fire moulding the dancing array of DNA into burning smouldering embers of life-giving essences, forming and changing in an altered reality, until the birthing cry of the founding Fire Wolf of Io resounded in a wild, agonised shriek through the roaring maelstrom of a world newly and violently born.


FirewolfBurnished gold orbs surveying the smouldering world the first of the Fire Wolves had been brutally and dreadfully born into. Its cindered moon- black mask was in startling eclipse to its sun-bronzed coat, an otherworldly glint caught the astral light, shadowing across the volcanic land forms dotted across the newly formed solar terrain. The air tasted hot and of sulphur, twisting pockets of flames still flaring from the cracks and crevices of the scorched surface ground. Shaking itself tentatively, testing each newly formed limb, tasting the alien atmosphere it was born to with sensitive nose it tensed in its own sense of power, feeling the call of its sun-fired heritage to run and hunt and know the furnace of exhilaration that threatened to explode from deep within its burning, sultry-golden form.

It uttered a strange and involuntary noise – a deep rumbling growl of anticipation. An unfamiliar sound to the new born of Io, before leaping away untouched by the pockets of flames that were an integral part of its Fire Wolf make-up. It moved in moulton luxury feeling the flow of bone and muscle, sliding under glittering cosmic coat, searing wind currents lifting it hotly as the star wolf itself flew on winged paws across red-tinged terrain, caught in the joy of being, of its own wild untamed vitality,untouched and all instinct and wild primal hunter. “FIRE WOLVES OF IO….”

All too often in life we cling with the utmost urgency onto the very thing we cannot keep hold of and even when we know it is lost to us our lives are shaped by that all-consuming longing and the fierce refusal to give ourselves over to the process of adaptation. So it is with those who become like fired moulton rock – they are trapped in an unchanging form. We force ourselves into the form of unyielding moulton rock because we FEAR TO CHANGE.

Rising Out of the Ashes – The Spirit of Fire and Immortality   21 comments

The Phoenix (Phoenos immortalis)

Soaring birds have a magnetic fascination to us. They symbolise the spirit of freedom and peace. Some like the colossal Thunderbird and the huge Roc frighten us. Others, like the healing Caladrius, the shrewd Simurgh and the Phoenix have stirred love or awe.


The Arabian Phoenix Phoenix-Ashes

The Arabian Phoenix, the ancient and beautiful gold-red plumed firebird, both mythical and sacred resembled a very large eagle -which when caught in the sun’s fire appeared to flare and flame, shimmering in the sky. With a tail of gold, rainbow-hued wings and scarlet feet the King of all Birds, the Greek-named Phoenix was spoken of in myth and legend as the Spirit of Fire.

Originating in regions of Europe, Central America, Egypt and Asia it made home the wooded dells in Central India. It lived on dew, touching neither fruit nor flowers, leaving anything it touched unharmed, killing nothing.

Greek mythology says the Phoenix lived in Phoenicia adjacent to a well. Every sunrise, it bathed in the well’s water, and its aroma and song were of such allure that all Earth’s birds followed it. Even Apollo the Greek sun-god stopped his chariot (the sun) to hear it sing.


Immortality and Rebirth

Towards the end of its life, said to be 500-1000 years, the Phoenix migrated West, gathering leaves and branches of cinnamon, myrrh and other spices from the Arabian Peninsula before continuing onto Phoenicia (Modern Lebanon)

2746756_f520Three days later the Phoenix would set itself and its nest of twigs ablaze, burning fiercely until it was completely consumed by flames and reduced to ashes. When arising from the ashes the new young Phoenix, collected its parents ashes into a myrrh egg carrying them to Heliopolis, the City of the Sun, in Egypt to deposit them on the altar of the sun-gods in the Temple of the Sun, before flying East back to India.

In symbolising rebirth the Phoenix also has a lifecycle that defies biology. In this process of self-destruction it shows us the only way to achieve this dreamed of state of genetic immortality-living forever. It is a very powerful human symbol of spiritual rebirth viewed by Egyptians to be a symbolic representation of fire, divinity, and rebirth.

The Phoenix was said to regenerate when injured by an enemy. Essentially it was indestructible, and considered immortal.



