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The Romanticism of the Hungering   48 comments


The Romanticism of the Hungering….

Glistening fangs worn with gothic beauty, the romanticism of the hungering, and the haunting sense of impossible love,

the sensuality that lingers with the paralyzing terror of intimacy…


The Forbidden Fruit

Why are an ever-increasing number of today’s women, falling into the explosive flames of love at a vampire’s first bite and often before the

mesmerizing captivation of that first bite?


A recent view, notably since the 9/11 attacks suggests women feel less safe and secure in today’s world,

the symbols of strong potentially dangerous males; ie military forces/police replaced by indestructible supernatural beings

that provide us with a healthy coping mechanism.

We are drawn to that which we fear. Vampires give us the absolute, dramatic and fearful thrill.

We find vampires attractive because they live forever, and are not held-back by ethics. They are wise beyond their years and remain forever young and because of their nature we can live in shocking and sensational ways through them, graphically and without inhibitions


Graphic and Unhibited


There is something very attractive about a vampire’s otherworldliness; his riveting intensity and commanding need for closeness to other humans is both compelling and alluring.  And at any point a vampire can lose all control, biting you with electrifying recklessness.


Compelling and alluring   Intense and Commanding


We also love the concept of surrendering to a vampire.  Vampires draw you in to the point where they have you in complete submission.  It is not physical but despite this the vampire is such a powerful, attractive symbol, that he can effortlessly hold a woman in thrall.

Giving yourself to something in this way, allowing something else to take-over so completely, carries its own unique erotic thrill. The yearning to taste of the forbidden fruit, the intense hungering for what we cannot have that consequently we so keenly desire.


Erotic Thrills

“Inappropriate. But something about him felt dark and dangerous. Desirable.

He smiled, showing a hint of fangs."

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