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IceWolfie’s Dietary Delights   23 comments

Splishy~Splashy~Salmon Snacks!


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Although the wolf has traditionally been viewed as a ferocious pack animal that hunts and kills deer; and indeed wolf food usually does consist of big game such as: deer, caribou, and moose; researchers are finding that Alaskan wolves actually prefer to eat salmon. As do the Ice Wolves of Europa 😉 as any good ET Research will show~”Timid one”/”(Ice)Wolfie”/”AF EIW” being no exception 😉  In late summer, even though deer are still available, when “pink and chum” salmon are running, wolves actively go fishing rather than hunting – catching, killing and eating salmon.Although they’re not as skilful as bears at fishing the wolves target fish in shallow water and isolated tidal pools. If they are already well fed they will simply bite the salmon heads off to eat and leave the rest.  If at home on Europa Ice wolves will have to dig through 10-50 km solid ice to catch fish ;(( so will gannet the lot and leave nothing whether hungry or not!!!…;)) On a good day this will be followed by Ice cream and Fishtails…!! :)))  


Fishing makes sense from a safety point of view and involves less energy. Hunting deer often incurs serious and frequently fatal injuries. Not good news for “AF EIW”/”(Ice)Wolfie”/”Timid one” if that happens to be the Alpha Male! 😉 Fish also provide better nutrition in terms of fat and energy. Salmon is also especially important for the pups. The chance to fatten up on the late summertime fish can be the difference between life and death in the winter.

Wolves’ fishing for salmon has been happening for centuries, but it will not be around forever. Salmon systems are under threat as fisheries overexploit them and spawning habitats are destroyed, whilst the exotic salmon aquaculture is introducing disease. Collectively this has led to coastal-wide declines of up to 90 per cent over the last 100 years.None-the-less salmon continue to surprise us, showing us new ways in which their oceanic migrations eventually provide food and nutrients to entire terrestrial ecosystems. clip_image004

Fish Tails   9 comments


  ~Fish Tails~


Fish turn up in the most unexpected of places…like the Moon! There is of course a Full Wolf Moon so it is only natural that there should also be a Full Fish Moon. The “Sturgeon” can grow to 20 feet long, weigh 1500 lbs and live for 100years+!! It is a very good candidate for the title of “The Big One!”  Unfortunately it could also carry the title of “The One That Got Away!” as it is a critically endangered species that MUST be released after catching…happily it is probably safe to assume this does NOT apply  to a certain hungry Ice wolf out on a fishing expedition!



Alternative Names for the Full Fish Moon


Rainbow Fish Moon and Flying Fish Moon also Parriotfish Moon

‘Fish Spoils Easily’ Moon!

‘Soaproot Dig for Fish Poison’ Moon!

Salmon Moon

Frozen Fish Moon


‘Moon When the Wolves Run Together’

Alternatively for those who like to howl at the Full Moon as is customary(!)at this time it is also known as the ‘Dog Moon’ or the ‘Dog Days of Summer Moon.’ This refers to a time when the Sun shares the same space in the sky as Sirius the ‘Dog Star’ which rises at the same time as the rising Sun. Caution should also be exercised however as the Aztecs referred to it as “Slaughtering of the Dogs” Moon!!!