Now extinct its beginnings as its end are veiled in a smoke screen of mystery. But its possible Mediterranean Europeans high demand for spices lead to over- exploitation of Arabian Spice Groves, on which it depended. With a population of one the Phoenix was unable to adapt or evolve and by the end of the 16th century its delicate existence was terminally interrupted and one of nature’s most extraordinary creations had been lost forever.

Chinese and Japanese Phoenix

The Chinese Phoenix (Feng Huang) and Japanese (Hou-Ou/Ho-Oo) are viewed in Chinese mythology to be a symbol of grace, influence and affluence and an excellent example of dignity, bravery, respect and leadership. Representing the birth of the new emperor or the dawn of a new age, the Phoenix symbolizes the cleansing power of fire and the Chinese principle of yin; imperial grace and elegance, immortality and rebirth; purity and piety.

Believed to appear only in times of peace and opulence Feng Huang is the second of four supernatural creatures, the dragon, the unicorn, and the tortoise. It presides over the southern quadrant of the universe, and therefore symbolizes sun and warmth for summer and harvest.

ChinesePhoenix  2746786_f520  

It shares the benevolent nature of the unicorn harming nothing. Settling nowhere but the wu t’ung tree, feeding only on the bamboo seeds it satisfies its thirst only at the sweet fountains.


The Japanese call the Phoenix Karura, or The Ho-Oo (Ho being male and Oo being female) and he is an enormous fire breathing eagle with golden feathers and magic gems adorning his brow, the Karura or Ho came to the earth to do good deeds for mankind. Representative of the beginning of a new age, the Ho-Oo represents the sun, loyalty and conformity.


In Astrology, by Hesiod’s calculations the Phoenix’s birth date would have coincided roughly with the instant all the stars return to their starting positions beginning a new orbit in a perpetual sequence. This is known as the Great Year and effectively, the Phoenix becomes a reflection of the universe.

Phoenix is a constellation in Earth’s Southern Hemisphere near Toucana and Sculptor. The Phoenix cluster is a dense expanse of unexplored stars, and is also linked with the Phoenicids meteor shower of December 5th.


“The Phoenix hope, can wing her way through the desert skies, and still defying fortune’s spite; revive from ashes and rise.”

~ Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

Rising from the ashes, the Spirit of Immortality…the Spirit of Fire…the Spirit of Freedom and Peace…PHOENES IMMORTALIS – THE KING OF ALL BIRDS.

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Fire in the Sky   15 comments



Fire in the Sky

Great Solar Storm of 1849
250 years ago fire lit up the skies of our predecessors world, turning night into day, wreaking havoc with the technology of the time.  Now, in the  closing days of the year 2009 and as we roll inexorably closer to New Year 2010 we stand on a pinnacle between worlds, a centre-point between past and future.  As in the year 2349, if humankind still inhabits the Earth, they, the children of the future will see once again that fire that will light up the skies. Because when 500 years of our time has passed the Great Solar Storm of 1849 is set to return to that future world…

This spectacular event was caused by a period of intense solar activity….

London saw curtains of light dancing in the skies above the Houses of Parliament.  In Cheshire newsprint could be read by its light. In Manchester people throughout the city had curtains of fire.

·         Two massive solar events; Coronal Mass Ejections (CME) sent millions of tonnes of supercharged solar gases hurtling towards Earth at 2,000+ km/sec.  Arriving in less than 18 hours they struck with enough force to throw our protective magnetic field into chaotic fits.

 ·       This magnetic disruption caused the readings on worldwide scientific instruments recording changes in Earth’s magnetic field to go completely off their scales. The communication system of the time became inoperable.

Night became day in the Northern Hemisphere and the resulting lights in the sky were reported by half the world as far South as the Caribbean and Venezuela……


The Coronal Mass Ejections may have been triggered by flare events resulting in a massive ejection of plasma from the Sun’s atmosphere (Corona)


Since we live in an electronic society the effects on modern society would be disastrous.  

·         Satellites would fail and potentially fall out of orbit



  • Electricity grids would be overwhelmed
  • Country-wide blackouts
  • Global communication systems would simply stop working


Following the Solar Storm the magnetic field was so distorted and overwhelmed that the Northern Lights appeared all over the planet.  This happens every 500 years or so. Next Storm expected in the year 2349.